How bots work on Telegram

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How bots work on Telegram

If you agree, let's get straight to the point and see how bots work on Telegram.

Simplifying the concept as much as possible, bots can be considered as artificial users of Telegram, or rather lines of programming code with useful instructions to make them interact in chats, both single and group, with real users.

Telegram bots are therefore scripts containing instructions and are trained to perform actions and interact with real users in a "friendly" way, using simple commands and responding in a relevant manner to requests received, using artificial intelligence .

Clearly, based on the complexity of the instructions with which they were programmed, the level of interaction that the real user can have with the bots also changes. These interactions take place in fact in order to make a bot perform a specific action. The purposes are very different from each other, including the possibility of retrieve news on a specific topic, generate sponsored links, notify price drops o availability of products on online stores and much more.

Going a little more in detail, bots take advantage of a service's API to allow the end user to query them using the Telegram messaging interface and thus obtain the information they need.

How bots work on Telegram

Well, now you know technically what Telegram bots are and how they work, but before going on, I will point out further technical details that may come in handy. For example, it is good to know that bots have the ability to communicate both with text messages, but also by sending videos, photos or files of any type, making them very versatile (you can ask a bot to retrieve photos or videos on a theme specific if it is programmed for that purpose).

In addition, you should know that all information used by bots is stored and encrypted on Telegram's cloud servers. Another feature of bots concerns the possibility of making their use possible only by users who are part of one or more specific groups.

Finally, if you are new to bots, let me explain in two words how to interrogate a bot. For example, the bot @Youtube it is specifically programmed to be queried and find YouTube videos from specific channels. This bot, as well as the others, responds to precise functions that can be known by typing the command / help, to which the bot responds with the list of available commands. Each command must therefore be given with the use of the symbol /.

That said, in the next chapters I will have the pleasure of explaining how to add bots on Telegram, which are the best Telegram bots and how to create a bot on Telegram.

How to add bots on Telegram

How bots work on Telegram

If you are wondering how to add bots on Telegram, here is the chapter of the guide for you. First of all, I tell you that you can easily recognize a bot on Telegram since, in the vast majority of cases, its name will end with the term "bot".

It should also be emphasized that bots are available both from mobile, therefore on smartphones and tablets, and from PC, using the client or the Web version of Telegram. So don't worry: all the bots you add to your account will be accessible from all devices in the same way.

Give smartphone and tablet

How bots work on Telegram

To add bots on Telegram, the first requirement is obviously to have downloaded and installed the official app of the service on your device: you can find it on Google Play and alternative stores for Android and on the App Store for iOS / iPadOS. Read more here.

Once logged in to Telegram, the procedure for adding a bot is very simple: tap the button with the magnifying glass located at the top right and search for the name of the bot you want to add.

If you already know the bot name, just type it in the search field, otherwise use keywords. The search formula to report to Telegram that you are looking for a bot is @botname. Then press the button Search and when you see the name of the bot to add, tap on it to start using it after its activation (by means of the button starts).

To quickly find valid bots to add, I suggest you look for them on the StoreBot site (Telegram section, formerly known as Telegram Bot Store), the offers a good collection of bots dedicated to the most diverse needs. It is also available in turn as a bot itself - you find it as @storebot.

To add a bot found via a link to Telegram, then with an online search, just click on the relevant link and accept the opening of its page in theTelegram app. For more information, I refer you to my guides on the best Telegram bots and how to search on Telegram.

In case of second thoughts, you can remove a bot added to Telegram easily by pressing on its nameat the top of the chat screen by choosing the option Stop bot and deleting / archiving the conversation.

From computer

How bots work on Telegram

You are also a regular user of Telegram from computer? No problem, you can add bots from both official client that Telegram Web, accessible directly from the browser.

The procedure to follow is practically the same as that seen above for the smartphone app. Press on the field Search, type il bot name to add and select the one you are interested in from the results. Then click on the button STARTS located at the bottom of the chat window.

In case of second thoughts, you can remove a bot added to Telegram by clicking, also in this case, on its name (at the top of the chat screen), choosing the option Stop bot and then deleting or archiving the conversation.

How to create a bot on Telegram

How bots work on Telegram

If you have acquired a taste for Telegram bots and believe in this tool, you are most likely also curious to know if, and possibly how, you can create your own.

Well, the answer is yes: it is create Telegram bots, but we need to devote a good amount of effort and time. Like any "business", even the creation of bots must be tackled step by step, starting with the simplest operation: programming a bot leak.

Clearly, as we go deeper and deeper into the procedure, knowledge at least of basic programming concepts becomes more and more necessary.

While this premise might discourage you, let me give you some helpful hints to get you started. To create an empty bot, launch Telegram as you usually do, then press the button in the shape of magnifying glass and write Botfather, then choose the first result. If you don't find it, click here and agree to open the bot in Telegram.

Proceed by pressing the button starts in the chat screen and type the command / newbot to then give theSubmit and start with the creation. The first setting is the assignment of the name: type it in the appropriate box and press the button Submit. Now also assign a username, remembering that it must end with the word muzzle and press the button again Submit.

The bot itself will provide you with a token, which I suggest you write down as it is essential to activate it later, then set further descriptive preferences with the commands / setdescription, / setabouttext, / setuserpic so as to set Description, introductory text e avatar of the bot.

Now the more specific part about using a programming language is approaching. Therefore, I advise you to take a lot of free time and to deepen the question thoroughly and read my tutorial on how to create Telegram bots.

I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to create your first Telegram bot in a much easier way than you imagine. Good luck for everything!

How bots work on Telegram

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