Best online agendas and calendars for deadlines and appointments

Making appointments and writing down the deadlines on an online calendar or an agenda app can be extremely convenient, without having the problem of lack of space in case we have more appointments in the same day, with the ability to find appointments immediately or the deadlines marked on a particular day. Precisely to meet the most diverse needs in the workplace (and not), in this article we want to examine the best services for online calendars and agendas with which it is possible to organize commitments and appointments electronically, simply and immediately. All the sites that we will recommend, among which the best known is Google Calendar but of which we will also see the best alternatives) have the cloud synchronization, so you can save any appointment or deadline without fear of losing it, with the possibility of viewing these calendars even from a smartphone or tablet.
An Internet diary stores data and makes it available to the user from any computer or device used, even ready to be printed. Obviously, the privacy of what is written is ensured and there is the possibility to share your agenda with whoever you want or to keep it absolutely private.

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1) Google Calendar

Google offers one of the best online calendars we can use for cadences and appointments, and it's completely free!
Google Calendar offers a simple and immediate interface with various types of views (daily, weekly and monthly), allows you to immediately view all  holidays, to color some days or some appointments to highlight them, to activate alarms and synchronized reminders with Google accounts and to install add-ons, useful for sharing appointments with work colleagues via meeting platforms.
If we want to check deadlines and appointments from our smartphone or tablet, just download the free Google Calendar app for Android and iOS; if you have an Android device, the calendar may already be synchronized with the service, especially if we are logged in with a Google account.
Definitely one of the best online calendars that we can use at work, but simple enough to be used at home as well.

2) Microsoft Outlook

The famous Microsoft mail client, integrated in all Office suites, also allows you to manage an online calendar for appointments and to regularly check deadlines.
It is currently one of the best calendars for the workplace, because synchronized with Skype, Office programs, the OneDrive cloud and contacts saved in the address book, it offers the possibility to create new calendars for different types of tasks and to highlight the most important appointments. with colored sticks.
In addition to access via the online site, we can use the calendar by downloading Microsoft Outlook on the PC or using the free Outlook apps for Android and iOS.
An active Office license is required to use the PC program, while no license is required to use the apps or the online site.

3) Zoho Calendar

If we are looking for a purely online calendar to manage appointments and daily commitments, we can rely on Zoho Calendar.
In a simple and immediate way we can add all the desired appointments, with ample customization possibilities (adding the place, a reminder, an alarm clock or setting recurring appointments).
Zoho Calendar apps can be downloaded from here -> Zoho Calendar for Android and Zoho Calendar for iOS.
Even if the site is in English, using this online calendar will make happy those looking for a real alternative to the most popular calendars made available by Google and Microsoft.

4) Cozi Family Organizer

If we want to organize every appointment or activity of our family, we can rely on Cozi Family Organizer.
This service, which works mainly via an app for mobile devices, offers the possibility of inserting numerous events and appointments in a really nice interface, with the possibility of assigning a specific color to each member of the family and bringing them all together in a single calendar.
By assigning an account access for each person in the family, everyone will be able to add events and appointments to the family calendar (even if only parents can delete them).
The apps for the service can be downloaded for free from here -> Cozi Family Organizer for Android and Cozi Family Organizer for iOS.
Really a well done service for those who want to manage an online calendar for the whole family.

5) 30 Boxes

30 Boxes is an online service that embodies the advantages of the online calendar with the benefits of shopping lists (the famous To-Do Lists), so you can easily organize events and remove the activities carried out with a single touch of mouse.
The calendar interface is quite stylized, but there is everything you need to be able to manage deadlines and appointments divided by day, week or month.

6) WhichTime

If we are looking for a free and colorful online calendar, we can take a look at WhichTime.
With this online service we will have a calendar to fill in, with the possibility of assigning a color for each activity, also dividing them into categories.
A simple service for those who do not want to use the products recommended so far and are looking for a free alternative, immediate to use and with a sure impact.

7) Others

Similar to online calendars, we can also try web services to create TO-DO List or to-do reminders, to be used to create shopping lists, mark appointments and commitments to then receive alarms or alerts, via email or SMS.
Among these is the very easy to use Google Tasks service, integrated in Gmail and also available as an app for smartphones.

Speaking of apps, in another article we saw the Best Agenda, Appointments and Reminders App for iPhone and Android

As an alternative to online agendas, we can use programs to display a calendar with to-do lists and appointment reminders on the desktop, which are superimposed on the desktop and allow immediate access to the appointment list.

Best online agendas and calendars for deadlines and appointments

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