How to save Netflix

Netflix prices

How to save Netflix

Let's start with the prices of Netflix, which offers three different plans. Depending on the promotional periods, which grants the initial free trial, with a long varying from 14 to 30 days, which is not always available. In any case, here are all the plans of the service in detail.

  • Base (7,99 euro / month) to keep content in standard definition. Consent the access gives a single device at a time.
  • Standard (11,99 euro / month) to keep content in Full HD. Please allow contemporary access to the service.
  • Premium (15,99 euro / month) to keep content in resolution UltraHD / 4K. Fine consent to four simultaneous accesses to the service.

Accepted payment methods are as follows: letter of credit, prepaid letter (e.g. PostePay) and PayPal. A Premium subscription was issued, although the monthly fee was split with other people and enjoyed the service as Together Price to arrange monthly payment for the service.

I would also like to point out the possibility for Sky Q customers to watch Netflix with a single subscription. For more information on this, read my post its how it works Sky Q.

Subscription Manage

How to save Netflix

Netflix subscriptions, as already mentioned, are not present or linked contractually and can be deactivated at any time. To disable the automatic renewal of your subscription, access Netflix, place the mouse cursor on your photo (in high to back) and click your voice Your account.

On the page that opens, click on the button Cancel subscription (on the left), confirm the operation by clicking its Complete the cancellation and you're done. You will access the content of the Netflix fine to the natural expiration of your monthly plan, after which the subscription will be stopped automatically (but eventually renewed later, if you wish). For more details on the whole procedure, take a look at my tutorial on how to cancel your Netflix subscription.

Netflix compatibility

How to save Netflix

Netflix is accessible from a wide range of different devices and software platforms.

PC / Mac - Netflix is accessible from all major web browsers and works both your Windows with your macOS. Going mainly into detail, it's compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer (version 8 and up) and Safari. Your Linux only officially works through Chrome. Its player is in HTML5, which doesn't need Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight. The computer's processors have at least 1.2GHz, RAM gives at least 512MB (recommended 1GB).

Smartphones and tablets - Of course, the Netflix app is not compatible with all major models of Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone/iPad and Windows devices. As of version 5.0, the Android version of the app is not available on the Play Store for all colors or if it has a device modified via root and/or boot loader unlock process.

Video game consoles - Netflix content is also very fruitful if it processes video game consoles, specifically it processes PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo DS.

Smart TVs - An app to access Netflix is also integrated without Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and Hisense.

Other devices - Other devices that support Netflix are Apple TV, Chromecast, Sky Q set-top box, TIMVision set-top box and Blu-Ray players from brands such as LG, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Samsung.

Netflix connection speed

How to save Netflix

The minimum bandwidth for accessing Netflix is 0.5 Mbps (speed that allows you to play standard definition content at a very low quality), while the recommended bandwidth is 3Mbps. To access high-definition content you must have a connection of at least 5 Mbps. To view videos in UltraHD / 4K format, it is essential to have a network that "travels" at least 15-17Mbps (recommended 25Mbps).

Netflix uses a streaming technology "smart" The quality of the video is automatically assigned to the speed of the line, that in case of network disturbances or sudden drops in line performance there should be no annoying blocking of playback (but a temporary decrease in video quality). In any case, you can adjust the quality of streaming "manually".

To adjust the quality of streaming from PC, you must bring the mouse cursor on your name (top right) and choose the item Your account gives control of the menu if you press. After that you have to go to Playback settings I'll select one of the available options: Auto for automatic adjustment of streaming quality (default option); Low, Middle or High.

To adjust the quality of streaming from smartphones and tablets, you must instead press the pulsado ≡, you must select the item App settings the bar that compares the side and disable you must the function Set automatically.

Eat subscribe to Netflix

How to save Netflix

After this initial overview, I'd say we can take a closer look at how Netflix works. So let's talk about the process of signing up for the service.

Signing up for Netflix, you need to log on to the service's home page and click on the Try It Please button. Then click on the button See the plans, choose whether to subscribe to the Basic plan of the service at 7.99 euros / month with SD resolution and single access, the Standard one from 11.99 euros / month with HD resolution and 2 concurrent accesses or the Premium one from 15.99 euros / month with 4K resolution and 4 concurrent accesses and click on the Continue button twice but you'll continue with the registration.

