Best apps to make friends with similar interests

Best apps to make friends with similar interests The new generations use social networks not only to write states about what they do or photographs to make themselves beautiful, but also to share passions and practical activities, looking for and finding people who have common interests. Against the generality of Facebook, where you can find everything, but which remains too generic, the younger ones prefer instead apps that have specific themes, who are therefore focused on sharing specific activities such as video games, reading books and traveling. These are more specific and sectorial social networks (with some of them that are truly giants, both in terms of the number of users and the many areas of use).
The increase in the number of social networks to use for share specific interests made it easier meet people with whom you truly have something in common, with whom to talk or exchange opinions always focused on a single activity, without therefore going into the merits of political, social or sentimental interests, which are the ones that ruin relationships.
In this article we see, therefore, what the best social networking apps to share interests and activities, to find people with affinity who live near us or around the world, also to go together with particular events, which are not, however, sentimental dating apps.

1) Amino

Not me, available as an app for Android and iPhone, is a huge social network, with many users to be surprised. In Amino you can search and discover communities in line with your interests, where find people with whom to exchange views on specific topics, chat (anonymously) without flirting, receive the latest news and information on any type of interest. You can also create your own blog in Amino, create polls and improve your profile to get more followers. You can talk about music, movies, TV series, games, technology, fashion and anything you may be interested in.

2) Ablo

Ablo, free for Android and iPhone, is a chat where you can find people from all over the world to meet, to talk about anything. This application, which was awarded in 2019 as the best app, has the ingenious peculiarity of automatically translating messages in chats so that everyone can easily write in their language and receive the replies translated in real time. You can then chat with an Indian or a Chinese by receiving the answers in english and writing in your language, without worrying about being understood.

3) Couchsurfing Travel

Couchsurfing Travel, for Android and for iPhone, is one of the best travel social networks, a great way to hang out with local people when going somewhere. You can look for rooms to sleep in in thousands of cities around the world, offered by people who provide beds or even sofas at very affordable prices. You can then look for people with similar interests to spend a few days on vacation with and make new friends wherever you go. Obviously you can also make your own "sofa" available to accommodate travelers who can then accompany them to see the city or to have fun.

4) Local Facebook

Facebook Local it was a separate Facebook app, which focused on local events. Today its functions are integrated into the Facebook app, where groups of people can organize events and collaborate on various types of projects, including school or work projects. Groups can be used for just about anything, too to meet new people with similar interests and make friends. Facebook Local not only allows you to find groups that post interesting events, but also allows you to see the events that are scheduled nearby. To use Facebook Local it is obviously necessary to use your Facebook account.

5) MeetUp

MeetUp is one of the best event apps for Android and iPhone). So you can look for any kind of event nearby and also organize with strangers to go together. The main purpose of the meetup app is to get people to act, explore, teach and learn together, organize meetings for various purposes in order to achieve certain common goals.

6) Reddit

Reddit is one of the top 10 most visited sites in the United States, a free social network made up of topics where you can write anything, discuss problems, post photos and link to interesting sites. The social network app is free and open to everyone to post, vote and talk about anything. Reddit can also be used from Android and iPhone apps

7) Behance

Behance for Android and iPhone is an Adobe social network where, in addition to exploring millions of projects created by best creative talents of the world, allows you to easily share your creations to show them to everyone. Behance is an app suitable for those who work or follow a passion for design and also for creatives in the field of fashion, photography, painting and art, graphics and much more.

8) Litsy e GoodReads

Litsy is a social network (for Android and for iPhone) to meet people with the passion for reading, where to share and discover your favorite books, comment on them and to give and receive advice.
Similar to Litsy there is also GoodReads, a social di Amazon dedicated to books with many users from all over the world. On this site, which is also an app for Android and iPhone, you can talk about books you have read, get advice on what to read and then find all sorts of information on each written work.

9) NextDoor

Nextdoor for Android and iPhone is an app for meet the people of the neighborhood where you live, a private social network that connects people living in the same area or country and provides them with a convenient means of communication. Many families can work together and discuss important topics, organize neighborhood meetings, exchange advice and recommendations, ask for help, raise money to buy useful things and, above all, to meet other people who live near us. While Facebook groups or Whatsapp groups are used a lot for this type of thing, this dedicated app could instead become a great alternative. NextDoor is already used a lot in the city, so you may already find many registered people living near us.

10) MeetMe

MeetMe, for Android and iPhone, is one of the best dating apps to meet new people whereby chat instantly. It is therefore possible to know who shares the same interests and would like to do things in company. Obviously one of its purposes is also that of the romantic encounter, but not only. The app allows you to share pictures, send emojis and chat to find new friends and people to hang out with.

11) Quora

Quora is a website and app for Android and iPhone widely used in the world, where you can ask questions or answer the questions of others, on practically any topic. For those who remember it, it is a bit like the evolution of Yahoo Answers, which today is in sharp decline.

Best apps to make friends with similar interests

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