How to contact Facebook for blocked account

Preliminary information

How to contact Facebook for blocked account

Before explaining what are the steps to be taken to be able to contact Facebook for blocked account, it seems to me only right to make some clarifications regarding the condition in question. As I told you at the beginning, the reason why Facebook decides to prevent access to an account is due to violation of condizioni d'uso of the social network, reported in their entirety on this page.

In other words, a situation of this type occurs in all cases in which incorrect behavior is assumed. Among the main reasons that can push Facebook to block an account is the case of mentioning identity theft, the publication of violent or pornographic content, the use of a false name and contacts with other people for the purpose of harassment, advertising , promotion or other prohibited conduct.

As for the duration of the block, it can be temporary (therefore a few days, a few weeks or a few months) or, in the most serious cases, permanent bases (i.e. for life). This is entirely at the discretion of the Facebook team, depending on the exact reason that led to the block. In both cases, the reference user is notified of the decision made when he tries to access the social network (and the thing is denied him), through the appearance of a message specific, and when possible also by e-mail to the e-mail address linked to the profile.

However, it can happen that Facebook blocks For error access to an account. In such cases, you can contact the social network to try to unblock access to the profile or in any case to speed up the time required for the thing. Only in case of serious violations of community standards of Facebook, indicated on this page, it will not be possible to restore in any way, not even by soliciting Mark Zuckerberg and his team, the use of a blocked account.

Contact Facebook for blocked account

Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally get to the heart of the matter and then go and find out, in practice, what needs to be done to be able to get in touch with Facebook in the event of a blocked account. The operation, I anticipate it immediately, is feasible both from computer and from smartphones and tablets. Either way, you can either proceed by filling out a module (recommended method) that by sending a e-mail message to a dedicated address (alternative method).


How to contact Facebook for blocked account

If you want to unblock your Facebook account, first start the program you generally use to surf the Net from your PC or mobile device (eg. Chrome) and visit this web page, in order to access the module through which you can get in touch with the social network for your needs.

Next, fill in the field below the entry The login email address or phone number by typing in the e-mail address with which before blocking you logged in to Facebook or the telephone number associated with the account. Then fill in the field below the wording Your first and last name by typing inside, as you can guess, your name and surname, as they are indicated on the account.

Now, you need to worry about scanning and uploading yours valid identification document (is. the identity card). The file must be in JPG format, while there are no particular limits as regards the maximum size allowed. If you don't know how to scan, you can read my tutorial on how to scan a document to find out how to do it right away. The document, keep this in mind, will be stored securely for 30 days (after which it will be deleted) and will not be visible to any other user.

To have the document scan file delivered to Facebook, press the button Choose file that you find attached to the form, under the heading Your identity document, select the scan from your computer or from your mobile device (depending on the device you are using) and wait a few moments for the upload to be started and completed. Next, click the button Send.

Once this is done, your data will be immediately sent to Facebook and the social network will evaluate your case, so as to be able to establish whether it is possible to proceed with the unlocking of the account or not. You should receive a communication about it from the social network within a few days, try to be patient.

In case of other problems or doubts

How to contact Facebook for blocked account

Despite having followed my instructions on how to contact Facebook for a blocked account, have you not yet managed to "get a spider out of the hole"? Have you regained access to your account but are experiencing other problems? Has any other obstacle arisen during construction that you would like to be able to cope with? Don't worry, I can help you with that too.

Considering the circumstances, the best suggestion I can give you is without a doubt to rely on Service center of Facebook. To find the answer to your questions, open your browser, connect to the relevant home page and type the keyword related to your problem or doubt in the search bar at the top (eg. account blocked). You can also try to see if among the articles in the section Popular topics (located below) there is something relevant to your needs.

I also point out that the Facebook Help Center is also accessible through the social network application for Android e iOS. To access it from there, start the app and press the button with the three lines horizontally On the main Facebook screen, expand the menu Assistance and support present in the new screen that is shown to you and presses on the item Service center. Even in this case, you can perform a search by keyword, typing the reference in the bar at the top and you can search among the popular topics that you find further down, by scrolling the screen.

Also keep in mind that if your Facebook account is not blocked, then a specific message does not appear when you try to log in, but you still find login problems, it could be due to a momentary disservice, to the fact that you are using an incorrect password or, again, to "hitches" of another nature always relating to access. To learn more about the matter, you can consult this special page of the Facebook website. In this regard, I would like to point out that my guide dedicated to problems with Facebook and my tutorial focused specifically on how to restore Facebook could also help you.

How to contact Facebook for blocked account

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