How to call a YouTube channel

Tips on how to name a YouTube channel

How to call a YouTube channel

To decide how to call a youtube channel it is very important to lay the foundations of its success on the famous Google video sharing platform. For this reason, before creating a YouTube channel, read carefully the indications I am about to give you, so that you can have in mind the factors to take into account to choose the most suitable name for your channel.

The first piece of advice I would like to give you is to call the channel with a name that is original and easy to store: This will make it easier for the YouTube community to identify and remember your channel. Also, try to use a name that explicitly indicates the topic dealt with in the channels: doing this is very important because, by doing so, others will be able to know in advance the type of video you have made and, if interested in the topic, they will visit your channel and maybe subscribe.

I'll give you a practical example, so that you can better understand how to implement these tips: let's say you are a carpenter and want to open a YouTube channel to promote your business with videos illustrating your creations. How could you call your channel following the instructions I gave you a moment ago? One idea would be to use the you don't knowyour business name (in the example just made, that of the carpentry) and / or yours profession (in this case the carpenter). By doing this, the YouTube community will associate your channel with the activity you do.

If you want, you can use an invented name, to be used as your "personal brand": in this regard you could use some English term, especially if you want to attract the interest of users who also come from other parts of the world. Below is a diagram that lists the possible names to use for your YouTube channel, which refer to the example I just gave you.

  • Name surname.
  • Name the Carpenter.
  • Name Surname Carpenter.
  • Business name.
  • MrLegno.
  • The art of working with wood.
  • The Art of Wood.
  • Timber Work.

In naming your YouTube channel, I recommend that you do not use a name that is too long: it would be difficult to remember. For a matter of personal branding o business branding (it depends if you decide to call the channel with your name or that of your business), if you decide to promote your YouTube channel on social networks, use his own name and his own icon also on the latter.

Change the channel name

How to call a YouTube channel

How do you say? Have you already opened a YouTube channel and, after reading the instructions above, would you like to change its name because you have noticed that the one you have chosen is not very suitable? No problem: you can do this from both the web version of YouTube and its mobile app.

  • From computer - connect to the main YouTube page, log in to your Google account (if you have not already done so), click on your profile photo (top right) and selects the voice YouTube Studio. Now, select the item Customization, present in the sidebar located on the left, click on the tab Basic information (above) and then click on the icon pencil, located in correspondence with the wording Channel name and description. At this point, write the new channel name in the text head Your name and click on the button Public (in alto to destra).
  • Give smartphone and tablet - start the official YouTube app on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device, log into your Google account (if necessary), press thechannel icon at the top right and select the item Your channel from the menu that opens. Then tap the button Edit channel, press the pencil icon next to the wording Your name and, in the appropriate text field, write the new name to use for your channel. Remember, then, to save the changes made by pressing the button OK present in the box that appeared on the screen.

YouTube channel name generator

How to call a YouTube channel
If you have trouble finding a suitable name for your YouTube channel, you can rely on a automatic username generator, like the famous SpinXO.

To use it, click on the link I provided you a little while ago and, on the page that opens, type in the required data using the appropriate text fields: write the topic or topics of your channel in the text field Topic(s); type something you particularly like in the text field Things you Like; write a word that is particularly meaningful to you in the field Important Words?, etc.

When done, click the orange button SPIN! and, in a few moments, you will be shown the list of all the names that SpinXO has identified for your channel. Now all you have to do is choose the name you prefer and use it for your YouTube channel (as long as it is available).

If the names that have been generated are not to your liking, instead, press the button Reset and repeat the procedure again using other terms. I'm sure, sooner or later, you will be able to find a name that suits you.

Tips on how to be successful on YouTube

How to call a YouTube channel

Picking a good YouTube name obviously isn't enough be successful on the platform: attention must also be paid to other factors. Here are some very practical tips that, if implemented, will surely help you in your career as a youtuber.

  • Identify topics to talk about - analyzing the trends of the platform is of fundamental importance to understand which are the topics that really interest users. To get information in this regard, you can use the Google Trends service, which allows you to easily identify the hottest topics of the moment.
  • Regularly create interesting and quality content - the contents are the "final product" that you will provide to your subscribers and, more generally, to all users of the platform. For this reason it is important that you create interesting and quality content. In this regard, equip yourself with everything you need to shoot (eg a smartphone with a good camera, a professional video camera, a microphone, tripods, gimbals, gorillapods, action cams, etc). As for the editing phase, instead, rely on professional editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut e Sony VEGAS Pro (You can also use YuTube's free programs and editing tools if you want). I recommend, however, not to make the mistake of being too attentive to quality, as this could affect the regularity with which you post videos on your channel.
  • Optimize the content created - after shooting and editing a video, optimize it with keyword that facilitate their retrieval and include them in the title And in the related tags to the content in question, making sure that they are relevant to the subject matter.
  • Use the tools offered by YouTube - the tools made available by YouTube (e.g. Analytics  e YouTube Creator) can give you a big hand in analyzing your channel, obtaining statistics updated in real time that can help you understand which content your subscribers are interested in and which are not. Via the function LiveInstead, you can establish a more direct contact with them by organizing live shows from time to time.
  • Promote the channel on social networks - if you are very popular on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks, take advantage of the popularity you have on these platforms outside YouTube to advertise your channel.
  • Curate the graphics of the channel - choose a profile photo and cover photo that reflect the overall theme of your channel and create covers for each video that are eye-catching. These details, insignificant as they may seem, can actually make a difference in the eyes of users!

If you want to deepen the points listed above, I refer you to reading the article on how to emerge on YouTube, so as to have no doubts on how to increase the chances of success on the famous Google video sharing platform.

How to call a YouTube channel

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