Wind Magnum: how it works

What is Wind Magnum

Let's start from the basics: first of all let's try to understand in detail what Wind Magnum is. The first thing I have to specify is the fact that it is a solution in subscription and which, unlike other similar offers, is exempt from government concession tax. However, since it is a subscription, in fact, the payment of the costs of the service must necessarily be made by credit card or by bank or postal current account.

The offer consists of a certain number of GB in 4G that vary according to the chosen version (and therefore also the cost to be incurred for the same) + unlimited minutes. Both the Giga and the minutes can be used without limitation on the national territory and to and from the European Union.

The GB included in the offer can be used both on smartphone and tablet, portable modem or Internet Key thanks to second SIM supplied to which you can possibly add others up to a maximum of five, as we will see in more detail in the following lines.

The Wind Magnum offer can eventually be coupled to that Telephone included which, by paying an advance + 30 installments that are renewed every 4 weeks + a final installment, allows you to have a smartphone or tablet at a discounted price by choosing from the best models currently on the market and also having the opportunity to replace the chosen product with a newer one after only 18 installments.

The offer also includes other benefits, such as: Giga Full Speed (which allows you to continue browsing at a reduced speed once the GB included in the plan have been exceeded), Screen protection (which allows you to protect the screen of the new smartphone or tablet bought together at the additional cost of 2,49 euros / 4 weeks), GIGA Box (which offers 5/10 GB of 4G Internet traffic every 4 weeks by purchasing a smartphone in conjunction with the activation of the offer), Digital Home & Life (which allows you to buy a tech device online and at a discounted price) e various other promos which may change according to the period (eg. Samsung Doubles which allows you to double what is included in the offer + one year a year of Samsung Mobile care by choosing to purchase a new Samsung smartphone).

Variants and costs

At this point you should finally have cleared your minds about how Wind Magnum works and you should have understood how the offer is structured. So I would say to move on to the next step: discover the variants and costs of the plan. Find more details about it right below.

  • Wind Magnum 10 - At the cost of 14,90 euros / 4 sets. offers unlimited minutes to fixed and mobile (both in your languagen and international EU) + 10 GB of the Internet in 4G.
  • Wind Magnum 20 - At the cost of 19,90 euros / 4 sets. offers unlimited minutes to fixed and mobile (both in your languagen and international EU) + 20 GB of the Internet in 4G.
  • Wind Magnum 30 - At the cost of 24,90 euros / 4 sets. offers unlimited minutes to fixed and mobile (both in your languagen and international EU) + 30 GB of the Internet in 4G.

For each of the Wind Magnum variants mentioned above there is a cost of activation equal to 5 euros for new customers who become 50 euros for those who do not stay in Wind for at least 24 months. On the other hand, activation is free for existing customers of the operator.

Bundles of minutes and GB aside, there are obviously extra threshold costs for the SMS which, as you may have noticed, are not included in the price. More precisely, the cost of messages on the national territory and roaming in the European Union is 10 cents. the one.

Additional Options

All three variants of the Wind Magnum offer mentioned above can be completed, as required, with further options that require an extra payment. You ask me what are they? Well, take a look below to find out all of them.

  • Wind Magnum + Unlimited SMS - At the additional cost of 2 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to get unlimited SMS to everyone.
  • Wind Magnum + 1 Giga - At the additional cost of 3 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to get an extra 1 GB of data traffic in 4G.
  • Wind Magnum Family - At the additional cost of 5 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to get a second SIM for a family member with 500 minutes, 500 SMS and 2 Giga of Internet traffic in 4G.
  • Extra SIM Internet - At the additional cost of 1 euro / 4 weeks. it allows to obtain an additional Internet SIM with which to share the traffic of the offer.
  • Magnum Call Your Country - At the additional cost of 1 euro / 4 weeks. allows you to make calls outside the EU (outside the EU) starting from 1 cent./min.
  • International option - At the additional cost of 5 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to get 120 minutes to call to non-EU countries.
  • Europe and USA option - At the additional cost of 10 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to get 150 minutes of calls, 150 SMS and 500 MB of Internet traffic for use abroad in non-EU areas and in the USA.
  • Magnum Travel - At the additional cost 13 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to get 1000 minutes to call abroad (non-EU countries) + 100 minutes to call and receive from Switzerland, the Principality of Monaco and the United States + 500 SMS to be used abroad, again in the aforementioned countries + 2 GB of traffic Internet.

