Best cooking and restaurant management games for Android and iPhone

    Best cooking and restaurant management games for Android and iPhone Cooking is a passion that can be cultivated in the kitchen even without having a minimum of experience, just the will and the desire to do the rest, the cookbooks take care of the rest, also available as an app for smartphones.
    But what if you are also looking for some healthy fun in the kitchen without having to dirty even a plate? Do you want to identify yourself with a restaurant owner for fun without spending a single euro?
    Then this is the guide for you!
    Here you will find the best cooking games for android and iphone ready to download on your smartphone, so you can cook "for fun" and also become the manager of a fast food restaurant, a trendy restaurant and any other activity related to the world of cooking.
    Using these apps you can have fun without the stress of buying ingredients, follow the recipe found online and clean up everything!

    Types of games
    Culinary games can have different characteristics (all fun!), But for convenience this type of games responds to two very specific genres in the videogame field:
    - Cooking and stove simulator: you have to choose the ingredients yourself (often also the doses) and cook the dishes appropriately.
    The more skilled you are, the tastier your dishes will be and the more points you will get in the game.
    - Management of activities and restaurants: the games that fall into this category will put you in front of the responsibilities of a manager or restaurant owner, with the shopping to be done, the modernization of the premises and culinary equipment and the hiring of staff members necessary for proper functioning of the premises (from chefs to waiters and managers).

    The most famous games adopted a little of both genres, thus presenting both pure cooking simulation features and a management part to make the fun even more interesting. That's why I will tell you for each game if the management component is also present and how it behaves compared to the rest of the game.

    1) COOKING MAMA Let's Cook !
    Best cooking and restaurant management games for Android and iPhone

    The first app that I recommend you try to play in the kitchen is COOKING MAMA, an app born from the very lucky game released a few years ago for Nintendo DS and now available for any smartphone. With this game you will be able to slice, blend and prepare many recipes in different game modes: challenge yourself, campaign and numerous mini-games that will surely stimulate your culinary imagination. In addition to simple cooking, it will be possible to run a restaurant (management style) and the points accumulated during the game will be considered for the weekly rankings at regional and world level.
    You can download this fun game from here -> COOKING MAMA Let's Cook ! per Android e COOKING MAMA Let's Cook ! per iPhone.

    2) Cooking Craze, per Android e iPhone
    This is one of the funniest games for Android and iPhone ever, especially because it is fast and full of recipes to cook in your virtual restaurant to grow until it becomes popular.

    3) Cooking fever
    Best cooking and restaurant management games for Android and iPhone

    Another great app to play cooking on smartphone is Cooking Fever. In this game you will have 19 different environments in which to compare and prepare the most famous recipes from all over the world. You can at any time spend the accumulated points to buy new equipment for your restaurant and face the campaign (over 400 levels) with an extra boost!
    Definitely one of the funniest games you can try if you love cooking and you like restaurant-themed management software. The game can be downloaded from here -> Cooking Fever per Android e Cooking Fever per iPhone.

    4) World Chef
    Best cooking and restaurant management games for Android and iPhone

    With World Chef you will become the manager of one or more restaurants around the world, with the aim of always getting the most out of each activity. You will have to choose the menu, the style of the restaurant and in addition manage the dining room staff and the kitchen brigade so that everything always runs smoothly. The more happy customers you will get, the more points you will win and thus you will be able to manage more and more restaurants, with the possibility of supplying them with the latest technologies in the kitchen and in the dining room to achieve the perfect service (for example if you are famous enough you can work with a sommelier in the dining room to taste expensive wines to your customers). A decidedly more management game than the previous ones, but no less fun!
    You can download it using the links here -> World Chef per Android e World Chef per iPhone.

    5) Crazy Cooking Chef is the game where you have to serve customers, cook hamburgers, milkshakes, ice creams, spaghetti for them, without making them wait too long, in restaurants such as fast food restaurants, with a queue at the cash desk. Crazy Cooking Chef combines the kitchen with the managerial aspect of the restaurateur, making the game also quite complex and varied. Crazy Cooking Chef you can download for free Android e iPhone.

    6) My Cafe: Recipes & Stories it is the game, where you have to manage a restaurant, organize the tables, make the place welcoming, hire staff, decide the menu with prices and take care of every commercial aspect of the business. It is not really a game where you cook, but for its setting and the quality of the management dynamics it deserves to be cited among the best in this category.
    My Cafe: Recipes & Stories can be downloaded for Android e iPhone.

    7) SpongeBob: Sfida al Krusty, For Android e iPhone is a new classic cooking game, starring SpongeBob. Customers show up at the counter with specific requests, so it will be necessary to cook the dish ordered and send it quickly. This game was named one of the best games of 2020 on the Google Play Store and is a very fun restaurant simulation, set in the world of the famous children's cartoon. You can then manage your restaurant, make it grow and improve to serve more and more delicious dishes for customers.

    8) Kitchen craze
    Best cooking and restaurant management games for Android and iPhone

    With Kitchen Craze you can manage any type of business by choosing from various culinary styles (Indian, Japanese, Chinese etc.) to carry out a successful business.
    You will also have to manage some very important aspects for the success of your kitchen, such as the purchase of ingredients to fill the refrigerator of the restaurant and the help of new cooks, who will follow your instructions to the letter.
    Thus managing several places separately (pub, pizzeria, restaurant, restaurant and other styles) will allow you to touch the difficulties of carrying out a commercial activity of this type, always with the lightness of a culinary game.
    If you are interested in Kitchen Craze you can download it from the following links -> Kitchen Craze per Android e Kitchen Craze per iPhone.

    Other cooking games for Android
    The games that I have presented to you in this guide are the best you can start playing with if you like to cook and run a business related to the culinary sector.
    There are so many themed games, reviewing them all is practically impossible!
    But if you have already tried all the games above you can continue to enjoy yourself by trying one of the games in the following list, all compatible with Android:

    - Kitchen Story : Diner Cafe
    - Cafeland
    - Food Truck Chef
    - Chef Rescue

    More cooking games for iPhone
    There are many cooking games even on iPhone devices, it is not possible to list them all!
    If the games above did not satisfy you, you can use one of those below to play in the kitchen:

    - Restaurant Story
    - Chef felice HD
    - Cooking Dash
    - Star Chef: Cooking Game

    Best cooking and restaurant management games for Android and iPhone

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