Best RTS strategy games for PC for free

If there is one type of game that works well on PCs it is the strategy games of the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre, where time is a key factor and where it is often played in multiplayer mode, with matches against other real players, where you play using the mouse for hours and hours. There are various types of war strategy games, sometimes turn-based, sometimes built as card games and other times with a free world to explore in which to grow and expand your skills as a commander. What still makes PCs superior to consoles today is precisely in this type of games, especially because in some cases they can be played for free and without spending a penny during the game. Below we see some of the best strategy games for PC strictly free not only to start, but also to play and win without paying and put your hands in your wallet.

RTS are a great way to pass your time on the PC, exercising the mind more than any other video game genre. RTS games require their players to put a lot of work and energy into winning, building bases, upgrading units, gathering resources, increasing and using them wisely, studying attack and warfare tactics like an experienced military general. The hardest part of all is that all of this has to be done with limited resources and in a limited amount of time. Players have no control over the pace of the game and the time available to them, so the more they are present, the better. The most rewarding part of playing RTS games is surely the moment when you defeat another player or the opposing team thanks to our best strategy.

Below, let's see the best free RTS strategy games for PC

1) Hearthstone
It was since the days of Texas Hold'Em that a card game had not gained so much popularity around the world. This Blizzard game currently has over 25 million people playing every month, with continued growth. The game is very similar to those collectible card games (like Magic), each with heroes, so as to form a deck of 30 cards to be used to beat opponents who will have heroes with different abilities. Hearthstone takes all the best elements of board card games and makes them digital with games actually related to chance, where usually the best wins and the one who has prepared a deck of cards with the most varied and strongest warriors.

2) league of legends
In 2012 I wrote about how League Of Legends was the most played game in the world. I don't know if it's still him today, but it sure is still a very popular game, with 110 million people playing every month, who can compete for free and without internal payments creating competitive advantages. In League of Legends two teams of five players fight on a battlefield to kill each other and to kill the neutral monsters present.

3) Starcraft II
Starcraft is one of the first real-time strategy games in history, preceded only by other famous titles such as Command and Conquer and Age of Empires. Starcraft 2 is still the king of the RTS genre today with perfect mechanics and an ever-evolving game thanks to patches and expansions. Starcraft II Arcade is a free version of the game full of fan-made, highly engaging and fun maps.

4) Stronghold Kingdoms
This is a game that mixes elements of Civilization V and Clash of Clans, with players having to develop their village so they can conquer other empires or defend themselves from enemy attacks. It starts with a small castle, some workers and few resources to be used to develop in order to enlarge the borders and expand its expansion. there are alliances between players to organize more targeted attacks and get some protection. Even if the graphics are a bit dated and even if the game is quite old (from 2012), it is still one of the best free strategy games.

5) Epic Arena
Epic Arena takes everything we love from the Heroes of Might and Magic series and merges it with Magic the Gathering, the collectible card game. This turn-based strategy game puts us face to face against our opponent and requires a certain intelligence and skill in positioning and moving the available soldiers who can be very different from each other: wizards, warriors, fast thieves and others. Upgrades and upgrades can be earned after each victory and even after defeats.

7) Spring: 1944 it is still under development and takes place in the Second World War. There are 4 sides (Great Britain, United States, Germany and USSR), with weapons and fighters drawn in a historically precise and accurate way. At the moment you can only play with German and British troops in a pure tactical war, in an absolutely realistic environment, with 3D graphics that immerse players in the war scenarios of the time.

8) Zero-K is a dynamic and more action game with the tactical component always in the foreground. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this game are the hundreds of units available that shape the tactical choices and the final outcome of the game.
Seen from above, in 3D, it seems to witness a real battle with numerous armies colliding with machine guns and bombs. Zero-K also requires paying attention to resources even if the economic simulation component has been lightened.

9) World of warships is the most beautiful naval war game, where you become the commander of one of the most powerful naval fleets in the history of world wars and you fight by arranging the various types of ships in a strategic way against the enemy. Players split into two teams on the battlefield and must find the ideal way to deliver a decisive blow to the enemy.

10 ) Dota 2 also deserves to be mentioned in this article as a strategic MMO game, with players divided into two teams that must try to destroy the opposing fortress. Dota 2 is one of the most played role-playing games in the world, with top-down battles where the strategic component and cooperation between players is key.

11 ) AirMech Strike is an amazing RTS strategy game, which stands out from the others for the fast action of the game where you drive a flying mech on the battlefield. In AirMech, players must control an aerial mech that can suddenly transform into a huge robot armed with a lightsaber and shield, guns and rockets. AirMech is a game where it is possible manage an army and, at the same time, fight in the air and on the ground into a jet that transforms like an autobot.

12 ) openra is the game for lovers of the great classics, a constantly updated open source strategy game that takes the model of the well-known Command & Conquer, one of the most popular and historical RTS strategy games.

13 ) Battle Of Wesnoth is a free open source strategy game, turn-based, free and with absolutely no internal payment system.

14 ) Unknown Horizons, an open source RTS game where you can build a city with the goal of founding and building a city on an island and developing the colony to earn money.

15 ) FreeCiv, the free clone of Civilization, one of the most popular strategy games of all time.

16 ) Twink is a sandbox similar to that of Minecraft which is clearly inspired. This is an open source game where you can freely build whatever you want.

17 ) MegaGlest is a real-time strategy game with great battles to be fought as you control an army of past civilizations.

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Best RTS strategy games for PC for free

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