The Apps to improve the Mi Band and add functions

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Within the panorama of smartwatches, including Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and watches designed for those who do sports such as Fitbit, the best-selling one in the world is the Xiaomi Mi Band watch, which every year is increasingly successful especially for the its incredibly low price.
The latest released, the Mi Band 6, has found a better balance between functionality and aesthetics, with a color screen, app notifications, controls to hear music and able to track different types of sports activities.
Thanks to its popularity, the Mi Band has caught the attention of developers who have come up with apps to add even more features to Xiaomi's smartwatch. These Android smartphone applications improve the existing features of the Mi Band 3 and 4, Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 6, add new ones, integrating with the official app Mifii gods Xiaomei or even replacing it.

1) Notify & Fitness per Mi Band
Notify & Fitness (compatible with Mi Band 5 and even earlier versions) is, without a doubt, the best app for Mi Band 5, much more complete than Mi Fit. Thanks to this app, in fact, you can read the notifications of any app on the screen of the Mi Band, you can read the messages, see who is calling us, see the missed calls and then also customize the way it vibrates and many others. what's this. Then there are the functions to set alarms, alarms and reminders, to change the function of the central button, to read pedometer and sleep statistics and also to choose a different quadrant. You can also export the data recorded by the Mi Band to Google Fit or other sports apps. Notify & Fitness also supports viewing directions from Google Maps, so you can see them on the Mi Band screen. For all these functions, even if the full version of the app costs around 4 Euros, the purchase is really worthwhile.
Download Notify & Fitness for Android.

2) Tools & Mi Band
Tools & Mi Band is another app that can replace MiFit, compatible with Mi Band 2, 3 and Mi Band 5, alternative to Notify & Fitness in terms of functionality. This application also allows you to see the name of whoever calls us, missed calls, messages received via SMS, Whatsapp or other messenger applications, to set customized alarms and to have repeated notifications.
Compared to Notify & Fitness, Tools & Mi Band has a better and easier to use interface, but it lacks the ability to export fitness data to apps like Runtastic or Strava, which is possible with Notify & Fitness. For this application there is no free version and the cost is 3 and a half Euros.
Download Tools & Mi Band for Android

3) Mi Band 5 Watchface
This application is specific for Mi Band 5 and allows you to customize the watch face by changing the background and theme as you want. You can choose from hundreds of models and it will be possible to install the wallpaper you prefer on the Mi Band 5. After installing a watch face from this application, you can then open the Mi Fit app to select it (attention, however, the image displayed on the Mi Fit does not correspond to the one downloaded due to a limitation imposed by Xiaomi, therefore, after installing a dial, on Mi Fit you must always select the same watchface.
Download MiBand5 - WatchFace for Android

4) Navigator for Mi Band
This application integrates with Mi Fit and allows you to see the directions of the Google Maps navigator. When the destination is set on Google Maps in the smartphone, the driving directions can also be read, in real time, even on the Mi Band 5. The app is compatible with Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 and costs 1 Euro. Note that if you already have the full version of Notify & Fitness, this application is superfluous because the Google Maps driving directions feature is already included.
Download Navigator for Mi Band for Android

5) Mi Band Selfie
With this app you can use the central button of the Mi Band 5 (also Mi Band 4 and 3) in a command to take pictures with the smartphone. In practice, the Xiaomi smartband becomes like a remote control for the camera, ideal when you want to take a group photo or a selfie by placing the smartphone somewhere, without using the self-timer.
Mi Band Selfie is completely free and without advertising, the shot is done using the central button of the Mi Band by putting it on the Music screen. The only problem is that it only works with the Open Camera app.
Download Mi Band Selfie for Android

6) My Bandage
MiBandage is an open app similar to Notify & Fitness, which was born as an alternative to the MiFit app, to configure the reception of notifications, check sleep and movement data, add custom features and see many more statistics.

7) Master per mi band
> Master per Mi Band is another application to replace Mi Fit, alternative to Notify & Fitness, which adds many features to the Mi Band 5 (also supports Mi Band 4 and 3). You can customize the operation of the Xiaomi smartband in many ways even if it is lower than Notify & Fitness. The only advantage is that this is a free application, so even if it's not the best, you can try it immediately without spending any money to see if it is enough for your purposes.

The Apps to improve the Mi Band and add functions

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