How to be called by TIM

Get TIM to call you if you are not a customer

How to be called by TIM

If you are thinking of switching to TIM but you do not yet know if there is a plan that really suits your needs, you can decide to have an operator contact you directly and ask for explanations on the offers available at the moment. All you need is the service Switch to TIM with operator, which is active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 21 and on Saturdays from 9 to 19 and allows you to request a phone call from a TIM operator. All free.

To use the “Switch to TIM with operator” service, connected to the official website of the latter, enter yours phone number in the appropriate field and click on the red button Call me right away. To confirm the request, the message will appear on the screen Our customer service will contact you at the following number [telephone number]. Within a few seconds, you will then be contacted by the number 119 and, after pressing the green handset to answer the call, a recorded voice will warn you that you are about to be put in contact with a TIM employee. The TIM employee will show you all the offers available and so you can decide whether to subscribe or not.

Have you already decided to join TIM? In this case you can contact the service Bring your fixed and mobile line to TIM with one of our operators, which allows you to be contacted by TIM to initiate the transfer procedure from another operator. To request a phone call from TIM and start the practice of switching from another operator, connected to the main page of the TIM site and presses the button identified by a headphone on a blue background which appears at the bottom right.

How to be called by TIM

Then enter yours phone number in the appropriate field and click on the button call me now. You will be contacted immediately by 119 and put on line with an employee who will help you bring your line to TIM. The service is free and is active every day from 7 to 22.30.

In both services, it may happen that after entering your phone number the message is shown We're sorry. The service is not available at this time. Please try again later: it is possible that there are no operators available, so wait a few minutes and try again.

If you need more information on the procedure necessary to change telephone operator, consult my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

Get TIM to call you if you are already a customer

How to be called by TIM

If you are already a TIM customer, you cannot request a direct call from an operator. The only thing you can do is to enter your personal area on the TIM website, send a report regarding faults on the fixed line (or other problems) and request to be contacted by an operator.

To access your personal area on the TIM website, click on the item MyTIM located at the top right and fill in the login form with your username and password. If you don't have a username and password yet, you can make a fast access to the only line from which you browse putting the check mark next to the appropriate item and typing your TIM landline number, or you can create an account by clicking on the item Subscribe which is at the bottom of the box that opens.

Once logged in, make sure the tab is selected MyTIM Fixed (top right) and click on the button Request technical assistance (also located at the top right). Click on the entry Report a problem in the menu on the right, then choose the service on which you are having problems between Internet, Phone line, Mail e TV and indicates the problem by choosing one of the options present in the item Type of problem. As a last step, enter the data Your name, Last name, Cell phone number, Email in the appropriate fields and, if required, indicate the time slot to be contacted. Press the button Send to send the report.

How to be called by TIM

Another way for TIM to call you is to report any unwanted calls received from Telecom Città or other telephone operators. Authenticate with your data in the MyTIM area, click on the item Status requests and then on the banner Submit a report immediately to fill out an online reporting form. In the form to be sent, there is the section To contact you with fields Mobile phone e Time slot for any contacts, useful for being contacted by TIM. The contact, however, is exclusively addressed to the problem described and the call by an operator is not certain.

How to be contacted by TIM via the Internet

If you do not have a telephone to be called or call TIM, you can always rely on the Internet which offers various solutions to be able to speak to an operator and receive assistance. The most immediate is to rely on social networks, but it is also possible to report problems on MyTIM, the personal area of ​​TIM customers and present on the telephone company website.


How to be called by TIM

TIM also has a support channel on WhatsApp: this is an automatic service, but it also allows you to request assistance from a human operator. To use this, add the number to your smartphone's address book prefix 335 1237272 and contact him in WhatsApp. So ask your question, wait for the answer from the automatic system and communicate that you are not satisfied with the answer received. This way you will be contacted as soon as possible by a human operator.


