Facebook history: how to view and retrieve all activities

Facebook history: how to view and retrieve all activities
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How to recover deleted search history on Facebook

The moment you decide to delete the history of all activities carried out on Facebook it is no longer possible to go back. In fact, there is currently no software or program available that can restore the lost history.

If you are using the PC you can still see the history that was removed via the browser history.

If, on the other hand, we have an urgent need to go and consult some activities we have carried out on our Facebook account from a smartphone, then the only option we have available is to download your personal information from the social network site.

Download a copy of your data on Facebook

You can have a copy of your information by downloading the appropriate data from the Facebook server:

  • Click on the small arrow pointing down
  • Select "Settings and privacy"> "Settings"
  • click "Your information on Facebook"> "View"
  • Select the data you want to download
  • To confirm the download request click on "Create the file"

If, on the other hand, you are carrying out this operation using the classic version of Facebook, after clicking on “Create file” you have to wait for the notification confirming that the data download is ready. Consequently, one must:

  • Access the section "Available files"
  • click "Download your information"
  • Confirm the operation by clicking on "Download"

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How to clear Facebook history

If we want to do some cleaning, or we need to delete the list of searches made on our Facebook account, then we must delete the history of the activities we have carried out while using the popular social network.

Doing this is very simple and it only takes a few steps to eliminate all our traces. Below are the steps that must be taken, from PC and smartphone:

Delete the search list from computer

If the PC is the primary means by which we log into Facebook, then for delete the history it is necessary to proceed in the following way:

  • From your profile, log in to "Search bar"
  • From the Menu, choose the item "Edit"
  • To clear a single search, click on the prohibition icon, then choose "Remove"
  • To delete all entries, select "Clear searches"
  • Confirm with "Remove search"

Or, you can try the following alternative method:

  • From your profile, click on the small arrow pointing down
  • From the menu, select items "Settings and Privacy"> "Activity log"
  • Proceed with "More"> "Search"
  • To delete activities, proceed as indicated above

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Delete the list of searches from smartphone

Instead, if our favorite device is a mobile phone, then the steps to follow are:

  • From your profile, go to the search bar and select "Edit"
  • To delete a single entry, tap on "X"
  • To delete all history, click on "Clear searches"
  • Conclude the operation with "Confirmation"

Or, you can also proceed as follows:

  • From Android, press the "≡" button and choose "Activity log"
  • From iOS device, press the "≡" button and proceed with "Settings"> "Activity log"
  • From a Windows phone, press the "≡" button and continue with "Settings"> "Privacy settings"> "Activity log"

To clear the history, continue as above.

The popular social network with the blue icon has a great variety of functions that allow the user to manage their account in total freedom and flexibility.

As it can be challenging to remember all the activities that take place online, keep the little ones in mind steps above could make our Facebook experience even more enjoyable.

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