How to Retrieve Facebook Email

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It's been a few days since you stopped using your Facebook account, then your friend told you that he posted the album from the last concert he attended on the social network and you immediately felt like logging back in. Too bad, however, that in the meantime you have forgotten the email address you used to subscribe to the service and therefore you can not login. Is everything lost? Never! If you give me a few minutes of your precious free time I can in fact explain how to retrieve your Facebook email.

I beg your pardon? You're not very tight in technological "stuff" and you're afraid you're not up to it? Come on, don't be a wimp. I know perfectly well that you're not a great expert on the subject but I can assure you that by following step by step the instructions I'm about to give you even a child would be able to access his account again. All you have to do is stick to a simple wizard proposed directly by Mark Zuckerberg to his users and you're done.

What? You are not interested in going back to your email address to access Facebook but you would like to know the email that your friends have provided as a public contact on the service. Well, I'm happy to tell you that it can be done, it's 100% legal and even easier! But now let's stop talking and get to work. I wish you a good read.

Retrieve Facebook email from computer

Let's start this guide dedicated to how to retrieve Facebook email trying to understand how to proceed from a computer. The steps you need to take are not complicated but I won't hide the fact that it takes a minimum of patience to complete the procedure.

We will also see how to proceed from smartphones and tablets, using the official social network app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Read on to learn more!

First method

Want to find out how to retrieve Facebook email by acting as a computer? Well, then connect to the main page of the social network by starting the web browser you usually use to surf the net, type in the address bar of the same and press the Enter button on the keyboard of your PC. Once you see the Facebook page to login, click on the link Don't remember how to access your account anymore? located in the top right corner.

On the page that you will be shown at this point, fill out the form that is proposed to you on screen, under the heading Enter your e-mail address or telephone number to search for your account. Enter your username (first and last name used on the social network) or your mobile phone number (if you have entered it in the social network details) and click on the Search button.

On the new web page that will open, locate your account among those in the list (if there is more than one) and then click on the button It's my account located on the side of the screen.

If you can't find your account in the list, press the I'm not on the list at the bottom right and then type in your friend's name on the social network to make it easier for Facebook to identify you. For more information about this, please refer to the appropriate section of the Facebook Help Center.

After you have found your account, take a look at the email indicated under How would you like to receive the code to reset your password? The email is partly covered by asterisks so it is not visible in its entirety but being your email address in this way you should still be able to remember how it is composed. If you can remember it, please try logging into your Facebook account by filling in the login fields at the top right and then click on Login.

Second method

If by doing so as I indicated in the previous lines you can't go back to the email address used to access the service, you can retrieve your Facebook email by clicking on the link You can't access it anymore? which is located at the bottom, then on the button I can't access my email and by filling in the fields on the screen by typing and confirming an alternative email address (or your phone number) to which you can have access to login to your account.

Now you need to get in touch with your trusted contacts by first clicking on Show my trusted contacts and then typing the name of one of them to view them on screen. Then ask them to visit, tell them to provide you with the code that is shown to them and enter it in the empty fields on the social network web page to retrieve the account you are viewing. Then press Continue.

After completing the security check, you will need to wait 24 hours to access your social account. The waiting period is an additional precaution to protect your account and its information. You will then receive a confirmation email with instructions to login to your profile at the email address specified above. Then open the message sent to you by the service (if you can't find it, take a look at your Spam folder) and follow the instructions contained in it to finally log in to the social network.

Proceeding in this way, however, it is good that you know, you will not be able to retrieve the email with which you previously registered to the social network (at least not immediately!) but you can still log into your account with the new address and avoid losing the ability to access it. Not bad, right?

Third method

Despite having followed the instructions I've just given you, have you not been able to see the screen where you are asked to get in touch with your trusted contacts? Most likely it's because when you had access to Facebook you didn't set them up. All is lost? Not yet!

To retrieve your Facebook email, you can also try asking your friends to visit your profile, click on the Information tab, then click on the Contact and Basic Information tab on the left, and then click on the email address next to Email. Of course, it may not be the email address you registered with on the social network but just another account to be contacted but, as they say, trying doesn't hurt. So, once you have obtained the information, try to access your account with the email provided and... cross your fingers!

Another way to get back to your Facebook email address is to take a look at the inbox of all your email accounts. Maybe among the various emails you receive there is also which Facebook email, indicating that that address has somehow had something to do with the social. Even then, you have nothing left to do but try logging into your profile with that email and see what happens.

Another system, definitely more extreme, is to get in touch with Facebook by sending an email to one of the addresses I've indicated in my guide on how to contact Facebook and providing your ID but... I can't assure you anything! The methods to get in touch with Facebook exist, it's true, but they have been designed for other circumstances (e.g. unjustified account blocking) so you may never receive a reply.

Retrieve Facebook email from smartphones and tablets

Interested in finding out how to retrieve Facebook email from your smartphone or tablet? Well, the procedure to follow is for better or worse the same as that view just now regarding the desktop version of the social network.

More precisely, if you use the Facebook app all you have to do is go to the device screen where all the apps are grouped together, tap on the Facebook icon (the blue one with the "f" printer in the middle") and then tap on Forgot Password? in the login screen that is shown, type your name in the search field and tap on the account corresponding to your profile among those in the list that is shown.

From this moment on, the steps you have to follow are exactly the same as those seen together in the previous lines, so you can easily follow the instructions I have already given you.

Keep in mind, however, that in the case of smartphones and tablets, Facebook access data is usually saved directly on the device, so even if you disconnect from the app you should always be able to access your account (even without entering your password!) simply by tapping on your profile photo that you are offered once the application is launched.

View the email of other users on Facebook

You are not interested in retrieving your email address that you use to login to the social network but simply want to know the contact email of some of your friends? Then do this: go to the Facebook home page, type the name of the friend you are interested in in in the search field at the top and click on the corresponding result. Then click on the Information tab and then on Contact and Basic Information.

You will then find the email address of your account under Email, under the heading Contact Information. In short, the procedure is pretty much the same as the one I indicated a little further up, with reference to the third method.

Of course, the email will be visible if your friend has chosen to make it so. If not, I'm sorry to tell you, but... there's nothing left for you to do but ask him or her for the information in person.

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