How to search for Telegram channels?

How to search for Telegram channels?

Telegram has become popular because it offers significant differences from other messaging instant messaging applications instant messaging, such as the classic WhatsApp. This is because the platform allows access to more features and has become one more ingredient in the digital entertainment offer with initiatives such as Telegram channels.

With them we can access content that really interests us, as in a social network or blog, beyond talking to our acquaintances in a quick and easy way. But how to search for these Telegram channels? Here we are going to tell you all about them and how to find the most interesting ones.

What is Telegram?

How to search for Telegram channels?

Telegram is one of the many instant messaging applications that we can download on our smartphones. In the beginning, this platform stood out for its extensive security in communications and the privacy it guarantees, something really important for users.

It was created and launched to the market by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013so it is a relatively young platform. Thanks to its success, the application is now self-funded and operates in a large number of countries around the world, including Spain.

Its Spanish-speaking version did not arrive until 2014. However, this translation allowed the company to expand at a much faster pace and reach new countries. reach new countries in its collection. Now it can be downloaded in a multitude of languages to cover all users of various nationalities.

One of the successes in generating a novel application that could compete with others as established as WhatsApp is that it does not require a phone number to contact other people. It is enough to search for the nickname with which they register, another ingredient that goes towards high security and privacy.

The main differences between groups and channels

How to search for Telegram channels?

Within Telegram you can find the users you want with their nickname, but you can also access channels and groups. These bring together many different people in the same chat room. same chat roombut they do not work in the same way.

Broadly speaking, channels are spaces created by brands or companies to enable them to maintain more direct contact with users. Groups, on the other hand, are more similar to what we know in other applications such as Whatsapp, i.e. a private chat with friends or family.

Here are the their differences in more detail.

Telegram channels

  • They are designed for companies, organizations, brands or groups.

  • With unlimited number of members.

  • They can have additional administrators.

  • They are intended to facilitate the dissemination of certain messages or the traffic of information on a topic.

  • Channels can be public or private.

  • Private ones have access by invitation.

Telegram groups

  • They are intended for sharing with friends or family.

  • The limit for groups in Telegram is 200 thousand users.

  • There is no administrator who posts information, as all participants contribute to the conversation.

  • There are open groups that can be joined by any user and closed groups.

  • They contain user responses, mentions and use of hashtags.

How to search Telegram channels

How to search for Telegram channels?

Channels in Telegram allow you to stay informed about the topics you are interested in or keep up to date with news from brands, companies or media outlets. To enter those that interest you and that are public, the same system is used as with public groups.

You must follow the following steps:

  • Open the Telegram application on any device.

  • Access the magnifying glass at the top, as this leads to the internal search engine of the application.

  • Enter the name of the channel you are interested in.

  • All matching names in channels, groups and people will appear, which are differentiated by icons.

  • When you find the desired channel, click on "join channel".

  • With this gesture you belong to the channel. Once you are in the channel, you must keep up to date with the channel's rules and respect its regulations.

Another way to access a channel that you find interesting is by using a access linkThis is the way in which these spaces are disseminated. When you see it, you only have to click on it to be automatically redirected to the channel.

Create a Telegram channel

Do you want to create your your own Telegram channel? Well, you should know that this is something quite accessible that you can do from your Android, iOS devices and also from your PC. We are going to explain how to do it from your cell phone, since it is usually the most common way to use this platform. Anyway, in the computer format the steps are very similar.

Follow these instructions:

  • Open the Telegram application.

  • Go to the pencil icon in the bottom corner.

  • Access the "Create message" options.

  • Select the "New Channel" option.

  • Enter the custom details it prompts for your new channel: channel name, photo or avatar and description of the channel theme.

  • Tap on the icon in the upper right corner when ready.

  • Choose the public or private channel option.

  • Fill in what will be the link to broadcast and access the channel.

  • Give another Ok on the top icon when ready.

  • Add the profiles you want to enter in the channel.

  • Confirm by clicking on the date.

With these simple steps you will be able to create a channel on the topics that interest you, for your company or for your brand. Once inside, you will be able to configure a number of different different functions such as design, administrators, subscribers or hashtags. As you can see, you have many customization options when creating your own space on Telegram.

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