What is included in the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Pack? Answered

While Hogwarts Legacy hasn't released yet, you can still make sure you have special cosmetics and other items, so today we'll be talking about what's included in the Dark Arts Pack. Even before the game's official release, they're making sure there are Lots of options for how much is cosmetics, extra areas to explore, and hidden quests. In addition to the dark arts pack, you can get other extras, including everything included in the exclusive We All pre-order bonuses. Read on to find out what Hogwarts Legacy includes

Dark arts pack.

Hogwarts Legacy: What's Included in the Dark Arts Pack

For starters, the Dark Arts pack is advertised as a way to get a new mount, a new set of cosmetics, and even a new area to explore and fight enemies. There are two different ways to get the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts pack. Prior to the game's release, the only way to obtain the Dark Arts Pack is to purchase the deluxe edition.

Of the game. This also includes a 72-hour early access period and some additional cosmetic items. After the game launches, you can purchase the Dark Arts Pack in-game, even if you only have the standard Hogwarts Legacy edition.

After getting the Dark Arts Pack, you will receive 3 new items to use in the game. The first item you will pick up is the Monte Thestral

. It is quite similar to the Onyx Hippogriff that you can acquire by pre-ordering Hogwarts Legacy. Once he gets the new mount, he will be able to travel through the world of witches and wizards without having to walk anywhere.

The second item you will pick up is the Dark Arts Cosmetic adjusted to. This includes a set of clothing that you can wear to look a little different from your fellow players. The color and style of this cosmetic set is a bit darker than the outfit you get at the beginning of the game, with skulls and smoke. If you get the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition, you'll also get the Dark Arts Garrison, which perfectly complements the Dark Arts Cosmetic Set.


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That's all we know about what's included in the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Pack. Be sure to check out more helpful and interesting guides, and as always, take care and enjoy!

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