Hogwarts Legacy: Guide and tricks for new players of the Wizarding World

Hogwarts Legacy: Guide and tricks for new players of the Wizarding World

Hogwarts legacy has finally arrived on PC and next-generation consoles to open the doors of the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry and welcome millions of Harry Potter fans within its walls. Set in a vast world, the RPG packaged by Avalanche Software is packed with content and secrets to discover, which is why we've put together a list of tips that might make your life easier between Hogwarts school desks and trips to the Forbidden Forest. that surrounds much of the castle.

Do not neglect the study

As we told you in the Hogwarts Legacy review, the open-world matrix title offers a flood of secondary content, which could grab your attention from the very beginning of the game and encourage you to explore the areas of Hogwarts and all the surrounding locations. An activity that could take you dozens of hours, even losing sight of the objectives of the main campaign.

Since beating the quests related to the classroom lessons will allow you to learn new spells and abilities, and will also grant you access to more side quests and initially locked areas. we strongly suggest that you postpone your full exploration of Hogwarts until you have completed at least the first few lessons. of the seven subjects taught at the renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Since all subsequent lessons will teach you extremely useful skills, you should consider completing them as soon as they come your way, by doing so your wizard's talents will increase rapidly and you will continuously unlock new content.

Use Revelio

As the name suggests, Revelio is a spell that allows you to reveal hidden objects, messages, passages, and even make visible what is normally invisible. Activated with the left arrow, in Hogwarts Legacy this extraordinary magic even works through walls, showing you enemies, objects to interact with and much more.

Given that Revelio does not need to be recharged after each use, you will have to cast the spell continuously, by doing so you will find chests, locks, practical guides very easily and above all you will not run the risk of losing the many secrets that the developers have hidden in Hogwarts Legacy.


Whether you like it or not, during Hogwarts Legacy you will continuously get new equipment, so from time to time you may even forget or not feel like taking a look at your accumulated items. Although it can get a bit annoying in the long run, we recommend that you check the collected clothes regularly, as different pieces of equipment could greatly increase the parameters of your magical alter-ego.

By the way, at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy you will barely have 20 equipment slots, and since you run out of them very quickly, sometimes you will have to throw something away in order to continue collecting new items.

While waiting to be able to complete the Merlin challenges, which once completed will expand the equipment slots, allowing you to carry up to 40 different items, you could consider the possibility of regularly visit the town of Hogsmeade to sell anything you no longer need. By doing so, he'll not only avoid throwing away his old equipment, but he'll also take home some serious savings.

Collect everything!

Whether you cross them on foot or on your magical broomsticks, in the many environments that make up the world of Hogwarts Legacy you will constantly find ingredients and raw materials to mix to create potions.

Since the game's quests will ask you to prepare concoctions using sometimes rare resources, you better always collect everything, so you will never run out of ingredients and without even realizing it you will also find the raw materials that could otherwise waste a lot of time.

By the way, not only can your alter-egos carry an infinite amount of ingredients, but once you unlock the Room of Requirement you will be free to grow roots and so on as you like. Why shouldn't you take advantage of it?

The chests with the eye

Are you short of cash? Don't worry, because the world of Hogwarts is full of very special chests that contain 500 gold each! Characterized by the presence of a magical eye, these special chests will do everything possible to prevent you from opening them, and at least in the first hours of the campaign they will be impossible to loot.

However, once you learn the disillusionment spell to turn yourself invisible, you only need to cast it before you even get close to the chests with your eye, after which you can open and loot them with no problem. Since the chests with the eye are quite a lot and 500 gold represents a considerable sum, we suggest you open them sparingly, as otherwise you would run the risk of destroying the entire economy of the game and ruining a good part of the experience.

Choose the difficulty

Like many of its brethren, Hogwarts Legacy includes a difficulty selector that allows the player to choose the level of challenge closest to their preferences. If "Story", that is, the least demanding level, is suitable for those who want to explore the magical world and complete the campaign without great difficulty, we are convinced that "Hard" will satisfy the needs of wizards and witches eager to prove themselves. themselves. .

Since the first few hours of Hogwarts Legacy are anything but demanding, our advice is to always start the game on "Normal" difficulty, by doing so you will be able to familiarize yourself with the combat system and decide whether to increase or decrease the level of challenge.

Finally, we remind you that on the pages of {marca_origen}.it you will also find tricks to parry attacks, a guide to the use of powerful Ancient Magic and some advice on how to customize the flying broom with which to roam the skies of Hogwarts.

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