How WOW Space works

WOW Space prices

Before we get to the heart of this tutorial and find out more closely how WOW Space works of Fastweb, it seems only right to illustrate the prices of the latter.

As I have already mentioned to you in the introductory paragraphs, WOW Space it is a service with an affordable price: it costs 9,95 euro / year with the first month of free trial, so as to test all the features before paying the annual fee.

A special promotion is foreseen as an introductory offer. All existing Fastweb customers or those who sign a new non-prepaid residential or mobile fixed telephone contract will be able to use the service completely free completing the activation of WOW Space by January 31 2019. This means that no annual fee will be provided for all these customers, as long as the fixed or mobile telephone contract stipulated with the operator remains active.

Requirements and compatible devices

WOW Space can be activated by Fastweb private customers who have a non-prepaid residential landline or mobile phone contract, such as the offer Mobile Freedom.

To use the service on the go you need a compatible smartphone or tablet: for Android OS version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later is required. Regarding iOSinstead, the app can be installed on iPhones and iPads with iOS 10 or later. The download and installation of the application can be done through the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store completely free of charge.

Alternatively, WOW Space it is also accessible via the Web portal, to browse photos and manage archived documents directly from the PC. In this case, the only thing that is needed to use the service is a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox o Safari.

How to activate WOW Space

THEactivation of WOW Space it's simple: if you already have an active fixed or mobile phone contract with Fastweb, you can act from the section dedicated to the service on MyFastPage or via the app WOW Space for Android and iOS.

To activate WOW Space directly from your mobile device, download the service app on Android or on iOS, via the links I provided above, and launch it. Then enter the login credentials of your Fastweb account, press the button Log in And that's it!

Activation can also be done via MyFastPage from a web browser on a computer: to access the personal area of ​​the account from an Internet network other than Fastweb, you will be asked to enter the login data you already have. By connecting, on the other hand, from a PC connected to the Fastweb Internet network, access to the personal area will be immediate, without having to type in the login data.

Once logged in, go to the menu Proposal, in the top bar, and select the item WOW Space from the latter to enter the area dedicated to the offer of WOW Space. At this point, scroll down the screen and locate the section relating to the subscription to the service, press the button Activate immediately and wait a few moments for the warning message on the screen that will confirm the activation. An email will also be sent to notify you that the service is active on your Fastweb contract.

Adesso, premium pulsating NEXT to be directed to the WOW Space web panel, so as to manage the cloud space from the browser, which I will talk about in the next paragraphs.

How to use WOW Space

Now that you have activated WOW Space and installed the app, it's time to see how to use this service. In the next few lines, I'll walk you through how WOW Space to store and manage your files, as well as the ability to share them with other users, both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.

Creation of profiles

Before you start uploading your own files, you need to create at least one user profile. Profiles are nothing more than parent folders that the different family members they use can refer to WOW Space.

By logging in from smartphone o tablet, the first request you will be made is to enter the name of the profile, via the field Enter your name. Using the key Add another user, you can create multiple profiles. Once this is done, click on profile name you want to use at the moment and presses the button NEXT. On the next screen, tap NEXT to activate automatic upload or press Salta, to run it manually, being able to configure it at a later time. If you are shown boxes for accessing the device features, you consent to the various requests that appear on the display.

If you prefer to act from web panelinstead, you just have to click the button New profile and, in the new screen that is shown to you, type a name of your choice in the only empty box you see. You can also upload an image to associate with your profile, using theupload icon in the right pane Create your profile picture. Quindi sul tasto award Confirmation to create the new user profile.

After performing the above procedures, click on the profile name to access it and start using WOW Space.

Data upload

Su smartphone e tablet, the uploading of photos to the roll can take place automatically, if the relative functionality is enabled during the profile configuration phase (which I already told you about in the previous chapter). In any case, you can enable this option by reaching the section Settings, through theicon with an ingranaggio that you find in the lower right corner.

In the screen that is shown to you, make sure that the voice is active Automatic loading, otherwise moving the lever from OFF a ON that you find next to it. By enabling this option, other configuration parameters will be available: you can in fact decide whether the upload must also take place under the mobile network (Upload in 3G / 4G) and if the app needs to run in the background, so as to detect new content and back it up to the cloud (Loading in the background). Furthermore, you can also decide if WOW Space should upload all the photos to the roll, rather than just the new ones (Camera roll synchronization).