On the page check if you're in, enter your email address, set a Netflix Login Password (composted by 4-50 characters), check the box next to the item No, do not send my email with the special offer of Netflix to not receive promotional emails from the service and go ahead by clicking on Continue.

At this point, choose your preferred payment method between credit card, PayPal and Netflix gift card and enter the relevant data. Then place the check mark next to the When you found that this house was immediately agreeable to the agreement with Netflix from the moment you clicked "Start Subscription" and confirmed that you were immediately agreeable to the agreement, it kicked off. and press the Start Subscription and Continue buttons to officially activate your Netflix account.

A return with your preferred payment method, I will indicate your qualifying device for Netflix. You can choose from Desktop / laptop, mobile / tablet, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV and Smart TV / Blu-Ray players. After that you have to click on the Continue button and type the names of all the family members who will be using your Netflix account (you can fineser to a maximum of 4 people, specifying some of them are minors).

Once you have passed this step as well, click on the Continue button, Choose 3 favorite content For the series, movie and documentary that Netflix will provide you "starter" and click on Continue but I will complete the initial setup process for you.

Note: The cancellation of Netflix can also be subscribed through some phone subscriptions, such as those of Vodafone, and through the Apple App Store. In the first case the payment comes in the bill or processes the phone credit (more info who), in the second case processes the letter of credit associated with your Apple ID (more info who).

How will I use Netflix

How to save Netflix

After completed the creation of your account, accessed Netflix and choose the profile with which you want to use the service and enjoy the show: sefficially inside the world of Netflix!

Now before your eyes there should be an immense expanse of related posters movies, TV series, documentaries and cartoons It will visualize quickly at zero cost. Yes it is the most dressed up his Netflix titles, the most interesting content of the moment and movies/TV series you might like (based on your previous viewings).

The post-son contention is either directly enclosed, using the search bar at the top right (where you can type in movie, series or cartoon titles, actor names or movie genres), or browsed according to their respective categories.

To browse the contents according to their category, position the course of the mouse on the Shop by Department item located at the top right and select one of the items presented in the menu that if you press: TV Series, Action, Comedy, Horror, documentaries etc.. Clicking instead on the item Kids that is always in the upper left corner you can activate the "safe" mode of Netflix that allows only the display of content suitable for children.

How to save Netflix

To view the tab with the description of a movie, a series, or even if it contained its Netflix, hover with the mouse cursor over the playbill and click on the. arrow that compares at the bottom. To start playing it, instead, click on the play button.

In the case of series, clicking on the arrow also shows a drop-down menu for selecting episodes and seasons.

The Netflix player is very intuitive: in the center is the scroll bar to quickly move from one point to another of the video; on the left the pulses to control playback (play / pause and volume adjustment), while standing out, the sound to jump to the next episode, browse all the episodes given a series, select the language audio and subtitles and turn on or off the full screen display mode.

How to save Netflix

Like any self-respecting streaming service, Netflix remembers the point at which you interrupt the playback of each video and synchronizes the user's library with its tutti and device. It is not possible to download offline content directly from the browser. To take advantage of this possibility from your computer, you have to use Windows 10 and download the official Netflix app, through which it is possible to save all the contents of the service and download those that are made available for download, including Netflix originals and many movies.

If you want, you can also I will create a watch-list with the content of the future. It is enough to position the mouse cursor on the poster of a movie, a series, etc. click on the + button that appears at the bottom right (or on the + Mine list button on the tab with the description of the selected content).

To access your list, go to the mouse tip to your voice Shop by Departmentlocated at the top left and select the voice Mine ready give the menu check if you press. Easier than that?

How Netflix works your smartphone and tablet

How to save Netflix

Regarding the use of Netflix on the move, not with the application of the explain: I access the app on your smartphone / tablet, I access the service with your account and you have to enjoy the show. The only solution is strict and supported Android device through root procedure and/or with unlocked boot loader.

