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How to download Instagram on iPad

To download the application of Instagram on iPad, you have to act through theApp Store, that is the virtual store of iOS devices through which games and applications are downloaded, installed and purchased. To carry out this procedure, start the application via the main screen of your device App Store, which presents alight blue icon and symbol of a stylized A in white color inside.

Now, press the button Search located at the bottom right (it is the one with the symbol of a magnifying glass) and, using the text field at the top, in correspondence with the wording App Store, type il finish Instagram, then pressing the button Search from the iPad keyboard.

Then wait for the search results and, since the application of Instagram it is not present on the screen, (as I explained before, it is not compatible for iPad), press the button filters located at the top left and then tap on the items Support> iPhone only, so as to put a check mark on the wording relating to the ability to view and install applications for iPhone.

By pressing on the wording in question, you will be able to see the section dedicated to the developer on the screen Instagram, Inc: then press on its preview tab and finally you can proceed with the installation of the Instagram app, from the moment it is present on the screen.

To install the application, first press the button Get and then on the button Install. If prompted, verify your identity by typing the Password of your iCloud account or by placing your finger on the touch ID. Now wait for the download to finish and start the application by pressing the button apri. Alternatively, start the application by pressing on its icon that will have been added to the main screen of the iPad.

How to register an Instagram account from iPad

Once you've downloaded the Instagram application on iPad, you can move on to creating an account (if you don't have one yet). To do this, choose whether to create an account using your Facebook account and then press the button Continue like, followed by your first and last name on Facebook.

Alternatively, click on the button Sign up by phone or email and create an account using yours telephone number or the your e-mail adress. Then fill in the text fields displayed on the screen, indicating your telephone number, if you have chosen to register via this option, or your email address, using the text field corresponding to the item E-mail. In both cases, continue by pressing the button NEXT.

Now you have to point to Instagram your name and yours last name, so that already registered friends can find you. Then fill in the text fields you see on the screen and then press the button NEXT to continue. You can now see a welcome screen that will show you your username, automatically generated.

If you want to change the default username and change it, press the button Change your username, type the replacement username in the appropriate text field (if it is not available it will be indicated with a red message, while if it is available there will be the green √ symbol) and then tap the button NEXT.

Now indicate your age by putting the check mark next to the wording 18 or more or less than 18 years. You can still use Instagram even if you are under 18; the indication of your age influences the privacy settings, in relation to the advertising that is shown to you within the app. To continue, click on the button NEXT in order to continue the account creation procedure.

Now, choose if you want to connect with your Facebook account, in order to see which Facebook friends are subscribed to Instagram and eventually follow them. If you want to do this, click on the button Connect to Facebook, if not, tap on the wording Salta. On the next screen, choose if you want to synchronize your contacts, to search for friends to follow: if you want to do this, press the item Search your contacts, if not, press the button Salta.

All you have to do is customize your account: add a profile picture (tap on the wording add a photo) and press on NEXT. Also choose if you want to save the login information (press the button Save) and then whether to follow people by pressing the button Follow, in correspondence with the suggested persons. These are entirely optional operations that can still be performed later. When finished, click on the button end, on the buttons OK e Allow, to activate the reception of notifications.

If you have previously created an account and want to know how to access it, using the Instagram on iPad, I must therefore explain to you how to log in to the platform.

In this case, on the main screen of the application press on the item Log in and use the text field you now see on the screen to type yours username and yours Password, finally pressing the button Log in.

If you had created your account via Facebook, to log in you must tap on the wording Continue as, followed by your name and surname on Facebook: in the latter case, the login is performed automatically.

How to use Instagram iPad

As I indicated in the previous lines, the Instagram application is not optimized for use on the iPad, therefore you can notice some differences from an aesthetic point of view. The application, in fact, is not full screen and you can adjust its display by pressing the button 1X, located in the lower right corner to adjust the zoom. To return to the traditional view, tap the button 2X.

As for the functionality of Instagram, the application has no differences from the iPhone version: via the button with the house symbol you can see all the images uploaded by the people you have chosen to follow, by pressing the button with the magnifying glass symbol you can see the section Explore, while tapping on the text field Search, located at the top, you can search for a person's profile. Have you found a person that interests you and want to follow them? Press on the button Follow at the section of his profile.

Via the text field Search you can also search for hashtag, in order to view all published content. If you are interested in the contents of a particular hashtag, press the button Follow to start following its contents.

You can use the application of Instagram on your iPad to upload photos and videos to your profile or stories: in the first case, press the button with the symbol (+) to see the sections on the screen library, Gallery e Video. You can then choose whether to upload an image from your device memory, take a photo or record a video on the spot. To publish an image in your Story, first press the button with the symbol of a little man and then onyour profile picture.

The button with the heart symbol, on the other hand, it allows you to view the content that other users have "liked" and to see notifications relating to people who interact with you.

Finally, through the section of your profile (the one with the symbol of a little man) you can press on the item Edit profile, to customize all the information related to your account at any time: for example, you can change yours name, your username, your email address, your telephone number, sex and you can also set one biography, typing it in the relative text field.

How to use Instagram on iPad from browser

As an alternative to using the Instagram application, it is possible to use most of the functions of the social network by connecting to the site via a browser.

To do this, start the browser you usually use to browse the Internet (for example Safari) by clicking on its icon located on the home screen of your device and then type, in the address bar,, pressing the key Search from the keyboard to confirm the willingness to connect to the site.

On the home screen, then presses on the item Log in to login with your account data and then press the button Continue with Facebook, in case you want to log in via your Facebook account. Alternatively, type your login data in the text fields phone number, username or email, Password and then press on Log in. Choose now whether to save your login information by pressing the button Save the information or whether to skip this operation by pressing the button Not now. 

Once you are connected to Instagram you can use it as far as its main features are concerned. You can in fact view the photos and videos of the people you follow, using the button with the house symbol and see the contents of the section Explore (magnifying glass symbol). Using the button with the little man symbol you can see the section related to your profile, even if it is not possible to add new Stories to existing ones. Instead, by pressing the button with the symbol (+) you have the possibility to upload multimedia elements to Instagram, via iPad: press the button in question to see the words Take a picture, Photo library e Shop by Department, which respectively, allow you to take a photo of or record a video on the spot, upload a photo from the multimedia gallery of your device or upload a multimedia element from other paths, such as from iCloud Drive.

If you wish, using the browser Safari, you can add a quick link to the main screen via an icon that refers to Instagram: to do so, press the button with the symbol of sharing (a square with an up arrow) and then scroll the drop-down menu on the screen to locate and tap on the wording Add to Home (symbol [+]) and then confirm the operation by pressing on Add.

For more information on Instagram and all the features mentioned, I refer you to reading my dedicated guide. If, on the other hand, you need to know more about a specific feature, I suggest you consult the section dedicated to Instagram, or use the search engine, present at the top right of, to locate the tutorial on solving the problem found by you.

How to use Instagram iPad

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