Does JK Rowling get money from Hogwarts Legacy sales? Answered

Hogwarts Legacy is a game set in the Harry Potter universe. While the game takes place a little over a hundred years before the series, it shares the same magical rules, creatures, and locations as the books and movies. Although JK Rowling was not a part of the game, many fans are curious as to whether she will receive any royalties for this game. Here's what you need to know if JK Rowling makes money from Hogwarts Legacy sales.

Will JK Rowling receive royalties from the Hogwarts Legacy game?

Considering how intellectual properties work and where the money is going, we can confirm that an unknown amount of money will go to JK Rowling based on providing the developers, Warner Brothers, with approval to make this game and set it in the universe of Harry Potter. While she may not have direct ties to the books or movies, JK Rowling will receive a share of game sales, either based on the total or a percentage over time. How everything works is determined by contracts and agreements behind closed doors and we cannot know the exact amount.

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Hogwarts Legacy is an open world game and you create a unique character that appears in this story. Your character will meet a handful of characters that have appeared in the Harry Potter books and movies, along with characters related to others. You can link your Harry Potter Fan Club profile to the game to align it with your favorite character's house and personalized wand.

These connections are everywhere. Again, it's important to note that the development team insisted that JK Rowling had no direct connection to the game, but her team members worked with the developers to create this world and keep it linear with the books.

For anyone who does not want to support JK Rowling and provide her with money, we do not recommend buying this game. This decision is entirely up to each one on how to use her money and what she chooses to play in her free time.

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