Hogwarts Legacy finally doesn't make me feel bad for loving Slytherin

House Slytherin has definitely gotten a bad rap in the Harry Potter universe due to its dark history and connection to evil witches or wizards. Whether it's Tom Riddle's heinous crimes or Draco Malfoy's snobbish comments, fans are almost conditioned to hate this chaotic group, especially when their founder was biased against Muggle-borns, which is why the sinister House of secrets. It also doesn't help that Harry Potter himself whispers the iconic line, "not Slytherin," when he is sorted, leading viewers to believe the house isn't worthy enough.

I too was convinced that the Slytherins were a sinister bunch, as the books and movies continually showed their cruel behavior towards students and teachers. However, my perspective began to change with Draco's character arc in The Half-Blood Prince until it finally became a declaration of love for the house at Hogwarts Legacy. Don't get me wrong, I'm a devoted Gryffindor fan, but it's nice to see a change of pace in the game, where you're not constantly ridiculing this specific group.

One of the first evidences of this change can be seen in the introduction of Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow, who befriends you no matter what house you are in. He will not only help you in various missions, but he also shows a side sensitiveness about his sick sister, unlike the cold nature we have seen before.

However, Sebastian isn't the only Slytherin student to show a good heart, as there are a variety of characters that will support players on their adventures. For example, if you have a tidy house, several people, like Imelda Reyes and Ominis Gaunt, will gladly welcome you to school. It's also interesting to add that Ominis is not proud of his ancestry as a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin due to the founder's animosity towards non-purebloods. So instead of the typical "do you know who my family is" line, it's more like taking responsibility and acknowledging the faults within the lineage of him.

As for those ranked in different houses, the scenarios play out differently than the homecoming party, as the characters can be a bit competitive with the players. However, they still express their benevolent nature as time goes by. Notably, when I first met Reyes as a Gryffindor, she initially resented me until he finally let his guard down and expressed admiration for my flying skills. So even if you don't have a good first impression, Slytherins will slip into your heart cheering and helping you.

Compared to other houses, this time the average factor is not just limited to a particular group of students, considering that even members of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor can be rude to you. That said, it goes to show that just one person's cruelty doesn't indicate that everyone in the house is truly evil; either can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances.

Reddit user Joe Branded Fiocchi discusses this further by mentioning the negative impacts of "identity politics" taking over a social group, regarding how Tom Riddle's actions influence us to think that all Slytherins they are cowards However, the Hogwarts Legacy narrative lessens this separation and relatively balances the perspectives of each house, including the teachers.

Speaking of teachers, Aesop Sharp and Abraham Ronen (who are part of Slytherin) are another reason my bias against Salazar's house has changed due to their unique personalities and helpful teaching methods. While Sharp's aloof disposition may seem like a Severus Snape impersonator, he encourages him in his studies and appreciates his responsibility if he gets into trouble. But what shows the most different approach from this group is Ronen's incredibly outgoing personality, a completely different look than he's ever done before.

I was even surprised to learn that Abraham is a part of the house, as he always keeps the lesson alive with his upbeat attitude. This shows that not everyone is the same and that not all Slytherins have to be cruel.

So now that Hogwarts Legacy has finally done the house justice, more players could join the 'dark side', thanks to the broader view of students and teachers. I might even try this family in my second game because of my interactions with these people, and maybe you will too. The time has come to get rid of the division between households and share the love for all in the magical universe of Harry Potter.

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