Price list: what it is and how it works

How PriceSpy Works

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining, in detail, how to use Pagomeno, let me briefly explain how the service works and the system that the latter uses to compare the prices of products.

As mentioned above, PriceSpy lists in total 1.150 city shops. Some of these are Premium Shops. Premium Stores are stores that pay a fixed amount for each click that redirects the user from PriceSpy to their site, or pay a small percentage of the value of orders placed by users who come from PriceSpy. Their presence, however, does not affect the clarity and impartiality of the results of the comparisons made on PriceSpy.

Offers are displayed, by default, in ascending order of price, without giving priority to Premium Stores. For stores offering a product at the same price, the list is sorted based on various criteria: shipping price excluded, shipping price included, stock status, store rating, number of store ratings, and number of products for which the store offers the lowest price.

Premium Shops can be recognized in PriceSpy results by the fact that they are displayed with their own logo and theirs Description. In addition, the prices are shown in Bold it is colored red. Non-paying shops, on the other hand, are identified by their name in normal characters and prices are indicated in gray. On PriceSpy, there is also a section dedicated to international stores that have declared that they ship to the city. Prices are constantly updated automatically and / or through the information provided by the shops.

Once you have identified a product of your interest, you can buy it in all the online stores that offer it to Best price, set the reception of email alerts in case of price drop, add it to one list o compare it with other products. For more information in this regard, consult the following chapters of the tutorial, in which I will explain in more detail how to use PriceSpy from your computer, smartphone and tablet.

How to use PriceSpy

To start saving on your online purchases with PriceSpy, connected to the home page of the site and choose whether to use the service as a guest user or register for it by creating a free account. With free registration, you get access to various dedicated functions, such as the ability to create and save product lists; monitoring of changes in prices and stock status; the ability to submit product and store ratings and reviews; the ability to “like” or “dislike” products and shops; the ability to update product details, customize the look of the site to your preferences and access exclusive offers and deals.


If you decide to create an account on PriceSpy (recommended), click on the item first Log in located at the top right and then on the button Create a new account which appears below the latter. Then choose whether to authenticate yourself via Facebook o Twitter, by clicking on one of the two available buttons, or to register with yours email address, typing the latter in the appropriate text field and pressing the button (->).

Next, fill out the form that is proposed to you, entering the username and Password you want to use on PriceSpy, put the check mark next to the items I have read and accept the PriceSpy terms and conditions and the privacy policy e I'm not a robot (also select the option I want to receive the Pagomeno newsletter for updates and information if you want to receive the Pagomeno newsletter) and click on the button Create account to move forward.

Now, log into your inbox, open the message you received from PriceSpy and click on verification link contained within it to validate your account and begin to take full advantage of all the functions of the site. To access your account, you need to click on the item Log in located at the top right and you have to fill in the login form that appears on the screen.

Comparison of prices and products

You are now ready to compare prices and products on PriceSpy. To begin with, then connected to the main page of the site and choose whether to search for a product using the search bar placed at the top or if you browse the category listed in the center of the page: Phones and GPS, Home & Garden, Sport and free time, informatics, Audio and Video, Games and Consoles o Photos and Camcorders. Sections are then available "and other", with products of various kinds not belonging to the other categories; My favorite categories, with the product categories added to the “Likes”, and Sale, with the most interesting sales of the moment.

By hovering the mouse cursor over each category, you can view and select its sub-categories. For example, for the category Phones and GPS there are sub-categories such as Cell phones, Smartwatch e GPS navigators, while for the category informatics there are sub-categories such as Tablet, notebook, Video cards, Monitor e Multifunction printers. By clicking on the item Our AZ categoriesInstead, you can view the complete list of categories and subcategories available on PriceSpy, so you can browse all the products more precisely.

Scrolling through the PriceSpy home page, you can also find cards with most popular products, the products featured among the sale e the trends of the moment. On the right, then, there are the last ones news published by Pagomeno in relation to the most interesting offers of the moment (eg the best discounted sports shoes or the best offers currently on Amazon), while on the left there are the list of products saved on the site.