How to activate the offer

Have you fully understood how Wind Magnum works, are you convinced and would you like to activate the offer? Very good. Then all you have to do is go to one of the many shops of the operator present on the in your languagen territory, let the clerk know what your intentions are, sign the relative documentation, provide your own identity card, your fiscal Code and data relating to payment e pay the amount possibly due.

If you do not know where the Wind store closest to your area is located, you can visit the appropriate page on the website of the operator dedicated to the coverage of the stores. Once the page loads, authorize the browser to detect yours geographic location and you can view the complete list of Wind centers. If there is no warning about geographic location detection, look for the name of your city in the text field at the top.

What to do in case of problems

Is there anything about Wind Magnum that is still not clear to you and you would like to receive further clarifications? Have you activated or would you like to activate the offer but are you experiencing any problems? So do this: contact the customer care of the manager and ask for help directly from the operator you will find yourself dealing with. To do this, you can choose one of the customer care channels available, those listed below.

  • 155 - It is the number you have to dial on the numeric keypad of your phone to get in touch with Wind's “classic” telephone support.
  • Fanpage Facebook Wind - It is the manager's official Facebook page through which you can get in touch with Wind by simply clicking on the button to send a message at the top.
  • Account Twitter Wind - It is the official Twitter account of the operator through which you can get in touch with the assistance by sending a direct message to Wind.
  • App Wind Talk (for Android and for iOS) - This is an app that allows you to chat with Wind operators.

If you think you need more details on what to do, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to talk to a Wind operator through which, in fact, I proceeded to talk to you about the thing in great detail.

I also suggest you take a look at the section dedicated toassistance present on the operator's website where you can find / search for the most frequently asked questions with ready-made answers that may be useful for you.

How to modify or cancel the offer

You have activated Wind Magnum but now you have changed your mind and would like to modify the offer o migrate to another manager? No problem, it can be done but, watch out, there are costs to be incurred. Let's analyze the matter in detail.

As far as the floor change is concerned, everything can be done through the appropriate section attached to theonline customer area of the Wind website - which you can access by connecting to the operator's website, by clicking on the button with the three lines high to astra, pressing up Log in and providing the required login data - or by going to one of the shops present on the in your languagen territory (which you can identify by following the guidelines that I gave you a few lines above). It is therefore sufficient to choose the alternative offer, provide any additional information requested and wait for the activation to actually be completed.

As I told you, it is feasible but there are costs to be incurred. More precisely, in the event of switching to rechargeable, the activation fee of 45 euros will be charged if made within 24 months of activating the tariff plan. On the other hand, by changing the current plan with another subscription solution, there is a plan change cost of 25 euros or 9 euros (depending on the destination offer) which will be charged directly to the invoice and in some cases the Telephone Included is also deactivated with the payment of all the due installments. For more information on this, I suggest you consult the section Change plan which you can view by clicking on the link Useful Information present on the Internet page of each Wind Magnum variant attached to the operator's site.

As regards the data SIM only supplied at the time of activation of Wind Magnum, in the event of switching to another offer, this will remain active at the cost foreseen by the relative Internet offers.

As far as the migration from Wind to another operator is concerned, to succeed in your intent, all you have to do is request number portability and switch to another operator, as I explained in detail in my article on how to change telephone operator.

Also in this case, if the portability is requested before the expiration of the contractual obligation, it is necessary to reimburse all the bonuses and promotions used (eg failure to pay the activation costs of the offer). Furthermore, if the purchase of a smartphone or other device in installments was included in the subscription to be canceled, it is necessary to pay the remaining installments for the redemption of the device plus the maxi-final installment. For more details on this, you can consult the section of the Wind website dedicated to tariff transparency together with the section relating to Terms and Conditions of offers with telephone included.

Finally, I would like to point out that if you intend to give your contact to another person you must download the form for the proposal to transfer the contract on your computer then you have to print it, fill it in by entering all the required data and send it by registered letter with return receipt to the address WIND TELECOMUNICAZIONI SpA - Post Office Box 14155, Post Office Milan 65, Cap 20152 Milan (MI).

Wind Magnum: how it works

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