How to have followers on Facebook

How to increase followers on Facebook

The procedures for increase the number of followers on Facebook, as for your own personal profile, include a whole series of rather simple tricks. Once they become part of your daily life (if applied rigorously and consistently) they will surely give the desired results; now I present them to you one by one.

Enable the Follow button

In order to have followers, you must first enable the button Follow: By doing so, you will give Facebook users the opportunity to follow yours public updates, without having to send you a friend request.

To do so from smartphone or tablet, you need to launch the official Facebook app for Android or iOS / iPadOS and, if you haven't already, log into your account. Now press the button , scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on the item first Settings and privacy and then on the voice Settings. From the screen that opened, choose the item Public posts and, from the section Who can follow me, put the check mark on the option All.

Now back to the screen Settings, click on the wording Privacy Settings; then, from the section How people find and contact you, press the item Who can send you friend requests. In the new page that opened, choose the privacy option Friends of friends.

In case you were using a computer, connected to the Facebook login page from your browser and, if you have not already done so, log in to your account. Then click the ▼ button, top right, and select the item Settings give the menu check if you press.

In the new page that is proposed to you, click on the item Public posts located in the left sidebar and, from the pane Filters and tools for public posts, scegli l'opzione All, near the wording Who can follow me.

From the left sidebar, select the option Privacy, then, from the box Privacy settings and tools, modify (if necessary) the setting concerning friend requests, choosing the wording Friends of friends. Finally, click on the link Modification near the wording Who can send you friend requests? and, from the following menu, choose the option Friends of friends. The game is done!

Write quality posts continuously

One of the "tricks" to increase the number of people who follow a profile is to post quality content with a certain continuity.

Regarding quantity, your hypothetical goal might be to keep four posts a day, well divided by hours, for example two in the morning, one in the afternoon e one in the evening. Of course, feel free to change this schedule as you see fit, but one thing is certain: if you just post content every now and then, you'll get poor results.

On the other hand, when it comes to quality, look for content first interesting (why not, even funny) and that, above all, the greatest number of interactions possible. In the case of multimedia files, try to post images o video that are not of low quality, grainy or not very relevant to your style; if you believe that they fall within your canons, occasionally also propose GIFs or witty memes, so that your friends and users who follow you can share them and give you visibility.

Then customize yours post with a comment, perhaps adding one call-to-action to invite readers to follow you or visit your website (for example, “Have you already visited my blog?”, or “Follow my updates on Facebook…”, etc.). Regularly create Stories and, when you can, post live videos, as they are widely appreciated types of content on this social network.

Remember to use simple, clear and concise sentences; Too long and detailed posts often risk boring rather than engaging. Focus on using a cordial and informal language, "decorating" your words with some emoji or delle emoticons, to let you know your moods; in this regard, you can also use colored writings.

I'll give you another piece of advice, really very important: never share fake news. Fake news is bitterly fought by Facebook policies; if you want to prevent people from stopping following you, or worse yet, pointing to you as a source of misinformation, always check the sources from which you draw content. Generally, the fake news comes from blogs or websites with "ambiguous" names, and carries exaggerated or sensationalist headlines. Make sure that content is confirmed by trusted sources, such as popular blogs and websites, news agencies or established national newspapers (although, alas, even the latter often fall into the trap of fake news, looking for easy clicks).

Interact with other users

It seems obvious, but it is not! L'interaction with other users is crucial for get more followers on Facebook. Of course, interacting doesn't just mean "like" (or one of the others reaction available) to a content, but implies the to comment actively the contents of others, trying to establish constructive conversations. In this way, other users will be more enticed to follow your profile.

In addition to the tactic of commenting on posts shared by other users, enrich your community by regularly using live videos and / or Stories: these are widely appreciated elements, which generally trigger even more the mechanisms of sharing and the progressive increase of followers. .

As a last point, I would like to suggest you to actively participate in Facebook groups relevant to your passions. First, you will find many interesting and enriching ideas for yourself; secondly, you can make yourself known much more easily to those who might be users interested in following you, by sharing themed posts within groups, commenting and reacting appropriately.

Avoid irritating behaviors

Have followers on Facebook it also means cultivating them with virtuous behavior: this means that you absolutely must avoid engaging in irritating behaviors. By this I mean that Facebook should not be used as an outlet for problems of any kind, for example by inveighing against a particular person or category of users (perhaps using bad or intimidating language).

You will not fail to meet the haters, or those who habitually try to incite hatred towards everything and everyone; however, managing this type of situation is part of being in a social network. Always reply with a polite but firm tone, avoiding replying with the same heated tones: in addition to being unpolite, you risk, moreover, the violation of the conditions of use of Facebook and the closure of the account.

Take care of the appearance of the profile

Another aspect that, undoubtedly, is essential to increase one's followers is take care of the appearance of the profile.

First, the choice of your own profile picture plays an essential role: try to privilege a photo in which you are smiling, cared for and with the right balance of colors and lights. A foreground with a neutral background, for example, can be a good starting point for presenting yourself in a professional way.

