The best Telegram channels to watch series

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The messaging application Telegram has become a great accomplice for users looking to enjoy entertainment. Beyond the traditional functionality of exchanging instant messages, this application provides the possibility of accessing a number of groups or channels on various topics.

The channels Telegram channels are spaces of diffusion in which members can exchange information, links, content, files... Everything you can think of. As some of them are thematic, they become the ideal platforms for fans of the same discipline to increase their resources.

This is what happens with series channelsThey are full of fans of this type of content! Thanks to them you can watch full seasons of your favorite series or find those that are not available on your streaming platforms.

The best Telegram channels to watch series without leaving the application.

These are the Telegram channels that allow you to watch series without using complementary platformsin a direct way.

  • From Series to Series CL Official. In it you will find one of the most extensive catalogs of the application, with more than 200 thousand different series titles. You can search in alphabetical order for the ones you are most interested in or start discovering new ones.

  • The House of Series. In La Casa de las Series you can find a huge directory of series with all the information you need to know about them and a small synopsis of each one, you will not miss the good content anymore!

  • PLAY IT. This is a private Telegram channel, so it requires a previous request before accessing it. It has a lot of movie titles and also series, in addition, it is kept very constantly updated.

  • Disney MOVIES AND SERIES - Netflix. If you have the Netflix and Disney platforms you will find all the information in this channel to keep you up to date. Here are told all the news and consist all titles with cover photo included.

With Telegram channels with series in Spanish

We have seen several channels with series that are international and that accumulate thousands of titles. If you want to focus on those productions that are in Spanishyou will also find your specific spaces in Telegram. These are the most interesting ones.

  • Spanish series. This Telegram channel collects the series that have been created in Spain throughout all times. It will serve you as a good history lesson, or to let yourself be carried away by nostalgia. It is really interesting to relive the most important productions of our country.

  • DISNEY PLUS Spanish HD. The series and movies for the whole family and in Spanish are in this thematic channel. You will be able to enjoy the classics or the novelties of the famous producer of children's stories of Hollywood.

  • Turkish series in Spanish. The Turkish series have become very fashionable throughout the last years and have been released in several national channels. If you have also become a fan of them, this is the space where you will find all those that have been dubbed into Spanish to catch up.

How to access Telegram channels of series

All the aforementioned channels are available so you can make real series marathons with the simple help of your cell phone. The only thing you will have to do is download the Telegram app and install it properly, something very simple, since it is free. Then, click on the names of the channels you are interested in to access them directly. With the links we have integrated, you won't have to search for them manually, so enjoy your new allies!

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