Hogwarts Legacy: Character Customization Guide

Hogwarts Legacy: Character Customization Guide

Character Customization Guide – Hogwarts Legacy

there are a couple of them layers that you can choose when customizing your character in Hogwarts Legacy. To make it easier and more understandable, we will divide the guide into different groups as well as customization.


face clothes

The second option to customize your character will be the face clothes. Here you can choose between 3 options:

  • Face shape – define how your face will look and its dimensions
  • Skin color – the skin tone of your character
  • glasses– if you do not have glasses or certain types of glasses.

this is all for you Tsar and you can play and choose your favorite face, with or without glasses.


The third option to customize your character is the hairstyle. The first option will be to choose the hair color, which can be many different shades Indeed. The other option is to choose your own set of hairstyles.

You it can not andare Manually change and play with the hair, instead choose a hairstyle that you have done before.


The fourth option is also of your character Here you can choose if your character will have a lentigo or a neo maybe and you can choose where and how big it will be. Other than that, you can also decide the shape of the freckles.

Another thing you might want to do is a scar or a qualification. There are also several options for you with this one.


The fifth option is called eyebrows but here you can also play with the character eyes. Here are all the options you can choose from with this one:

  • Eye color – choose different eye colors
  • eyebrow color – you can choose a different color for the eyebrows in addition to your hair
  • eyebrow shape – how big or small you want your eyebrows to be

finish your character

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