Once you have found the product you are interested in, select it and a page will open with its complete description (which you can expand by clicking on the tab Details) plus, below, a table with i best prices to which it is possible to buy it online.

By default, PriceSpy sorts buy options by selling price (lowest to highest) but you can click on the table titles and reorder them by name of the seller if you want. shop, To user evaluation, price (increasing / decreasing), allo stock status and the costs of shipment.

Also, by placing the check mark next to the item Show used products e clicking on your button Update you can also view used products as well as new ones, while selecting the tab International you can view the purchase options proposed by foreign sites that ship to the city.

As already mentioned above, in addition to prices, Pagomeno also allows you to compare the characteristics of the products. To do this, select the first product to compare, click on the button Compare located at the top (above the item description) and select or search for the other product to compare using the list of related products or the search bar present on the right. You can add up to four products.

The product comparison table will automatically populate with all the technical characteristics of the selected items. For example, for smartphones you can compare (in addition to price and stock status), size and resolution of the , dimensions of the device, characteristics of the cameras integrated and much more.

If you want, by clicking on the item Show differences located at the top, you can highlight the different characteristics between the products compared, while clicking on the icon of sheet with pencil you can add all the products compared to your list.

Alerts and price trends

Other very useful functions of PriceSpy are those related to alert for price drops and to the graphs with theprice trends of a specific product: by taking advantage of it, you can receive emails (or push notifications on your smartphone) when an item drops in price and you can know whether or not a product is subject to price changes over time.

To set up an email alert, select the product you are interested in on PriceSpy, click on the button Activate alert which is located at the top (above the description of the article) and, in the box that appears on the screen, choose whether to receive an alert when the price decreases o when a price falls below a certain amount (to be specified in the appropriate text field). Then, choose whether to limit the alerts to the proposed prices from stores with a higher rating a (the number of stars must be selected from the appropriate drop-down menu) and click on the button Save to set up to receive alerts.

If you have not registered on PriceSpy, to activate the alerts you will also need to enter your email address in the appropriate text field. For some products, you can also set up alerts related to stock status.

Once you have set up the price notifications, if you are registered on PriceSpy, you can manage them and eventually deactivate them by clicking on your name in the top right corner, selecting the item Alerts from the menu that appears on the screen and pressing first on the product name and then on the icon of basket. If, on the other hand, you have not registered on the site, you can disable the receipt of alerts by clicking on the link Are you no longer interested in this notice? Remove present at the bottom of the email received at the time of activation of the alerts (or in any other message relating to the price of the monitored product).

If you do not want to set up notifications relating to price drops, but are interested in seeing the history with the price trend of a product on PriceSpy, click on the tab Stats and you will be shown two graphs: one with it popularity historian and one with it price history of the selected item.

By placing the mouse cursor on the chart, you will be able to view the detailed prices over time, while clicking on thetop indicator you can limit the display of the graph over time by pressing the icon of down arrow you can download the graphic as a PNG file.

Furthermore, by scrolling down the page, you will be able to view the price history of the selected product in the individual stores, by clicking on the name of the latter and consulting the tables that will appear on the screen.


Before buying a product online, it is always good to read the reviews released by other users: in this way you can get an idea of ​​the quality of the article you intend to buy and the reliability of the store that sells it.

PriceSpy also makes this operation very simple, as it allows you to read the reviews released by users both for the products on sale and for the shops that are present on the site. To read reviews about a product, all you have to do is select it on PriceSpy and click on the tab User reviews: This will show you the list of reviews released by users (both in your languagen and international) on PriceSpy and on the sites that integrate its comment system.

To underline, then, the presence of expert opinions, which are also available in the form of buying guides in the news section of Pagomeno and allow you to have more complete and informative opinions on the characteristics of the products that can be purchased.

To view the reviews of the stores, instead, select the product of your interest on PriceSpy, go to the tab Price and click on your voice (user reviews) placed in front of the name of a shop, in the table with the various prices available. A page will open with the list of all the comments made by users who have made purchases on the site.

