Change the voice on PC to not be recognized on Skype and voice calls

Change the voice on PC to not be recognized on Skype and voice calls Among the programs that you can try on a computer we also find those intended to modify the voice, in particular when we use programs for chato programs for VoIP calls. It becomes extremely interesting and fun change the voice into something completely different, even to transform a male voice into a female one and vice versa, or to make deep voices, grotesque voices or funny voices. For change your voice, disguise it and hide it from friends or not, in this guide we will show you the best programs that perform this interesting function in more or less similar ways and with variable results.
All the programs reported are safe and checked, so we won't have to worry about viruses or other malware to have some fun and to make some really hilarious prank calls.

How to disguise voice on PC

Below we can find all the free or trial version programs to modify the voice on PC in a simple and immediate way, even for a not very practical user of technology. The only recommendation is not to use these programs to disguise the voice when we call the police: as there are programs to disguise the voice, there are also advanced software able to recover the original "modified" voice, so as to be immediately identified .


One of the simplest programs to edit voice on PC is Audacity, available free for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Change the voice on PC to not be recognized on Skype and voice callsAudacity">
This program is very useful for generating audio files with the voice already changed, to be played later during a call or in a chat on messaging apps. To create the recording of our original voice we open the program, make sure that our microphone is active in the section Small at the top, then press the key Rec (red dot).
At the end of the registration we press the button Stop, let's get to the menu Effects and we use plugins Change pitch, Distortion, Echo e Reverse to create a new and impossible to recognize voice. At the end of the modification we press up on Fillet, we open the menu Export and choose in which format to save our new voice (MP3, WAV etc.). To learn more about the use of the Audacity app, we recommend that you read our guide How to record with Audacity from PC, microphone or external.

MorphVOX Jr

If we are looking for an instrument capable of modifying the voice in real time (i.e. when we speak into the microphone), we suggest you try the program MorphVOX Jr, available for free as a demo for one week.
Change the voice on PC to not be recognized on Skype and voice callsMorphVOX Jr">
The program will ask us to immediately record our voice, so that we can best calibrate the camouflage system; at the end of the recording we will have access to the set of voices at the bottom of the program, which we can use to change our voice in various ways during calls on Skype or on any other app that supports voice calls.

AV Voice Changer Diamond

The best program to edit the voice from PC, even live live, is without a doubt AV Voice Changer Diamond, available free for Windows as a free demo for 14 days.
Change the voice on PC to not be recognized on Skype and voice callsAV Voice Changer Diamond">
Once the app is open, simply associate the microphone of our PC and immediately use one of the filters already present in the demo version, which allow you to change the voice from male to female and vice versa. In the paid version we also find numerous other items ready for use, but we can still act (even in the trial version) on the menus Voice Morpher e Voice effects to create our new voice. The functionality is very interesting Skype Voice Changer that allows you to change the voice when we talk on Skype, I perfectly understand the original one (which cannot be picked up in any way).

Other useful programs for Voice editing on PC

While the ones we have shown above are probably the best programs for voice disguising during PC calls or for generating voice-modified files, that doesn't mean we can't try other programs with similar functionality! In the list below we will find other useful software for this purpose, all we have to do is download and install them.

  • The simplest program to modify your voice on the computer is Granulab, a small tool whose interface has many knobs that modify the audio. So first you have to record your voice on the computer in Wav format and then you can play with Granulab twisting and modifying the timbre and tone or adding special effects. If you then connect the microphone to your computer, you can record your own voice in disguise or you can speak into the microphone while distorting your tone.
  • Clownfish is a handy Skype plugin that allows you to change the voice and disguise it during a phone call or voice call on the famous app. It has many different voices to talk to, such as a little girl's, robotic voices, high-pitched voices and many more. To use it just download and install it and then, after starting the application, make a phone call from Skype or even with other voice chat programs to be heard with a disguised voice.
  • Free Fake Voice Changer is another voice changer software for Skype that creates a virtual microphone to be used to change our voice on the computer.After launching the program, open Skype, go to Tools -> Options, go to Audio and sub microphone settings select the Personal Voice Changer option.
  • Voxal Voice Changer is one of the best voice camouflage programs for Skype, capable of generating different sounds and voices.
  • Funny Voice is the simplest program of all that serves only to change the pitch of the voice making it higher and shrill or lower. Maybe the voice that comes out is a bit unrealistic and there is little variety, however the program works well (sometimes it gets stuck) and in real time, that is, you can set the vocal timbre by speaking into the microphone.


All the programs presented in the guide will allow you to change our voice in a fun way, so you can organize a joke like Fantozzi or test a friend or relative of ours, checking if he can recognize us despite the heavily modified voice. It is always better not to overdo the jokes and avoid using these programs for unlawful purposes, since the modified voice can be easily reshaped and restored to its original tone with very sophisticated forensic programs.

If we want to have fun changing our voice directly from your smartphone or tablet, we recommend that you read our guide App to change voice with effects and camouflage it on Android and iPhone.
If, on the other hand, we are looking for programs or apps to edit audio files (for example, cut or merge two music files), we suggest you read our articles Best free audio editors to edit music and recordings e Cut and split video and edit audio on Android.

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