How to use the Epson printer scanner

Preliminary operation

How to use the Epson printer scanner

Before explaining, in detail, like use the Epson printer scanner, there are some preliminary operations that you must necessarily perform in order to be sure that the operation is successful.

In case you haven't already done so, first connect your printer to thepower supply and to put it into operation by pressing on the relative power button (usually located on the front of the appliance).

Next, connect the printer to the computer, through Wi-Fi or through cable, depending on the type of connectivity supported and what your preferences and needs are, following the instructions on what to do that I have provided in the guide on how to install an Epson printer.

After installation, make sure that the driver to use the printer and its scanner, following the instructions on what to do that I gave you in my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

Use the scanner from the Epson printer

How to use the Epson printer scanner

Having completed the preliminary steps above, we can move on to the actual action. So if you have an Epson branded multifunction printer equipped with LCD display and you want to understand how to use the relevant scanner, first lift the cover of the latter and place under the document you want to digitize. Then, lower the lid again.

Once this is done, use the physical keys with the directional arrows located on the front of the printer to select the option Scan on the display and press the button OK to confirm the choice made and access the relative menu.

At this point, choose (always using the directional arrows and then the key OK) if you want to save the scanned document on a memory card possibly inserted in the printer, on one of the services of Cloud Storage supported or on the computer and select, based on the choice made previously, the reference memory card, the cloud service or the target computer.

Finally, start the scanning procedure by clicking on button with the rhombus and the vertical line in the center. Once the scan is complete, the scanned document will be saved, again on the basis of the choice made previously, on the external storage medium, on the cloud or on the computer. It was easy, wasn't it?

Use the Epson printer scanner from Windows

How to use the Epson printer scanner

If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to use the Epson printer scanner by acting as Windows, the first thing you need to do is to start the program Fax and scanner pre-installed on Microsoft operating systems. Through the latter, as can be understood from the same name, it is in fact possible to acquire documents in digital format using the multifunction printer or scanner connected to the PC.

So, go to the Start menu by clicking on the relevant button (I cheer with the pennant of Windows that you find on the taskbar), search within it for the aforementioned application and click on the relevant suggestion. In the window that you see appear on the desktop at this point, click on the button New digitization located at the top left.

Now, lift the cover of the scanner attached to the Epson printer, place the document you want to scan under the latter and then lower it again. So make sure that, in the new window that will now open on your computer, in correspondence with the section Scanner, your Epson printer is present: if not, click on the relevant button Change, select your multifunctional Epson printer from the additional window that opens and press the button OK.

Therefore, set the others as you see fit available settings and options (profile, power, color format, etc.), adjust the resolution using the field Resolution and choose in which format you want to save the file once scanned via the drop-down menu File type. Next, click on the button Preview, to preview the document to be scanned.

Finally, adjust the selection rectangle present on the preview of the document to make sure you select only the parts of the document that interest you and click on the button Digitize, in order to proceed with the actual scan and save the file on your computer. Once the scan is complete, you will find the scanned document in the folder Documents> Scanned documents of Windows.

If it is your intention to scan documents into editable text files, you need to take advantage of the technology OCR (optical character recognition) which allows, in fact, to detect the characters present in documents scanned by the scanner and translate them into selectable texts, such as those of Word. There are many OCR programs you can turn to: take a look at my guide on this to find out the most valid ones.

Use the Epson printer scanner from macOS

How to use the Epson printer scanner

Stai using MacOS and would you like to understand how to use Epson printer scanner? No sooner said than done. To begin with, launch the application Image acquisition available “standard” on all Apple-branded computers, useful for scanning photos and documents using scanners, multifunction printers, cameras, smartphones and other devices connected to the computer.

To call up the application in question, click on its icon (Quella with the camera and photos) found in the folder Other of Launchpad. Alternatively, use Spotlight, Crab or, again, the folder Applications say macOS.

