How to Get Facebook Chat

After carefully following the instructions contained in my Facebook registration tutorial: how to subscribe to Facebook, like many other users, you too have started to use the famous social network to stay in touch with friends, relatives, schoolmates and/or work colleagues. To communicate quickly with your acquaintances on the famous platform you are in fact used to using Facebook chat. However, if you are here right now, reading this guide, it is very likely that you are no longer able to find the conversations you are interested in and would like to understand how to retrieve them. If this is really your situation and if you are really looking for a solution, know that you have come to the right place, or rather the right guide. In the following lines I will show you everything you can do to retrieve Facebook chats.

Excuse me? You don't believe me? Well, know that you are wrong, retrieve Facebook chats is possible, and how! To be successful "in the enterprise" you have two different solutions. A first system consists of trying to search through archived conversations, while a second solution involves downloading a backup copy of all your data that you have shared on Facebook over time. Both solutions can be effective but, you should know, to be sure, a minimum of patience on your part is required.

Having clarified this, if you are really interested in finding out how to retrieve Facebook chat, I suggest you take some time off and focus on reading this guide. I am sure that in the end you will be more than satisfied and that at the first good opportunity you will also be ready to help all your friends who need similar advice.

Note: all the operations that I will show you below can be performed without any kind of problem and in the same way from both the desktop and mobile versions of the social network. In both cases, simply use your web browser.

Before telling you how to proceed to retrieve the Facebook chat, however, I invite you to log into your social network account, otherwise you will not be able to proceed. To do so, open your favorite browser, type in the address bar and then press the Enter key on your keyboard so that you can immediately connect to the main social network web page. Then type in your Facebook access data by filling in the appropriate fields on the screen and then click on the button with the word "Login". Now that you are logged into Facebook, identify the procedure that you think will do the best for you between the two below and follow the instructions.

How to Get Facebook Chat

Retrieve Facebook chats from stored conversationsIf

you want to figure out how to retrieve Facebook chats, the first thing I invite you to do is try to take a look at the stored conversations, whether they were stored intentionally or not. Stored conversations, in case you are wondering, are all those conversations made through social network chats that seem to have been deleted but which in reality were simply "stored" and therefore no longer appear in the main menu of social network messages but can always be reread and restored.

To try to retrieve Facebook chats from archived conversations, the first thing to do, after logging in to the social network, is to click on the comic icon at the top right and select the Show all attached to the box displayed on the screen.

How to Get Facebook Chat

Once this is done, press the Other item in the top left corner and select the Archived item from the menu that is shown. In this way you will see all the Facebook conversations that have been archived, that no longer appear in the main list of messages written or received on the social network and that therefore seem to be no longer available.

How to Get Facebook Chat

Now, to retrieve the Facebook chat by acting on the archived conversations, just bring the mouse cursor on the conversation of your interest attached to the left sidebar of the newly displayed screen and click on the Cancel archive button which represents a small upward arrow that is displayed at the bottom right, under the name of the other person or other people who participated in the chat. After clicking the button, the previously stored conversation will be moved to the main section of Facebook from where you usually view the messages exchanged with other users.

Obviously before retrieving the Facebook chat as I just indicated you can make sure that the conversation you are about to restore is actually the one you are interested in by pressing on it and taking a look at the attached chat history on the right side of the displayed screen.

As an alternative to the procedure I have just indicated you can retrieve the Facebook chat also by accessing the Archives section, pressing on the conversion you want to act on, bringing the mouse cursor on the icon representing a cogwheel located at the top of the screen, clicking on it and choosing the Cancel archive option from the menu that is displayed. Also in this case, once the storage is deleted, the conversation will be moved to the main section of Facebook from which the messages exchanged with other users are usually displayed.

How to Get Facebook Chat

Retrieve Facebook chat from backup copy

If the facebook chat recovery solution I have just suggested has not proved effective, you can try accessing conversations you have had on Facebook in the past from the backup copy of your account on the social network. A backup copy of your Facebook account allows you to always have access to information, photos, posts, messages exchanged with friends and everything you have chosen to make available on the popular social network. You can click here to access the Facebook Help Center's informative web page to see the complete list of data you can view by creating a backup copy of your social network account.

To try to recover Facebook chat from the backup copy of your account, the first thing to do, after logging in to the social network, is to press the down arrow icon at the top right of the blue platform bar and click on the Settings item attached to the menu that appears.

Then proceed by first clicking on Download a copy of your Facebook data attached to the General section of the left sidebar and then click on Start my archive. Then type your account password in the field that now appears on the screen, press the Enter button, then click Start my archive and finally click OK.

How to Get Facebook Chat

Once this is done, when the archive containing the copy of your Facebook data is ready, you will receive the link to download it directly by email, to the email address linked to your account on the social network. Please note that depending on the amount of data this may take more than one day.

Once you get a backup copy of your data you can finally intervene and then access the contents of the archive, consult it carefully and, consequently, retrieve the Facebook chat.

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