Hand in hand goes there profile cover: as a rule, it should be in line with your profile photo, i.e. present content that invites the user to find out more about you and your activities, then to become your follower. Use large, high-definition images with vibrant, bright colors; take advantage of the ability to center the image, experiment to see how it matches with your profile photo and change it from time to time.

Already finished, you say? But no! You must not neglect other elements of fundamental importance, which may be the profile information. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a user who is not your friend or your follower, but who intends to understand more about you: he will see your name, your image, your cover and most likely also the descriptive sections that you concern.

Then complete yours biography, in a synthetic and compelling tone; enter i details personal data that you deem most appropriate (depending on your degree of privacy), set featured content to visually explain your person, respecting the aforementioned criteria listed for photos. Add and edit the section too Gallery, perhaps dividing the images you upload to the social network by album.

Taking care of your Facebook profile includes all these aspects; surely it can be a good tactic update them frequently, as mentioned above regarding posts.

Promote yourself on other social networks

Yes, in order to have more followers on Facebook it can be extremely important to be active and promote yourself on other social networks! You will easily understand that presiding over multiple communication channels can prove to be of great support: in fact, the chances of making yourself known to a wider audience, perhaps not present in each of them, increase considerably. In this regard, I would like to point out my guides on how to increase followers on Twitter, how to increase followers on Instagram, how to subscribe on YouTube and how to have more followers on TikTok.

How to increase followers on Facebook page

If, on the other hand, your goal is to understand how to increase followers on a Facebook page, then you will find the following tips that I am about to give you very helpful. Now, try to focus your attention on the next content: you will see that you will surely find interesting ideas for the management of your page.

Enable the Follow button

If you've been careful, you will no doubt have noticed that there is a button Follow also on Facebook pages: in this case, however, its functionality differs from the equivalent button of the profile. Since the concept of "friendship" does not apply to the pages, the button "I like", by itself, it already works like the Follow button for profiles: consequently, the "Follow" button cannot be activated, but rather accompanies the "Like" button in a certain sense.

The moment a person puts "Like" to your Facebook page, the "Follow" button will be activated automatically; after clicking “Like”, the Follow button will be renamed to Page followed. By selecting it, the user can decide between a series of options, among which Stop following this page, and, from the paragraph In your news section, Between Show first, Default setting e Don't follow anymore; finally, from the paragraph Notifications, Yes (Featured post) e No nobody.

If instead such a user does not "like" to your Facebook page, you can still choose to follow the updates, in the manner specified above, by simply clicking on the button Follow.

Sponsor content

There are several possibilities for effectively sponsor content of a Facebook page: First, you can start considering i free methods. You can rely on your personal network of friends, inviting them to “like” the page, or you can promote it on other pages you manage, report it in groups with related interests or make it visible via other information channels at your disposal (social networks, websites, etc.).

On the other hand, regarding the modalities of paid sponsorship, Facebook proposes a remarkable variety of advertising products: you can make sure that your content is seen by people who are really interested in following your updates. Each ad proposed by Facebook, in addition to being highly customizable, offers the possibility of showing the option "I like" to users who will view it.

To learn more, I suggest you read my tutorials on how to sponsor on Facebook, how to promote an event on Facebook, how to advertise a product on Facebook and how to advertise a page on Facebook.

Other tips

In addition to the tips I have given you so far, I want to give you some other tips regarding the management of a Facebook page: in principle, I can tell you that the precautions already specified above are valid for the personal profiles. In particular, try to keep in mind the following guidelines regarding the posts to be published.

  • Posts must be short, linear e synthetic: opt for simplicity, sincerity and frankness. People appreciate those who answer their questions directly, without mincing words.
  • Write posts containing the "call to action", or the A kind request: use phrases that encourage users to interact, such as “do you want to find out more? Click on the link in the attachment ".
  • Talk about yourself and your passions, so you can increase the level of involvement of those who follow you, the degree of empathy and interactivity among your followers.
  • Write the posts in first person: tell yourself, explain how you live your day, use tools such as live videos or Stories. Demonstrating your human side, even before your business branch, will increase the level of interaction of other users towards you.
  • Use friendly language with your audience, take advantage of emoticons and emojis; keep in mind that you are writing on a somewhat conversational social network, where a confidential attitude can achieve much more than formal language.
  • Be inspirational, convey positive emotions. Avoid using inappropriate language, rather cultivate reflection and dialogue.
  • Express your views on trending topics. It can be a good starting point for engaging in new discussions with your users, especially if they are consistent with the topics covered by your Facebook page.
  • Limit the use of hashtags: we are not on Instagram (social networks where hashtags can give considerable visibility), so try to use them sparingly. On Facebook, hashtags are mainly intended to quickly understand the topic of your post or photo / video.
  • Use large images, with bright and gaudy colors. It aims to arouse emotions in users by using clear and delineated subjects.
How to have followers on Facebook

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