Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Early Access to the Game

Hogwarts legacy, new RPG set in the universe of Harry Potter, is already close to its launch, scheduled for February 10 2023. Thanks to the game trailers published in recent months, a great hype has been generated around the title, and users PC they will be able to enter Hogwarts even 72 hours before the others.

Buying the Deluxe Edition di Hogwarts legacy, in fact, the possibility of playing the title in Early Access will be unlocked, regardless of the use in Steam or in Epic Games Store. Other bonuses are also included in the edition, such as the Dark Arts Combat Arena, a set of Dark Arts cosmetics, Thestral Hippogriff as a mount, and a Dark Arts Hat.

The only way to take advantage before Hogwarts legacy, therefore, is to pre-order the Deluxe Edition of the title in PC. users PlayStation e Xbox, therefore, you will have to wait until the actual game release day, while users Nintendo Switch they will have to wait until July 25. Hogwarts legacy is awaited by a large number of players, furthered by the gameplay trailers released thus far, which show the obsessive care put into creating the settings that audiences have come to love from watching the movies. Harry Potter, in addition to the numerous customization possibilities that it offers to the player and the gameplay that seems really well achieved.

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