Hogwarts Legacy: Top Talent Guide, Here Are The Strongest

If you have already started learning some spells in Hogwarts legacy, surely you have found yourself in front of the talent screen with some doubts about how to invest the unlocked skill points. In this sense, we offer you a list of the most useful updates to the game set in the Harry Potter universe.


Basic Spell Enhancement (Level 5)

The first upgrade you should unlock in the Spells screen is definitely the Basic Spell Refinement, as it adds a very useful effect to standard attacks.

Magical Knowledge I, Magical Knowledge II and Magical Knowledge III (Level 5 and Level 16)

And this is exactly where the Magical Knowledge I, II, and III feats come into play, as they each add an additional set of spells and allow you to have multiple settings that can be changed with just two keypresses.

Power of the Healing Potion I and Power of the Healing Potion II (Level 5 and Level 16)

In this case, the very name of the talent speaks for itself: activating these buffs grants an increase in the healing effect of the Regenerating Potion, in order to restore a greater amount of health each time it is used.

Skill with Stupeficium (Level 22)

The reason unlocking Abilities with Stupeficium is essential is because of the bonus the spell is given each time it is cast.

Unlike its standard version, the empowered Stupeficium can also deal direct damage to the target when hit, making the spell much more useful.

dark arts

disarming curse (Level 5)

This feat is quite effective on opponents, as it curses them upon casting Expelliarmus and causes them to take more damage from subsequent spells.

Curse of blood (Level 5)

In this case, it's another essential talent for handling groups of opponents.

Thanks to Curse of Blood, it is possible to simultaneously deal damage to all nearby cursed targets whenever one is hit.

Stunning Curse (Level 5)

This curse activates a bonus to Stupeficium, since the spell in question will have the effect of a curse on the enemy and make them vulnerable to subsequent attacks by lowering their defenses.

Consume-Curse (Level 22)

Dedicated to those who have reached a high level, this curse is essential to survive in the most difficult battles.

Those who have unlocked Consume-Curses can get a small health boost every time they take down a cursed opponent.


Since Hogwarts Legacy wizarding battles often involve multiple opponents, it might be a good idea to learn the upgraded version of Diffindo.

Thanks to the upgrade in question, the spell can pierce the target and also hit those behind it.

Fire Enhancement (Level 5)

Confringo Specialization (Level 5)

Among Hogwarts Legacy's best talents we certainly find the improved version of Confringo, as it causes the spell's impact on a target or surface to spawn a series of projectiles that automatically target enemies in the area.

The improvement of the spell that bears the name of Descendo should not be underestimated either, since it can be essential when the opponents are close, thanks to this improvement, it is actually possible to knock the target to the ground. so it generates a powerful shock wave that damages anyone within its range.


human demiguise (Level 5)

sense of secrecy I (Level 5)

Requirements Room

migraine (Level 16)

The last talent that we will talk about in this guide is part of the Room of Requirement screen and can only be unlocked by those who are already capable of using Mandrakes. Thanks to Migraine, Mandrake's damage is increased, as well as its effect. Negative on opponents, they will be stunned for longer.

Speaking of the Room of Requirement, have you already read the guide on how to find and use Moonstones in Hogwarts Legacy?


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