Hogwarts Legacy, where to find all the Demiguise figurines

Hogwarts Legacy is full of Demiguise figurines that you'll need to collect for the dedicated Trophy and upgrade Alohomora. This is where they are...


Demiguise figurines are scattered throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy and can be quite difficult to find. There are 30 in total and you will need to collect all of them if you want to unlock the Trophy/Achievement for doing so.

Where to find Demiguise figurines | Hogwarts Legacy -

They are also a key part of learning Alohomora as you learn it during the quest with Gladwin Moon where she asks you to retrieve them in the Hogwarts Legacy world. You will have to get them all if you want to improve the spell.

Hogwarts Legacy, Gobbles Galore: Where To Find All Gobbles

Hogwarts Legacy, Gobbles Galore: Where To Find All Gobbles

In total, you'll need 22 of these moons to complete the quest, but there's a Hogwarts Legacy Achievement/Trophy that you'll only unlock for all 30 figurines, so we'll tell you where to find them all, and remember, they can only be collected at night. .

All Demiguise Figures | hogwarts

  • South wing: In the bathroom with a level 1 lock. The cubicle in the middle with an out of order sign leads to a hidden room with the statue inside.
  • Great Hall – On the right as you enter the hall, there is a door with a level 1 lock, the statue is on a table behind it.
  • Potions Classroom: From the classroom, go down the stairs to where the locker with the Daedalus key is, open the door on the left and proceed down the hall where you will find another level 2 door on your left. The statue is there.
  • Divination Room: On the Professor's Desk.
  • Library – Go down to the forbidden section of the library, the statue is on a desk to your left just before you reach the entrance to the secret chamber.
  • Guardian's Hut – Right in front of the Beasts class, there is a level 2 lock on the guardian's hut, the statue is on a table.
  • Walls – East of the main highlands entrance, along the outer wall is a door under the steps leading to the walls with a level 1 lock. The statue is in a chest inside.
  • Dungeon – From the sleeping dragon statue, go down the hall directly behind you and enter the first door on the left, turn right as soon as you are in the room and you will see the statue in some drawers.
  • Tower of Defense Against the Dark Arts – Entering from the Courtyard of Transfiguration, enter the locked door to the right of the staircase. The statue will be on a desk directly in front of you.
  • Professor Fig's Office: Just behind his desk, to the left of the fireplace.

All Demiguise Figures | hogsmeade

  • Tomes and Scrolls: behind the counter is a door leading to a bedroom: the statue is on the sideboard.
  • House 1 – Go up Tomi and Pergamene road and turn left as soon as possible. The third house on the left will have a level 2 lock, the statue is in a closet as you go up the stairs.
  • Pig's Head – Go to the room behind the bar and the statue will be in some boxes to your left.
  • House 2: in the house near J. Pippin's Potions, upstairs, it is on the sideboard.
  • The Three Broomsticks – In the private room on the top floor of the pub, behind a level 1 lock, the statue is on the table in the center.
  • House 3 – From the main entrance of The Three Broomsticks, turn east past the pub. The first house on the left after The Three Broomsticks has the statue on top, on a chest.
  • Stratchy & Sons – The statue is on the Gunsmith Wizard counter, on the right side of the shop.
  • House 4 – From Honeydukes, follow the path north to the stairs and immediately turn right, taking the path up the hill. Once at the top of the hill, turn right again and you will be in front of a house. The statue will be on a table in the main room.
  • House 5: In the house directly opposite In the house directly opposite Brood & Peck, on the mantelpiece.

All Demiguise Figures | Highlands

  • Lower Hogsfield – Behind a level 1 lock in the house opposite the entrance to the village, right next to the gate.
  • Keenbridge: In the house to the west of the town, behind a level 1 lock, on a table in front of the door.
  • Brocburrow: in the small house north of the village, to the left of the door.
  • Upper Hogsfield: In a house northwest of the village, on the path in front of Floo Flame, on a stool behind the door.
  • Pitt-Upon-Ford - At the house directly across the street from Floo Flame, go up two flights of stairs to the left.
  • Irondale – In the small house to your right after leaving Floo Flame, behind the counter, on the floor in front of the bed.
  • Aranshire: The house directly to your right when looking at the Floo Flame, on the stairs, on the floor in front of the bed.
  • Feldcorft – The house to the southeast of the village, on the ledge to your left as you enter.
  • Marunweem – The house near the center of town, northeast of Floo Flame, behind the bar.
  • Bainburgh: The house on the north side of the village, on a coffee table next to an armchair.
  • Cragcroft: The house to the northwest of the village, just behind the seller, on the nightstand after going up the stairs.

Written by Ryan Woodrow for GLHF

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