If you have registered on PriceSpy, you too can leave comments on shops and products by following the instructions I gave you a moment ago and by writing your comment in the box that you will see before the reviews of other users. Also, by clicking on the item Like & share placed at the top right, you can put "I like" o "I do not like" to a product or shop (or even a review) in order to join the community and receive personalized recommendations on the products to buy.

Once written, you can view and manage your reviews by clicking on you don't know located at the top right and selecting the item My reviews give the menu check if you press.


Among the many useful functions of PriceSpy there is also the one that allows you to create product lists. The lists allow you to keep track of your favorite products, compare them, share them with other users and find out the lowest overall prices at which you can buy them.

To create a list, all you have to do is go to PriceSpy, expand the panel The crumb list located on the left and click on the button New list placed at the bottom of the bar that appears on the side. Once this is done, locate the product of your interest on PriceSpy, select it and press the button Add to the list present in its description page. Repeat the operation for all the products of your interest and that's it.

Later, you can manage your lists by expanding the panel The crumb list located on the left, by clicking on the button The crumb list located at the bottom of the bar that appears on the side and selecting the list of your interest. Once this is done, click on the icon of window (at the top, in the sidebar of PriceSpy) to view the list management page and choose what to do.

By selecting the tabs at the top, you can set the visibility level of the selected list (Make it invisible to make it private, Publication canceled to keep it private but accessible to other users after sharing the URL, Public to make it public for all or Collaboration list to make it collaborative and accessible to other participants), expanding the drop-down menu Default order you can choose in which order to arrange the products present in it (eg. Alphabetical, Order by category or Order by price), while clicking on the icon of balance you can compare the characteristics of the products and by clicking on the icon crosshair with dollar sign you can find out the lowest overall prices at which to buy the products.

How to use the PriceSpy app

PriceSpy is also available in the form of application for Android and iOS, through which it is possible to take advantage of all the functions of the Web version of the service, plus the possibility of searching for products using the scan their barcode via the phone or tablet camera.

If you have a device Android, you can download the PriceSpy app by opening the Play Store (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol found on the home screen or in the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device), looking for Pagomeno in the search bar located at the top and tapping first on the name of the application in the search results and then on the button Install. If you are reading this tutorial directly from your Android device, you can press here and immediately go to the Play Store page hosting PriceSpy.

If you use a iPhone or iPadInstead, you can install the PriceSpy app by opening theApp Store (the “A” icon on a blue background located on the home screen), by selecting the tab Search and looking for Pagomeno in the search bar. Next, press the button Ottieni / Installa located next to the app icon and, if necessary, verify your identity using Touch ID, Face ID or by typing your Apple ID password. If you are reading this post directly from an iOS device, you can open the App Store page dedicated to PriceSpy by tapping here.

Once the installation is complete, start the PriceSpy app and, if prompted, choose to use the in your languagen version of the service. Then follow the initial tutorial and choose whether to create an account, log in with your credentials or create an account directly from the app. To log in, if you are using a terminal Android, you have to press the ☰ button located at the top left and you have to select the item Log in from the menu that appears on the side. If you use a iPhone or iPad, invece, devi will select the scheda Other which is located at the bottom right and you have to press on the item Access in the screen that opens.

To create an account, on the PriceSpy login screen, you have to press on the item Create account and follow the instructions on the screen: if you use Android, the PriceSpy website will open on which to register, while if you use an iOS device you will have to fill in forms directly in the app.

Well: now you just have to go back to the home screen of the app and search for a product based on category available (eg. Offers of the day, Phones and GPS, informatics o Sport & Outdoors) or through the function search (which on iOS has a dedicated tab). If, on the other hand, you want to find a product by scanning the barcode, go to the search section of the PriceSpy app, press the icon of the camera (Android) or barcode (iOS) and grant the application permission to use the camera.

For the rest, the operation of the app almost perfectly follows that of the Web version of PriceSpy: once you have selected the product of your interest, you will be offered a table with the best prices to buy it online, the buttons to activate the Push notifications on price drops and add it to one list and tabs to view reviews, property etc. It's all very intuitive, I can assure you.

Article created in collaboration with Pagomeno.

Price list: what it is and how it works

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