How to recover Fastweb PUK code: Guide 2021

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How to retrieve the Fastweb PUK code

If our SIM card or our device are disabled, it is very likely that this block was a consequence of an error we made, such as inserting the PIN code incorrectly for more than three consecutive times.

If this is the case, then there is nothing left to do but try to recover the PUK in all possible ways, the only code capable of saving the unpleasant situation.

Below are all the methods known to be able to recover the PUK of the Fastweb telephone network:

Check the plasticized holder of the SIM

The first and intuitive step to take to make sure you are in possession of the Personal Unblocking Code is to go to check the sales package of the SIM card.

At the time of purchase, the phone card is presented to us set in a plastic support, which also shows two important codes, the PIN and the PUK, which are used to manage the privacy of the SIM itself. These two series of numbers are covered with a silver patina and must be jealously guarded, away from prying eyes.

Here, then, is where you can find the Fastweb PUK. If the purchase packaging has not been thrown away or has not been lost, there is no need to look elsewhere.

Access the MyFastweb customer area

Fastweb dedicates a special area to its customers to allow anyone to manage their own SIM and the related offers applied to it in total autonomy.

Accessing this page is very simple and fast, you just need it register on the website and proceed by logging into the MyFastweb customer area using the appropriate username and password.

Once logged in, you can choose the number you want to check from the drop-down menu, in case you have more than one SIM card. After that, just follow the instructions that are provided to reach the "PUK" item and discover the much desired eight-digit code.

Seek assistance via Facebook or Twitter channels

It is also possible to get in touch with Fastweb using its social channels. Based on your preferences, you can communicate via:

  • Facebook, by sending a private message. After logging in from your account you can contact customer service by sending a message in private mode. To make sure that the Fastweb team can answer our questions as quickly as possible, it is advisable to mention at the beginning your customer code and the name and surname of the SIM holder.
  • Twitter, by sending a tweet. By logging in to your page, you can draw the attention of the telephone company by formulating a message and placing it before @FASTWEBHelp. At this point we will certainly be sent to continue the conversation in private, through DM where we can provide further private details concerning our account.

Contact customer support

If we wish to contact Fastweb operators by telephone, the number to dial is 192193. The phone call will begin with a recorded voice which will offer a number of options from which to choose. Once you have pressed the button that corresponds to our needs, you just have to wait to be connected to an operator.

As a rule, Fastweb customer support is available every day of the week, from 08:00 to 24:00, and is free for all its customers.

Please note, however, that it may not be possible to retrieve the PUK code via telephone assistance. However, operators will be happy to illustrate a number of alternatives that might be right for us.

Head to a Fastweb store

If, for a variety of reasons, you have not been able to retrieve the precious eight-digit code to unlock the SIM card, to solve this thorny problem a valid alternative could be to go to one of the many Fastweb points of sale which are present throughout Italy.

The in-store staff will be more than happy to provide assistance and suggest the best solution to rehabilitate our card.

In all likelihood, if the recovery of the PUK code proves impossible, the Fastweb team might suggest you replace the SIM, allowing, however, to keep the old telephone number.

If at the moment you do not know which center is closest to your home, you can use the shop finder link to locate the assistance point that is most easily accessible for you.

How to use the Fastweb PUK code to unlock the SIM

After many adventures we managed to get hold of the much desired PUK code, how should it be used now?

The sequence of numbers that must be typed on the phone at the time it is requested is the following:


Then, to confirm, press the key to initiate a phone call.

At this point the phone and card should be operational immediately.

We would like to remind you that when mistakes are made when entering the found PUK code and the new PIN, the SIM may block again and, this time, permanently. We specify that they can be carried out ten attempts, after which it will be necessary to change the phone card.

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