How to use PS3 joystick on PC

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What do you need?

If you want to use PS3 joystick on PC the first thing you need to do is to get a PlayStation 3 controller. If you already have a PS3 the problem is not there, you can unplug the controller from there and put it within reach right next to your computer. If, on the other hand, you don't have the Sony home console, you can buy a joystick for PS3 by going to any electronics store or online, perhaps on Amazon.

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To use PS3 joysticks on PC you also need the dedicated joystick USB charging cable. Again, if you don't already have one you can find it by going to an electronics store or on Amazon or through other e-commerce websites. The price is quite low (about ten euros) but it clearly varies according to the brand and the length of the product.

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Once you have found the controller and the cable, in order to use PS3 joysticks on PC you will need to download and install the software on your computer MotioninJoy. This is a free program thanks to which it is possible to use the controllers of the most popular video game consoles directly from the computer. In short, just what you need! To download MotioninJoy on your computer click here in order to connect to the program download website. Then press the button Download MotioninJoyApplication and wait for the software download to start automatically and complete.

How to install MotionJoy

Now that you have downloaded the MotionJoy software on your computer, you can move on to the next step: install the program. To do this, extract the archive ZIP that has been downloaded to your PC and then double-click on the .exe present within the same.

Continue by clicking on the button Run attached to the displayed window and then on Si then click the button Next> four consecutive times, then on install and to conclude on Finish.

Wait a few moments for the program window to be visible on the desktop and then presses on the item Driver Manager at the top and click the button Si present in the new window displayed.

Please note: In some cases MotionJoy can create some problems on the computer on which it is installed. Following the installation of the useful drivers to be able to use PS3 joysticks on PC through MotionJoy some users have in fact reported the onset of problems related to the use of Bluetooth and external hard drives. To deal with this you may need to format your computer. Then don't tell me I didn't warn you!

How to set up and use MotionJoy

Now grab your PS3 joystick and connect it to your computer using the USB search cable. Note that you need to connect the smaller end of the cable to the controller and the larger end to any USB port on your PC.

Now wait for the computer to emit the classic sound that notifies the fact that a new device has been connected, then take a look at the MotionJoy window and wait for the item Hardware Location an inscription like this appears Port_ # 0004.Hub_ # 0001. Then check the box located on the side and press the button Load driver.

Then wait a few moments for all the correct drivers to be installed to be able to use PS3 joysticks on PC then click on the writing Profiles present in the upper part of the program window. Make sure under the heading Connected game controller the name of your joytick is present, for example Dualshock 3 / sixaxis (USB), then put the check mark next to the item Playstation 3 e pulsing sul pulsating Enable to confirm that all settings have been applied.

Done! Following my directions you have just managed to connect and correctly configure the console controller to the computer. Now to use PS3 joystick on PC there is nothing left to do but start any game installed on your computer.

Before you can start enjoying all your favorite video games, however, there is one thing you may need to take into account: most games are able to automatically recognize the joystick controls and therefore there is no need to perform further operations to being able to use them while others cannot recognize the controls automatically. In that case, you need to assign the joystick controls to your liking.

To do this, simply click on the item => Options present next to the wording Playstation 3 in the section Profiles in the MotionJoy window, move the mouse cursor over the command you wish to act on and indicate the joytick button to which you want to match that particular command from the section Dxinput. After making all the changes, remember to click the button Save Changes to save all changes.

In case you were wondering, I would also like to remind you that all the procedure I have indicated to you to be able to use PS3 joysticks on PC will not have to be performed every time you want to use the PlayStation controller to play on the computer. The procedure in question must in fact be carried out only and exclusively the first time. So, all the other times you want to use PS3 joysticks on PC you simply open the MotioninJoy program and press the button Enable present nella sezione Profiles attached to the software window.

How to use PS3 joystick on Mac

Instead of using PS3 joysticks on PC, would you like to be able to connect the controller of the famous Sony home console to your Mac? Well, I don't see the problem ... you can do this too and, I'll tell you more, the procedure to put into practice is even simpler than the one seen in the previous lines for the PC! Now I'll explain everything.

First make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your Mac. To do this, click on the icon Bluetooth attached in the upper right part of the menu bar and check that the wording is present Bluetooth: active in the menu that is shown to you. Otherwise, click on the appropriate item to immediately activate its use. However, by default Bluetooth is always on.

Then proceed by connecting the PS3 joystick to a free USB socket on the Mac using the appropriate charging cable. Keep the console controller connected to the Mac for a few moments, then unplug the cable and hold down the button with the PlayStation logo present on the controller for at least three seconds.

If everything went well, you will also see it appear among the devices associated with your Mac PLAYSTATION (R) 3 Controller. At this point, you can therefore start using the controller to play your favorite titles on Mac. If you do not see the controller appearing among the devices associated with the Mac, try performing the procedure just seen together from the beginning. It can happen, not always everything succeeds "at the first try". Obviously, the connection procedure just seen together should only be performed the first time.

Finally, I would like to point out that although the PS3 joystick is compatible with most games on Mac and is automatically recognized by the system, the configuration of the keys is not always possible and can vary from game to game. If this is a problem for you, you can turn to using the application GamePad Companion what it costs 7,99 € and which you can purchase and download directly from the Mac App Store by clicking here.

How to use PS3 joystick on PC

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