Best Telegram channels for news

Best Telegram channels for news

The Telegram channels are currently very popular and have become great allies to keep abreast of everything that happens in the environments that most interest us. Most of them are thematic, so they allow us to learn about new Netflix series, keep abreast of travel deals or read lists with the most interesting books. But did you know that you can also stay up to date with the latest news thanks to them?

It is a really convenient platform for news, events and political news, since you will have everything at hand directly on your cell phone. You just have to have the Telegram app installed correctly and look for the names of the channels on it, or click on the links that we are going to leave you throughout this article with a selection of the best ones. Take note, and be the first to find out everything!

Everything you need to know about Telegram channels

Best Telegram channels for news

First of all, we want to explain what is a Telegram channel. This may seem very obvious to some people, but the truth is that the difference between channels and groups can be somewhat blurred in most cases.

A group is a chat room between friends or family members to talk about personal issues or discuss topics of interest, this is very similar to groups on the popular messaging app WhatsApp.

However, a Telegram channel is usually managed by companies or brands. managed by companies or brands and functions as a platform to inform users about news, keep in touch with customers or improve communications with fans. Most channels are usually public, although some of them are private and you will have to make a request to be let into them.

As you can see, Telegram channels are much more professionalized. more professionalized. For this very reason you will have the opportunity to find information in them directly from the main sources such as public agencies or newspapers.

The best Telegram channels from government agencies

Some official bodies belonging to the Government or Autonomous Communities have their own Telegram channels. Thanks to them, you can learn about the current affairs of the institutions, regulations or official communications from the source itself by entering these spaces. These are the most useful and interesting ones.

  • Ministry of Health. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health opened a number of communication channels to inform all citizens of the regulations and the progress of the virus. Among them is the Telegram channel, very interesting to keep abreast of an issue as important today as public health.

  • Horizon Europe. This channel was created with the mission of keeping users interested in the European Union (EU) framework program for research and innovation (R&I) for the period 2021 -2027 informed.

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. This is the official channel of this ministry and of the Presidency of the Government. All the information transmitted in it is of an official nature.

  • Community of Madrid. This is the official Telegram of the Community of Madrid, of interest to those who live in this area or want to keep abreast of what is happening there for work or private interest.

The best media Telegram channels.

Best Telegram channels for news

Another good way to keep up to date with the news thanks to the Telegram channels of the most important media and newspapers. most important newspapers of the country. This way you can easily know the headlines without having to get into their websites or search for the news manually.

  • This is a well-known digital media that also has a Telegram channel for those who want to have a simpler system when it comes to finding out the latest news.

  • BBC News World. The well-known BBC media has an international channel in Telegram through which you will be able to be informed of everything that happens around the world.

  • Público is another of the most famous national digital newspapers, so it also has its own channel for those interested.

  • El Mundo. Followers of the newspaper El Mundo will have the opportunity to access all the latest news in this Telegram channel.

  • El País. This channel reflects all the news that are coming out in the well-known newspaper daily.

Keep up to date with Telegram channels for news.

You can join all these Telegram channels for news by clicking on the link that we have placed in the name of each of them. You can choose the ones you are most interested in to get different points of view, and contrast variety of information in different media or official organizations. This is an excellent way to stay up to date without investing too much time and effort, with just one application.

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