How to contact Sky

Systems to contact Sky for those who are already customers

Have you already signed up for a Sky subscription and would like to understand how to contact the customer service of the famous Pay TV service? Then all you have to do is follow the instructions on the subject below.

Via telephone

How to contact Sky

If you want to contact Sky customer service via phone all you need to do is make a call to the number 199 100 400. So grab your phone, dial the number I just gave you and press the button to start the call.

Then follow the instructions of the recorded voice and wait a few moments, press the button corresponding to your needs and wait for an operator to answer you. At that point, you can explain what your problems and / or doubts are. Have yours on hand Sky customer code because most likely to help you solve your problems or to dispel all your doubts you will be asked for this information together with the personal details of the subscription holder.

You can contact the telephone customer service every day from 8.30 to 22.30. The service is subject to a fee. The maximum cost of a call from a landline phone with no connection charges is 15 cents / min. (VAT included). For cell phone calls, the costs refer to the operator of the SIM in use.

Through chat

How to contact Sky

As I told you, you can also contact Sky via the Web, for example via chat. How you do it? Simple! Visit the appropriate page of the official Sky website, click on the link Chat with Sky at the bottom, select your request using the drop-down menu next to the item Select the most frequent requests, specify the details using the menu located under the writing Choose the details related to your need e pigia his Log in with your Sky iD to chat located in correspondence of the box Enter Chat.

In the sidebar that you will see appear at this point, enter the login data relating to your Sky iD and click on the button Log in. Don't have a Sky iD yet? Fix it now by clicking the button Not registered? Create your Sky iD now that is shown to you in the right bar and fill in the form displayed with all the required data.

Once logged in, you can finally get in touch with a Sky operator through the appropriate conversation window that you will see appear on the screen.

Sky chat customer support is active every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 22:00. The service is completely free.

By mail

How to contact Sky

Didn't the above contact solutions appeal to you in a particular way? Would you prefer to rely on the much more "traditional" e-mail. Then visit the appropriate Web page always attached to the official Internal Sky site, select your request via the drop-down menu that you find in correspondence with the item Select the most frequent requests, specify the details via the menu under the heading Choose the details related to your need e pigia his Write to us now> that you find in correspondence with the box Send an email.

At the bottom of the page you will therefore see a new box appear. Type in your Sky iD and the relative password in the appropriate fields on the screen (if you do not already have a Sky account you can create one on the fly by following the instructions I have given you in the previous lines), click on the button with the freccia rivolta verse destra that you find next to it and fill out the form to send the e-mail message that you will subsequently view, indicating in detail what are your doubts and / or your problems regarding Sky.


How to contact Sky

Yes, you can also contact Sky via SMS, a bit like if you were writing to a friend. It is undoubtedly the most practical and immediate solution for what concerns the info about the payments made, to be able to change the payment method as well as to know the amounts due to Sky. To contact Sky customer service via SMS, all you have to do is start composing a new message on your smartphone, address it to the number 39 39 100 400 and type your request and your customer code in the field dedicated to entering the text.

Then stop on the button to send the message. When Sky reads the SMS you will receive an answer, again by message and on your mobile number.

In most cases, the answer is provided within a couple of hours at the most, provided of course that the service is active at that given moment. Sky assistance via SMS is in fact operational every day but only in the time slot that goes from 8:30 to 22:30. Regarding the cost issue, however, you only have to pay for sending the SMS based on what is established by the individual operators.

In person

How to contact Sky

If you prefer, you can also get in touch with Sky in person by going to one of the many Sky Service present in the area and asking the sales person to help you solve your problems or in any case to dispel your doubts.

If you do not know where the closest Sky Service is to your area, you can connect to the appropriate web page attached to the Sky website, type your address in the field at the top, select the most relevant suggestion among those offered to you and click the button Search side post.

At this point, you will be shown a map on the left with the placeholders of the various Sky centers present for the reference area and on the right the complete list of the same. If you want, you can further refine your search using the appropriate filters at the top. Depending on your needs, you can select or deselect one or more of the following options: Return decoder, Sky Service space, Technical Support, Support condomainsums, commercial support e TIM-Sky installation support.

To receive more info about a specific Sky Service, select the relevant pin on the map or click on the name of the store on the right side of the page. You will be shown the address, telephone number, opening hours and days as well as the type of services offered. There is also a button to contact the chosen center via e-mail and a field to fill in to obtain detailed driving directions

Systems to contact Sky for those who are not yet customers

How to contact Sky

You would like to get in touch with Sky but you are not a customer yet? No problem, I have a solution for that too. Connect to the Internet page of the Sky site dedicated to those who want to subscribe, locate the box Do you want to discover the Sky world and the right offer for you? which is on the right and fill in the fields below by typing your name, your surname and your phone number.

Successively pigia sul bottone Call me now which is below and in a short time you will be contacted by Sky customer service who will provide you with all the necessary explanations regarding current offers, subscriptions and so on.

If you do not have to subscribe to any offer but have simple curiosities about the famous pay TV and its operation, you can also visit the home page of the section Quick of the Sky website through which you can consult all the most frequent questions about the service offered and the relative quick answers.

To use it, just enter the keyword relating to the topic you are interested in knowing more about in the search bar in the center and select one of the suggestions that are proposed to you or one of the available links that you find attached to the section Quick Links in the menu that is shown to you. You can also type in a given keyword and click on the button in the shape of magnifying glass located on the right.

You will then be sent back to the page with all the results referring to the research carried out. So select the one you think may be most interesting for you.

You can also access specific thematic areas, based on your needs, by selecting the links attached to the boxes You know, Manage e Solve placed at the top.

Finally, I would like to point out that on the home page of the section Quick of the Sky site are also indicated those that are the most consulted topics. They are grouped in the appropriate section at the bottom. If you find something that might interest you too, click on the relevant link to find out more.

How to contact Sky

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