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Use hashtags on Facebook to label your posts

Let's start with how to use hashtags on Facebook in your posts (which obviously includes photos, videos and shared links). I've already mentioned it to you, all you have to do is type the word you want to use to categorize your post (e.g. the title of an event, the name of a company, etc.) by placing the symbol of the gate (#). So if for example you intend to post the sentence Today was a beautiful day at the beach! you could add the hashtag at the end of the latter #summer thus obtaining the post as the final result Today was a beautiful day at the beach! #summer indicating the fact that, despite not having explicitly written, it is summer and that, in fact, the type of day you spent is typically summer. Simple right?

Hashtags can be inserted in any number and at any point in the message, however I suggest you have some precautions. As for the number, I invite you not to enter a disproportionate amount of hashtags but only those that you consider actually relevant. Let's say that on average two or three hashtags are more than enough. As for the position, if your post is accompanied by a phrase of I suggest you type the hashtag you intend to use at the end of the same, as in the previous example. However, if in the sentence there is already a word that you intend to use as a hashtag, do not add it at the end but transform it into a "label" as I did in this example sentence: Hashtags can also be used on #Facebook!.

Now that you have much clearer ideas on where to place hashtags, there is another very important thing that you need to know and that it is good to take into account in order to use them at the mall: hashtags must be written without spaces. This means that if you want to create a hashtag consisting of multiple words, you don't have to type # Parola1 Parola2 ma # Parola1Parola2. Otherwise, a hashtag will be created only for the first term typed while the rest will be considered as normal message body.

Also keep in mind that hashtags can contain numbers, but not punctuation marks or special characters, such as the percent symbol (%) or that of the dollar ($). So, you can safely use such a hashtag # password1 while typing #Word% the second part of the hashtag, the one in which the percentage symbol is present, will not be recognized as such, eye!

Another golden rule that you would do well to keep in mind in order to use hashtags on Facebook at best is to avoid using hashtags invented on the spot or "non-sense" except for special occasions or for content that can become really "Viral": these are rarely indexed by social services, it is better to hook up to those already present to increase the likelihood of sharing on social networks.

Use hashtags on Facebook to search for posts

In addition to including them in your messages, you can use hashtags on Facebook to view all posts related to a particular topic. Hashtags, in fact, are automatically transformed into links and, if clicked, allow you to view a list of other people's posts in which they are contained. And here is the biggest difference from Twitter.

I would also like to point out that in addition to being able to view all the posts referring to a specific hashtag on Facebook as I have just indicated, you can search for the messages of your friends and the public ones of other users that contain a specific label using the search bar that is located in the blue bar at the top of the screen, the very one you use to search for names and pages!

To search for one or more posts referring to a specific hashtag as I have just indicated, click on the search bar located at the top of the social network, type the reference hashtag and then click on the item See all results for # Word1 which is placed at the bottom.

Once this is done, you will be shown a new page of the social network containing the results of the search performed. In the upper part of the same you will find the posts possibly published by your friends and referring to that specific hashtag while in the lower part you will find the public posts related to the topic. Using the sidebar located on the left you can refine your search results. For example, you can choose to view posts that contain the previously searched hashtag but were published only in a specific year or in a specific place.

Set the privacy level

Now that you finally have much clearer ideas about how to use hashtags on Facebook there is another thing I want to shed some light on and about which it is good that you know more: privacy.

If on the social network of the blue bird by selecting a hashtag it is possible to view all the messages containing the latter, regardless of who wrote them, on Facebook you can only see the posts of your friends or those who have set the privacy level on Public. Put simply, if you want your message containing a hashtag to be tracked even by those who are not friends on Facebook, you must post it as a public message and not as content intended only for friends.

To publish a post on Facebook as a public, just press the button located next to the button Public in the lower right part of the section dedicated to the insertion of new posts and select the item Public from the menu that is shown to you. Alternatively, you can change the privacy level of your posts by clicking on the padlock icon located in the upper part of the blue Facebook bar, by clicking on the item Who can see my things? and selecting the item from the drop-down menu that is shown to you All. For more details you can take a look at my guide on how to privatize Facebook.

However, keep in mind that by changing the privacy of Facebook as I indicated in the previous lines, the changes will not affect all posts but only and exclusively on future ones. Consequently, if you have already published a post on Facebook that contains one or more hashtags to be able to make it public you will have to proceed in a different way. In this case, you will have to press on the appropriate menu that you find next to the publication date of the same and select the item Publish. 

In this regard, I want to specify an important aspect that - probably - you are underestimating. Making public a post on Facebook that contains a specific hashtag is certainly essential to ensure that everyone can view it but keep in mind that it is a "double-edged sword". In fact, at the same time even non-friends and non-subscribers to the social network will be able to view what you have published. If you are particularly interested in preserving your privacy, I suggest you pay close attention to the choices you make about it!

It should also be emphasized that if you publish a post that contains hashtags through another service (eg Instagram, Twitter, etc.), these will be clickable and usable as a Facebook hashtag without any kind of limitation. Very convenient as a function.

Useful tools

Before leaving you free to use hashtags on Facebook as I explained to you in this guide, I want to point out a couple of Internet sites that could be useful for you to be able to find the trendiest labels, especially on an international scale, and therefore offer the best. visibility as well as vitality to your posts.

To find out which are the most popular hashtags of the moment, on Facebook and not, you can take advantage of the website Hashtagify, which shows what are the 30 most popular hashtags on social networks. The service is free and no registration is required to be used. Alternatively, you can contact Top Hashtag, an Internet site with almost the same functioning as the one I have just indicated.

How to use hashtags on Facebook

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