At this point, lift the cover scanner, place the document you want to scan underneath it and then lower it again. In the Image Capture window that has appeared on the desktop, select the your printer Epson from the menu on the left and presses the button Show details located at the bottom right. Then press the button Preview (bottom right) to preview the document you want to scan.

Next, adjust the size of the document by drawing a selection rectangle on the preview that just appeared, then define its characteristics (type of scan, output folder, name of the scanned document, etc.) using the items and drop-down menus on the right. Also set the resolution, using the drop-down menu Resolution, and the format, using the drop-down menu Size.

To conclude, click on the button Scan located at the bottom right and wait for the scanning procedure to be completed. When the process is complete, another window will appear on the desktop with the name of the document just processed: by clicking on the relative button with the magnifying glass you can access it on the fly.

If you want to get editable text files, you have to take advantage of technology OCR (optical character recognition) turning to the OCR programs I told you about in my dedicated tutorial.

Use the Epson printer scanner from Android and iOS

How to use the Epson printer scanner

As anticipated at the opening of the post, you can use the Epson printer scanner also by acting as a smartphone and tablet. To do this, you need the application Epson iPrint, Available for Android e iOS, thanks to which it is possible, in fact, to manage the printers of the Japanese company and the related printing and scanning processes on the move.

To use it for your purpose, first download the app on your device linked to the relevant section of the Play Store (on Android) and of App Store (on iOS), using the links I gave you just now. Then press on Ottieni / Installa that you view on screen and, if necessary, verify your identity. Then, go to the screen of your device where you find all the apps grouped and start Epson iPrint by pressing on the relative icon (Quella with the printer and the blue background).

Once the main screen of the app is displayed, if it has automatically detected your printer, you will be shown the device name in menu up. If so, you can go directly to reading the next paragraph. If not, press on the aforementioned menu, on the item Printer and selects the your printer, choosing whether to look for it on the local network, if to insert theIP manually or whether to search for it from remote, after selecting the tabs at the top of the screen.

Now, lift the cover the scanner of your Epson multifunction printer, place the document you want to scan under it and then lower it again. Once this is done, press the button Scanner attached to the app screen and then tap the button Scan located at the bottom right. Wait, therefore, for the document to be digitized and for the relative preview to be visible on the display of your smartphone or tablet, then use the indicators at the top left and bottom right to select the latter correctly and adjust its dimensions.

Then press the buttons at the bottom left to choose whether save the scan on device or on one of the cloud storage service supported, if send the whole by email or, even if print the document.

If before starting the scan you want to set the scanner operation differently (the scan size, resolution, brightness, etc.), I would like to point out that you can do this by pressing thegear located at the top right of the screen visible after tapping the button Scanner.

If you want to extract the text from your scans, you can rely on apps that allow you to capture documents directly from the camera of your smartphone or tablet, like the ones I reported to you in this post.

In case of dubbi or problem

How to use the Epson printer scanner

Have you followed all my instructions on how to use the Epson printer scanner but have not yet managed to do this? Did any other problems arise during construction that you were not able to solve? Then try to refer to the section dedicated to support andassistance present on the Epson official website: I am sure that by doing so you will be able to dispel all your doubts.

So, visit the page just indicated, type the name of the printer model in your possession in Campo di Ricerca located in the center and select the suggestion relevant among those you see appear. In the new page displayed, you can consult the section dedicated to Frequent questions (below) and the relative one to manuals and documentation (up).

If, by doing so, you are unable to resolve or in any case if you deem it most appropriate, you can obtain support in person, by going to a Epson center: to find out where the one closest to your area is, click on the wording Service centers which is located on the home page of the support and fill in the fields displayed with the requested info. Then click the button Search located at the bottom and consult the list of centers that appears.

If, on the other hand, you are having problems because your printer seems to be blocked, I suggest you consult my tutorial on how to reset the Epson printer to find out, precisely, how to deal with the thing by carrying out the reset device.

How to use the Epson printer scanner

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