How Messenger works without Facebook

How to use Messenger without installing Facebook

use Messenger without Facebook, you must first get the appropriate app, if you have not already done so. Below you can find the instructions to proceed from Android, from iOS (therefore iPhone and iPad), from Windows 10 computer or tablet and through a “simple” browser.


If you have a terminal Android and you haven't yet installed the Messenger, pigia sull'icona del Play Store that you find in the app list of your device (the symbol ▶ ︎ colored), then type the word Messenger in the search bar at the top and presses the button in the shape of magnifying glass placed on the keyboard. At this point, touch the icon of Messenger (the one in the shape of a blue "comic" with a white lightning bolt inside) and tap the buttons InstallAccept to start installing the app.

If you are reading this guide from your smartphone or tablet, you can press on this link and directly open the section of the Play Store dedicated to Messenger (if necessary, after selecting the link, touch the Play Store icon that appears in the small lower panel) , then start the installation as seen above.

Once everything is complete, start Messenger via the icon on the app screen of your device, put the check mark next to the item I have a Facebook account, award-winning Continue, enter theemail address (or phone number) and the Password with which you usually log in to Facebook and tap the button Login with Facebook.

At this point, press the button twice Not now (to skip synchronizing phone contacts and adding a phone number to Facebook), then on the button Salta, and that's it: you just have to start chatting with your Facebook contacts!

Wait, are you telling me you can't remember your password to log in anymore? Don't despair, consult my guide on how to recover your Facebook password and you'll see, you'll be able to reset it in no time!


If you have one iPhone or iPad, to install Messenger, start theApp Store selecting it from the main screen of your device (the icon of the letter "A" on a blue background), touch the icon Search found at the bottom right, type the word Messenger in the proposed search bar and presses the button Search located on the keyboard.

Once this operation is complete, tap the button Get placed next to the Messenger icon and authenticate via Passwordtouch ID (the fingerprint) or Face ID (iPhone X facial recognition) to complete the installation process.

Are you reading this guide directly from your iPhone or iPad? So I advise you to click on this link to enter the section of the App Store dedicated to Messenger, and then proceed with the installation of the app as I explained to you a little while ago.

Once the installation is complete, start Messenger from the home screen of your device, press the blue button Login with Facebook, enter yours in the appropriate boxes email address (or phone number) and yours Password, then on the blue button Continue.

Now, if you do not intend to insert synchronize contacts in your address book or enter the phone number on Facebook, tap the buttons Not now twice, SaltaOK, twice Activate notificationsAllow. That's it: you just have to start chatting with your friends!

Windows 10 PC / Tablet

You have a tablet or computer equipped with an operating system Windows 10? Also in this case, the dedicated Messenger app is available! To install it, connected to the dedicated page on the Microsoft Store, then presses the button Open Microsoft Store which appears at the top.

Alternatively, you can access it from the app Windows Store as follows: click on its icon (a shopping bag with the Windows logo drawn on it) located on the bar at the bottom of the screen or in the menu Home/Start Screen (the flag-shaped button in the lower left corner), type the word Messenger on the search bar at the top and press Submit.

At this point, press the icon of Messenger and then on the button Get, then wait for the app to be installed. Finally, start Messenger from the Start menu or the Start Screen, enter the credenziali d'accesso to Facebook in the appropriate spaces and presses the button Continue to access your contact list and immediately start chatting.

Use Messenger via the Internet site

Since, as I have told you several times, Messenger is an independent platform, it has a dedicated website that you can use to chat from your PC with your favorite browser, without entering the main Facebook web page and without installing the app Messenger for Windows 10.

To take advantage of this possibility, connected to the Messenger Internet page, enter your Facebook login credentials where requested and click on the button Log in (or press the button Continue as [Name Surname], if you are already logged in to Facebook in the browser): after a few moments the Messenger window is loaded, through which you can chat with your contacts exactly as you would through the dedicated app, and with the same features (emoji, Animated GIFs, contact blockers and so on).

Uninstall Facebook

Now, if you haven't already done so, you can finally get rid of the Facebook app in the following way: press and hold the app icon, then, if your system is Android, drag it into the Trash can that appears at the top (or tap on the item Uninstall from the small menu that appears) and then presses on OK.

For iPhone e iPad, after making a long tap on the app icon, presses on the small one X that appears in the upper border and you answer Delete notice that appears on the screen. For more information on how to uninstall apps, I recommend that you check out my tutorials on how to uninstall Android apps and how to uninstall iPhone apps.

How to use Messenger without a Facebook account

Wait, are you telling me that you love Messenger but you just don't want to sign up for Facebook to take advantage of it? I have excellent news for you: as I had the opportunity to explain to you at the beginning, you can use the app dedicated to the smartphone too without having a Facebook account.

In this way, using your phone number, you will have the possibility to chat with all the contacts in the address book that have the Messenger app, exactly as happens with apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or similar. Proceeding is really simple: install the app for Android o iPhone as I showed you in the previous section and follow the instructions I am about to give you to the letter.


Once the Messenger application has started on Android, select the option I don't have a Facebook account, then presses the buttons ContinueAllow, enter yours where required telephone number, fai tap sul pulsating Continue and wait a few seconds for Messenger to automatically detect the code received via SMS.

At this point, type yours name and yours last name in the dedicated fields, tap the button Continue, pigia sul pulsating Take a picture or your voice Choose from the gallery to set a personal image (you can skip this procedure by selecting the item Not now), finally tap the buttons AttivaAllow Continue.

The configuration is finally finished: you can send a message by selecting the icon to cartoon shape located at the bottom right and, through the lower bar of the app, access the various sections of the Messenger application (Contacts, Gallery, Toys and so on).


If you have one iPhone, after starting the Messenger app, tap the item Continue with the phone number, presses the button Continue, enter yours in the appropriate box telephone number, sfiora il pulsating Continue, when requested enter the code received via SMS, then yours name, your last name and tap the button again Continue.

If you wish, add a personal image by tapping the buttons Choose from photosTake a picture (you can skip this step by tapping the button Not now) and then select the keys OKAllow.

Once all the configuration is complete, you may find yourself practically without friends to chat with: don't worry, you just have to add the contacts in your address book! To do this, touch the icon People placed at the bottom, tap on the items Find telephone contactsSynchronize contacts: after a few minutes, you will see all the contacts in the address book using Messenger appear on the screen, and you will have the opportunity to chat with them by phone number.

How Messenger works without Facebook

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