How to contact TripAdvisor

Service center

How to contact TripAdvisor

Before explaining and explaining the systems you have at your disposal to contact TripAdvisor, I would like to inform you of the existence of the Service center. Rhymes aside, it is essentially that area of ​​the site where you can find a whole series of ready-made answers to the most common questions that users usually ask themselves.

You can therefore try to take a look at all the various questions answered below in order to obtain the desired information without having to wait any longer and without having to personally get in touch with TripAdvisor, if your doubt or problem already has one. solution and was present on the site, of course.

If this interests you, you can therefore use the TripAdvisor Help Center by connecting to its main page, then expanding the various sections that you find below and selecting the topic or question of your interest from those attached to the menu that appears.

If among the various topics and the various questions you see appear there is nothing that you believe can satisfy your requests, use the bar located in the center of the screen to carry out a targeted search relating to your problem or doubt. Then type the reference keywords and select one of the relevant suggestions (if available) among those you see appear or press directly on the button Search placed on the side and then select the reference topic or question (always if available).

On the page containing the explanation relating to the chosen topic or the answer to the selected question, you will also find any related topics that may be useful for you to know and in some cases also the appropriate links through which you can directly carry out specific operations. If you think that the explanations obtained have been useful to you, you can also express your opinion on it using the appropriate button (Like e Dislike) found at the bottom of the page.

I also point out that if you use the official TripAdvisor app on your smartphone or your Android tablet or on iOS, you can also access the Help Center directly from there. Just start the application, log in with your TripAdvisor account, select the tab Io which is at the bottom right, tap on the item Service center and proceed as I indicated in the previous lines.

General support

How to contact TripAdvisor

If you are not able to find anything that can satisfy whatever your needs are looking for among the questions with a prompt answer present in the Help Center of the famous site, then I suggest you take the real action by contacting TripAdvisor via the general support of the same. In this way, you can get in direct contact with a TripAdvisor operator who will dispel your doubts and solve your problems in the shortest possible time.

To do this, connected to the main page of the general support of the site, log in to your TripAdvisor account by filling in the fields on the right (or if you are not yet registered, proceed immediately by selecting one of the appropriate options on the left) and click on the reference topic choosing between My Account, Report a facility / activity or General site questions that you find under the heading What is this?.

Using the drop-down menu you see appearing below, select the question you want to ask and then use the other drop-down menu that appears (if available) to indicate which action you want to take. Then fill in the appropriate box that you find next to the wording * Comments: indicating in detail the reasons that are pushing you to want to contact TripAdvisor and then click on the button Send which is at the bottom, on the right, to forward your request.

Once this is done, the TripAdvisor team will review the data and will contact you within a maximum of 5 business days, only some requests, such as notifications on change of ownership or updates of accommodation categories, require longer processing times.

The response from the TripAdvisor team will be notified to you via email (the one you used to register for the service) but you can always and in any case keep an eye on the progress of your request by connecting to the ticket section of the site. In case of further questions you will be contacted always by email.


How to contact TripAdvisor

Another excellent system you can use to contact TripAdvisor as well as other users who, like you, use the famous portal, is to take advantage of the Technical Support Travel Forum which is official and in which the TripAdvisor assistance provides direct answers together with those of other users of the site.

To serve, connected to the relevant main page and click on the button Open a new topic to ask your question on the forum. On the page that will subsequently open you will have to fill in the field next to it under the item Subject typing a title and the one under the heading Leave us a message with your message. Then click on the button Confirmation and it's done. At this point, there is nothing left to do but wait for the answers which, you will see, will not be long in coming.

In addition to what I have just indicated, TripAdvisor can also count on Travel Forums Help us get the best TripAdvisor! which technical assistance does not take part in but which you can still use to compare yourself with other users. To access it, connect to its main page and ask your questions following the same instructions as above, the procedure to be implemented is practically the same.

I also advise you to take a look at the various discussion topics already open by scrolling through those that you find in the center of the page and on the right. Maybe you can find us some information that is useful to you or, even better, you can take part by entering your speech after clicking on the button Reply.


How to contact TripAdvisor

Do you prefer to contact TripAdvisor via social networks? It can be done, just use Facebook, eg. You ask me how? I'll explain it to you right away, it is a very simple operation that can be carried out both from a computer and from smartphones and tablets.

To begin with, connect to the official TripAdvisor fanpage on Facebook and if necessary log in to your account on the social network. Then click / step on the button Send a message / Message which is high up.

In the chat window that you will later see, type your message, send it by pressing the key Submit on the keyboard (from a computer) or the one with thepaper airplane (from mobile) and wait for the TripAdvisor team to get back to you, it shouldn't take long.


How to contact TripAdvisor

You don't use Facebook but Twitter? No problem, TripAdvisor also has an official account on the world's most popular microblogging service. How is it done? It's that easy.

First, connect to the social network with your account and then start composing a new tweet by placing it in front of it @TripAdvisorIT, or the official TripAdvisor account located in city. Alternatively, connected to the TripAdvisor account page, press the button Send tweets that you find on the right if you are using the computer or stop on the symbol of pen if you are using your smartphone or tablet, type your message and click / tap the button Tweet to send it.

In the body of the message, you must briefly indicate the reasons that are pushing you to contact TripAdvisor. Then press the button Tweet to send it and wait for TripAdvisor to reply. Keep in mind that the message is public, so I suggest you do not enter sensitive data in order to avoid any problems.

If you prefer, you can also send direct messages so that you can possibly initiate the conversation via DM, therefore privately, and provide any further information that you will be asked for. To do this, go to your TripAdvisor account page and then click on the button Message that on the left if you are acting as a computer or on the symbol Envelope placed at the top if you are acting as a mobile.

Then type the body of the message in the appropriate field that you see appear below and click on the button Send if you are using the computer or stop on thepaper airplane if you are using the Twitter app on a smartphone or tablet.

Other ways to contact TripAdvisor

How to contact TripAdvisor

Do you belong to the tourism sector or to the press? Do you own a hotel, restaurant or other attraction? If so, you have other means in your favor to get in touch with TripAdvisor.

For example, you can directly use the telephone contact, the appropriate email addresses and the dedicated contact forms. To find out all the tools you have at your disposal and for more info, visit the specific page relating to general contacts always attached to the official TripAdvisor website.

How to contact TripAdvisor

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