Hogwarts Legacy: what are the difficulty levels and what changes

While creating his alter ego and newly admitted student at Hogwarts, the new open-world RPG developed by Avalanche software allows you to select one of four difficulty levels. In this sense, here are the modes present in Hogwarts legacy and everything you need to know about them.

History mode

Easy mode

Also, in this case we are talking about a very simple and accessible experience, but designed for those who are interested in exploring more aspects of the video game. The fights do not require too much effort., the margin of error is high and creating an optimized build is not that important.

Normal Mode

This setting represents the most balanced experience ever and is recommended for beginners, those who are new to action games, or anyone who wants to feel free to experiment without worrying too much about the potentially unpleasant consequences.

Hard mode

Last but not least, the most challenging mode available to players, designed for all those who appreciate a good degree of challenge. While still within everyone's reach, this degree of difficulty requires some familiarity with typical action role-playing game systems.

Finally, we remind you that the game offers the possibility of adjust the difficulty at any time (direct from Option menu) and without compromising in any way the achievement of Trophies and Achievements.

While waiting for a final verdict that won't be long in coming, don't miss our first impressions of Hogwarts Legacy. On the pages of {marca_origen}.it you can also find useful tips and tricks for anyone about to take their first steps in Hogwarts Legacy, ranging from equipment management to ways to earn lots of experience points.

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