Change your name on Facebook and add aliases and nicknames

Change your name on Facebook and add aliases and nicknames Facebook recently renewed its efforts to force users to use their real names, asking anyone who used a nickname to change. After all, there may be a thousand legitimate reasons to choose a name other than the real one on your Facebook profile. Maybe not to be found by old school friends or to identify with a pseudonym with which everyone calls us in real life. However, Facebook does not seem to be tolerant and, if it understands that you are not using a real name and surname, it will ask you to change it if you do not want the profile to be blocked.
The name issue on Facebook has always been a bit confusing so it's worth tidying up a little, understand how and when you can change your name and how you can add another name, nickname, alias or even the maiden name.

How to change your name on Facebook

First of all then everyone who uses Facebook must have a real name and surname.
Fortunately, it is possible add another name to your account, which can be displayed on your profile as your primary name or in parentheses next to your real name.
To change your name on Facebook, we access the social network page, enter the login credentials for the site, press the arrow pointing down at the top right and finally click on Settings -> General.
Change your name on Facebook and add aliases and nicknames

We press on the Edit button next to the item Your name, so you can access the fields where you can change the name, middle name and surname.
As you can read in the change note, you can only change your name once every 60 days and it is not advisable to do this often if you do not want Facebook to suspect that we are using a bogus account or want to hide our identity by triggering checks. additional security (which also require an identity card to be removed).
If we want to add a nickname or a nickname by which everyone knows us, it is better to enter it in the field Other names, so as not to interfere with the first names and the royal surname.
In our guide to 15 Facebook tricks you should know, we also showed you how to delete the name and let only the surname remain.
To change the name of our personal Facebook page (i.e. the address with which we can be reached from a PC or from any browser) just press the button Modification next to the Username entry, in the same screen as seen above.
Change your name on Facebook and add aliases and nicknames

The username for the Facebook account must be available, otherwise we will not be able to use it for our purposes (in this regard it can help to add numbers to a name or use an abbreviation that uniquely identifies us, even from Google searches).
Any other name added will always be public and visible to all because for Facebook it must allow easier recognition. For another added name, you can choose the type (for example nickname, maiden name, first name, etc.) and if it should be visible in the profile, as a name in brackets.

How to change the name from an Android smartphone or tablet

As well as from a PC we can change or add another name from the Facebook app for Android, available for free for any smartphone or tablet with the green robot.
To make this change we open the app, log in, press on the three lines at the top right, scroll down, tap Settings and privacy, we press on Settings, let's get to the menu Personal information and finally we open the menu Your name.
Change your name on Facebook and add aliases and nicknames

From here we can change the names already entered but also add another name or a nickname, by pressing on the item at the top Add a nickname, first name or something else. This is the way we recommend you to follow to avoid losing access to your account due to unlikely names or exaggerated names, which will only result in the blocking of the account for fake information (which happens very often on Facebook , with the new privacy rules).

How to change the name from iPhone or iPad

Your iPad or iPhone the steps are largely identical to those already seen for Android devices: to change the name on Facebook we open the Facebook app, select the menu with the three lines at the bottom right, scroll down to find the menu Settings and privacy, we press on Settings, Then Personal information and finally on Your name.
Change your name on Facebook and add aliases and nicknames

Exactly as seen on Android we will be able to change the names and surname associated with the account (only in case of real need) but also add nicknames, nicknames or nicknames with which to be easily identified by people who know us.

We can't change our name: what to do?

When changing the main name, middle name or worse last name it is important to be careful not to do it often; there is indeed a 5 times limit for each account, after which it remains locked and the edit option will no longer be available.
In case you can no longer change your name we can change the name by accessing this page, writing the name we want to use and the reasons for this latest change and also upload a copy of the identity document; better to avoid reaching this scenario and leave the names and surnames as they are (except to correct errors made during registration).

However, there is no limit to the change of nicknames: it is therefore advisable to follow this path if we want to give a touch of personality to our account.


Changing your name on Facebook is like going to the municipality and asking for a change of identity: we must pay attention to the changes we apply, since we cannot give up the name and surname out of the blue, under penalty of loss of reliability for our account ( which could be reported as a bogus or fake account and closed for no reason).

In this regard, we invite you to read our guide If Facebook suspends the account, it asks for an identity card and blocks the profile.
If our account is blocked for this or any other reason or we notice suspicious activity on our account, we can take action by reading the suggestions proposed in our articles Facebook account disabled or blocked: how to unblock it e Avoid getting your Facebook password stolen and account theft.

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