If you don't want WOW Space to upload photos automatically, you can decide to disable the item Automatic loading. In this case, having disabled this feature, you will have to upload the photos manually, using the appropriate button [+] located at the bottom.

Thanks to this button, you will be shown a box through which you can not only manually upload multimedia files, but also any other type of data. In addition, among the available options, you will also find the possibility to take a photo on the spot for instant upload or to create new folders to organize your data.

If you then prefer to act from web panel, award-winning Charge, which you find located at the top right, and drag the files to the box below. Alternatively, click the button Select a file from your computer, to browse the folders on your PC.

Organization of data in folders

Using the app WOW Space su smartphone e tablet, when you upload data, two folders are created: one named Gallery and the other Documents. In the folder Gallery, in turn, the folder is created Camera, which contains all the photos that have been uploaded via the automatic upload feature.

When you upload an image, video or any other document directly from the app's main screen, the files are instead automatically organized in the folder Documents.

By tapping on the button [+] below, as I mentioned earlier, you can create new folders for organizing files. Then select the item in the box that is shown to you New folder, type in a name for it and press OK. Once this is done, you will find the newly created folder on the main WOW Space screen, scrolling through the different sections and reaching the one named Folders.

Now, if you want to upload files inside a specific folder, tap on the one you are interested in and then press on [+] button. Then choose the item Upload files / videos and browse the folders in the device memory to select the files to upload to WOW Space. After a few moments, you will find the files inside the folder you selected.

If you prefer to act from web panelinstead, to create a new folder, first click the button Charge and then choose the option New folder, which you find in the drop-down menu on the left that has the item New item highlighted. Then enter a name for the folder and then press the button Confirmation but I will complete the operation.

You can manage folders via the icon that you find next to each of them. By pressing on the latter, you can decide whether to move a folder inside another (Move to), rename it (Rhinomine), add tags to it (Tag) or remove it permanently (Clear). If you want to know the space occupied by the files in a single folder, select the item Details to find out.

Sharing and downloading data

All files uploaded to WOW Space can be downloaded to the device in use (smartphone, tablet or PC) or shared with other users. To perform these operations from mobile devices, access the folder on WOW Space where your personal files are contained and tap on the icon that you find next to it.

In the box that is shown to you, select the item Download, to start downloading the file, or tap on Share, to send it to other users through third-party apps and services, such as messaging apps or social networks.

Da web panel, the procedure is almost the same: click on the icon that you find next to the content to download and press the button Download. Sharing, on the other hand, takes place in a different way: by clicking on the icon present on the thumbnail of the file and choosing the option Share from the menu that opens, a sharing link will be generated, which will not be related to the single file, but to the entire folder where it is located.

Other features of WOW Space

In addition to the features mentioned above, WOW Space allows you to easily recover files that have been deleted by mistake from the cloud. Nothing is permanently deleted, as the data is transferred to the section Deleted files, accessible from the app by tapping on the ☰ icon located at the top and choosing the appropriate item in the menu that is shown. From the Web panel, the same section can be accessed by clicking on the button Deleted files located in the upper right corner.

Also, if the media files uploaded to WOW Space have geolocation tag, through the card with themap icon (located at the bottom of the app or at the top left of the web panel) you can view the files grouped by position on the map.

How to disable WOW Space

In case you want to proceed with the deactivation of WOW Space, you can perform this operation directly from MyFastPage, turning on the voices Discount > WOW Space. On the service screen, scroll through the various information until you reach a box indicating the wording Active service on your line. At this point, click on the wording below disable, to proceed with the deactivation. It only takes a few clicks.

I also remind you that, being WOW Space a service dedicated to Fastweb customers, should you withdraw from the fixed or mobile telephone contract, it will also be deactivated, and you will no longer be able to access your personal files. In this regard, Fastweb will send you an email with all the details to back up your data, within 60 days of time before the complete deactivation of the account.

For more information

WOW Space is a constantly evolving service. Should you encounter any problems in its use or would like more information on its features, you can access the FAQ section in the service presentation form (in order to read the answers to the questions most frequently asked by users) or you can contact Fastweb customer service to the number 192193, free from landlines.

Article created in collaboration with Fastweb.

How WOW Space works

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