How to be called by TIM

To speak to a TIM operator via Facebook, connected to the official TIM page and click on the button Message located at the top right. In the window that opens below, write the message to send briefly explaining your problem or your doubt, then press the button Submit present on your computer keyboard to send the message. In the text, you can add the hashtag #TIMmobile for your mobile number or #TIMfixed for a fixed network number, a useful system for TIM technicians to “forward” your request to an operator assigned to the fixed or mobile line.


How to be called by TIM

TIM is obviously present on Twitter and has reserved accounts dedicated to assistance. For problems or doubts about the fixed line, you can send a message to @ TIM4USara, @ TIM4ULuca and @ TIM4UFabio, while for questions concerning your mobile line you can contact @ TIM4UStefano, and @ TIM4UGiulia.

To start getting support, go to the main Twitter page and publicly contact one of the accounts mentioned above. To do this, press the button Tweet to write a message, enter the recipient and briefly describe your problem. Alternatively, connected to the page of one of the profiles dedicated to assistance, press the button Send tweets, type your message and click the button Tweet to send it. The message is public, so remember not to enter telephone numbers or sensitive data.

To provide all your data and further details, wait for the TIM operator to answer you and add himself to your followers to enable the sending of direct messages: in this way you can continue the discussion privately without limitations. To send a direct message, connected to the profile page to contact, press the button with i three dots (located on the right) and choose the item Send a direct message: explain in more detail your problem or your doubts regarding TIM's services and provide your personal data. Alternatively, hit the option Messages at the top, press the button New message. Type the recipient in the field Send message to, award-winning NEXT, write your problem and click on the button Send to send the message.

Contact TIM customer service

In case of problems with your TIM fixed or mobile line, you can contact the operator's customer support yourself by choosing one of the solutions listed below.

Telephone support

How to be called by TIM

The fastest way to get help on a mobile phone is to call the number 119. This is the telephone support service provided by TIM, active every day 24 hours a day and available free of charge for TIM fixed and mobile numbers.

Open the dialer of your smartphone and type the number on the keypad 119, then press the green handset to initiate the call. After listening to the introductory message of the service, follow the instructions of the voice guide: if your intention is to speak to a real operator, press the key 4 to access the section assistanceaward 2 to commercial assistance, then press 6 to other needs and speak to an operator. In the event that there is no employee available (for example during the night) you can activate the booking service which, at a cost of 1 euro, allows you to avoid waiting and be contacted as soon as an operator is available.

In case you have to block a line for theft or lossaward 4 to access theassistance and then choose 3 to proceed with an operator.

The number to call changes if the problem encountered or your doubts concern the landline. In this case the number to be dialed is 187, free and active 7 days a week, from 7 to 7.00 for commercial and administrative information, 22.30 hours a day to receive technical assistance on the telephone line or ADSL line.

To speak to an operator, dial the 187 on your phone and follow the guided voice. Type 1 if you are former TIM customer and you need assistance, otherwise type 2 if you want become a TIM customer. In the latter case, press 1 to know the offers on a new landline or become a TIM customer by keeping your number, type 2 if you already have requested a new line or service and want information on activation times, press 3 for administrative information. For all three options, you will be put in contact with a TIM operator.

If you are a TIM customer and you have entered 1 in the first choice, if requested proceed by entering the telephone number for which you are requesting assistance. Awards 1 for information on offers and invoice and speak to an operator, type 2 to report a fault: following the guided voice, you will indicate the type of fault and an operator will take care of the request as soon as possible. In this case you will not be put on line with any TIM employee.


How to be called by TIM

In conclusion, I remind you that, if you are already a TIM customer, you can manage your fixed and mobile line also through the section MyTIM of the TIM website and applications MyTIM Fixed (Android / iOS) and MyTIM (Android / iOS) available for mobile devices. Furthermore, through the TIMpersonal app (Android / iOS), it is possible to receive assistance by chatting with TIM consultants in real time.

On the TIM website there is also a Technical Assistance section, where you can find answers to the most common problems or make reports. By adapting these solutions, you will not speak with a TIM operator but perhaps you will be able to solve your technical problems.

How to be called by TIM

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