30 best automatic and multifunctional Telegram Bots

    30 best automatic and multifunctional Telegram Bots When you want to get a new function for your Android smartphone or iPhone, the habit is to search for new applications in the respective stores and see if there is one suitable for the purpose.
    Many things, however, can be done with the smartphone through the Bots, which are basically multifunctional automatic responders capable of providing personalized information or performing actions to meet specific needs.
    Although we have already seen how to use Bots in Facebook Messenger, the best app to use Bots certainly is Telegram, similar to Whatsapp with many more features and which I always recommend everyone to install.
    It doesn't matter if friends use Telegram or not (although it should be advised), because this application it works as a platform and can also be used alone, without the need to chat with anyone, using the numerous automatic multi-function bots available and that anyone can create.

    After seeing Telegram's best tricks, secrets and features, let's find out now the best bots to add to Telegram to turn this application into an intelligent and interactive virtual assistant.
    add Bots on Telegram just look for their names in chat or click the following links also from PC.

    1. @leOfferteDiAmazon: This bot provides the best offers for Amazon every day, to buy items at discounted prices.
    2. @netflixnewsbot: This bot is used to receive news on the latest movies and TV shows available on Netflix in the city as well.
    3. @Wiki: With this bot, you can get Wikipedia information about anything.
    4. @trackbot: The trackbot allows you to track parcels sent via couriers DHL, SDA, Bartolini, GLS and others.
    5. @automemebot or @creatememebot: This Bot allows you to create automatic memes with the words you want, so that you can share them on Facebook or wherever you want.
    6. @gif: Bot to search and save GIFs to send to friends also on Whatsapp
    7. @prismabot: With this bot you get the same effects as the Prisma application, the one that turns images into paintings.
    8. @FarmacieBot: By adding this bot to Telegram you can request the addresses of pharmacies open in any place in the city at any time.
    9. @whatmusicbot or @Tadam_bot: This bot is able to tell us the title of a song by listening to it, like Shazam does.
    10. @photosetterbot: With this bot, Telegram is transformed into an app that reads QR codes and barcodes.
    11. @weatherman_bot or Weatherbot: To know the weather forecast in each city, just this bot.
    12. @delorean_bot: This makes Telegram a reminder
    13. @ifttt: With this app you can automate various operations via Telegram and, for example, also control wifi devices. Remember that IFTTT is the service for connecting applications and web services in order to create automatisms, even for Telegram. For example, with Telegram's IFTTT bot, you can receive new emails in Telegram, control a Wemo device or Hue bulbs, receive weather forecasts, send tweets, add reminders, and find where your phone is.
    14. @ cittàwebcamBot: To see live footage from some webcams in the city.
    15. @Dicebot: This bot throws a six-sided die virtually on the phone screen.
    16. @gamee or @gamebot: These are the bots to launch games, which are developed in HTML5 and run directly from Telegram.
    17. @Translate_Bot: This is an instant language translator.
    18. @Unit_Converter_Bot: With this bot you can use Telegram to convert units of measurement.
    19. @Kidbot: With this bot you can play tic-tac-toe, hangman and guess the number with a friend.
    20. @SudokuBot: To play Sudoku on Telegram even alone
    21. @vid: The bot that looks for videos on Youtube
    22. @Cinemasbot: It is used to look for the cinema closest to us and see the programming.
    23. @museimibactbot: Similar to that of cinemas, it allows you to see which museums in the city are close to where we are.
    24. @Grocerylistbot: This is one of the best bots because it allows you to create and maintain a shopping or to-do list.
    25. @trenitbot: For information on train times and delays in the city.
    26. @dottor_bot for medical information.
    27. @Corriere_bot, to ask for the latest news of the Corriere della Sera day.
    28. @gazzettadellosport_bot the bot of the Gazzetta dello Sport.
    29. Weather forecast bot
    30. Body mass index bot
    31. Tax Code Bot
    32. @bestresourcesnow:This bot simply allows you to connect to the NAvigaweb channel and receive the titles of new articles in Telegram, which is useful and functional and mandatory for everyone!

    30 best automatic and multifunctional Telegram Bots

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