Since version 5.0, Netflix for Android has only supported the device through root and/or with the boot loader unlocked (to ensure proper functionality of the Widevine DRM that Netflix uses to manage the control of its content). All this, translated into simple words, means that there is an Android device "unlocked", you will no longer find Netflix within the Play Store but you will have to download it "manually" from an external source.

Going into more detail, what you should do is turn on unknown source support on the Settings> Android Security menu, download the Netflix APK package from trusted sites (such as APKMirror) and install the app via the latter. Be warned, though: Netflix has made it known that in the future the app may stop working altogether on rooted Android devices, even if installed via APK.

Having said that, I'll turn to the Android version of the app. If you don't have a Netflix account and wish to create one directly from your smartphone or tablet, click on the Try it button on the app's home screen, choose which plan to activate from Basic, Standard and Premium and proceed with registration by indicating your screen. The procedure that will follow is practically identical to the one that is illustrated in the previous PC.

The application's interface is also practically identical to that of the desktop version of Netflix: on the home screen you'll find the list of the title of interest of the moment, which is listed in it and which is listed in the previous version. By pressing the ≡ button you can instead access the Netflix menu with the complete list of movie generics, TV series and app settings. By selecting your name at the top of the menu, you can switch users, while tapping on the Account item will allow you to adjust your account settings (subscription, password and so on).

By selecting the voice App settings, as it appears above, you can adjust the setting related to the bandwidth used for playing streaming content.

Possible Android smartphone with version is instead 5.0 Lollipop, you might mistake in an error message, after downloading the app from the Play Store. If you see the message "This version of the Netflix app is not compatible with your device" when you launch the app, it means that I will download and install a previous version of the Netflix app.

In order to do this correctly, you need to have already enabled the ability to download and install apps of unknown origin (procedure that I indicated in the previous lines). Once you've done that, uninstall the previously installed Netflix app after which, via your device's browser, connect to this Netflix webpage and click on the Click here to download Netflix app link you find in the middle of the screen (or press directly here, if you don't find the wording in question).

On the new screen that appears you will automatically see that little Netflix APK file download (Netflix-xxx-release). I watched the automatic download last and eventually launched the file by pressing your of it and proceeded with the necessary operation to install an APK package, as shown in the previous lines.

Download offline content

How to save Netflix

Using Netflix gives a smartphone, tablet or PC equipped with Windows 10 if acquires the ability to download content locally and watch it offline. Such functionality is available your Android, iPhone, iPad and, as just mentioned, on PCs animated by Windows 10. It doesn't require any special subscriptions and there is no expiration date for the content (except leaving your device disconnected from Netflix for more than 30 days). The only downside is that not all movies, series and documentaries in the Netflix catalog are currently available for download.

That said, if you want to download to any Netflix content all you have to do is select it, click on the arrow located under its tab (or next to the title of an episode, in the case of series) and watch the download end.

Next, click on the ≡ button placed at the top left corner, choose the My downloads item from the bar to compare the list and select the offline save content. From the same screen you can also check the progress of the current download.

It has been published about the Netflix download feature, its imposition and limitations, read my tutorial on how to watch Netflix offline. It's visually invented for the full list of content available for offline viewing, click the ≡ button from the Netflix app and select the Available for Download item from the bar that appears on the side.

Netflix updates

How to save Netflix

Netflix updates its catalog constantly. Every week movies, documentaries, cartoons and TV series of all kinds are added (sometimes with complete seasons, others with a single episode per week) and it is therefore essential to stay updated on the latest news published by the service.

In order not to miss the updates of Netflix, follow the social profile of the service on Facebook and Twitter and control the menu of notifications (the icon of bluebell that you find in the upper right corner of the main screen of the service), where you will be notified of the news related to the titles you have seen and / or that you have en list (but not only).

Moreover, to have a complete panorama of the latest novelties add to the catalog of Netflix, you can go to the Shop by Department menu (or in the lateral menu of the app for smartphones and tablets) of the service and select the item New arrivals give the box that opens.

Decidedly interesting as well as in the social account of the third party, which is the first news of the film on the TV series on Netflix. Among these I'd like to point out the Netflix News bot for Telegram that invites automatic updates on new shows added to the service catalog.

How to save Netflix

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