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Google Maps

The first useful resource, among the apps for know where a person is through their mobile phone, which I want to suggest you try is Google Maps. Perhaps not everyone knows it, but the very famous Google app for street navigation and online map viewing, integrates a very convenient option that allows you to be located and to locate your friends, through a location sharing system: let's see more in detail. detail how to use it.

First, you need to install Google Maps on your smartphone, so that you can follow the instructions for sharing your position (option that requires activation of the location on the smartphone). The Google Maps application is free and available for both Android and iOS. To get it, connect to the relevant section of the Play Store or the 'App Store and presses the button to install it. If in doubt, consult my tutorial in which I explain in detail the procedures needed to download and install an app.

Next, start the application and log in with your account Google (if you don't have one, you can create it by following my tutorial on how to create Google account), then carefully follow the directions I am about to give you, in order to share your location. Obviously, in the event that the sharing should be reciprocal, the other person will also have to carry out the same steps; in this way both of you will be able to locate each other through the tool made available by Google Maps.

To start, therefore, first tap on the button , which is located at the top left, and select the item Location sharing from the side menu. Now, press the button Start and choose, based on your needs, whether to share the location for 1 hours or for another predetermined time interval which can be set using the buttons [+] e [-]. You can also set the location to be shared until deactivated.

Finally, if you are using a smartphone Android, presses on the voice Contacts (it is called Select people on iOS) located at the bottom and, from the list that is shown to you, choose your contact by pressing on his name. To confirm sharing, first press the button Share (it's located in the lower right corner on Android and the upper left corner on iOS) and then up OK (Android) or Attiva (IOS).

Once you have completed all the steps indicated, your position will be visible on the map in the section Location sharing app Google Maps, accessible by tapping on the button (☰) top left.

Have you shared your position and want another person to do so too? Ask him to go through all the steps previously mentioned, or invite him, via the app Google Maps, to share his position. In the latter case, press on nominative of the person with whom you shared the position and, in the displayed screen, presses the button Request twice in a row. The invited person will receive a notification from Google Maps and, by pressing on it, they will be able to share their position.

After the first sharing of the location with a user, things become easier, in case of a later sharing. To do this, tap onperson icon in the section Google Maps location sharing, then move the lever up first ON, and press on Share, after setting the sharing duration.


Did you know that even the application of Facebook, the number one social network in the world, integrates a special function for sharing the position, thanks to which it is possible to know exactly where all the people with whom you have been close friends are located? No? Well, then you should dig into the matter right away.

To find out where a person is through the Facebook, the first step you need to take is to download the application of the famous social network on your smartphone. As known, the app is free and is available for Android and iOS (as well as for Windows 10 Mobile). To download it, connect to the relevant section of the Play Store or the 'App Store from the smartphone you are using and presses the button to install.

When the download is complete, start the app, after enabling the location services on your device through the menu of Settings and log in to the service with your account (if you don't have one, read my tutorial on how to sign up for Facebook from your mobile), then press the button (☰) which is located in the upper left part of the screen (on Android) or in the lower right (on iOS) and, in the displayed menu, presses on the item Friends nearby.

Once this is done, if you are using an Android terminal, you will be shown a screen through which you have to choose which group of users you want to share your location with. The same section is also visible on iOS, by pressing on the item Find out more located at the bottom. After choosing whether to share the location with friends or with another list of people, tap the button Attiva located at the bottom (it is called Turn on the nearby friends feature your iOS).

At this point, you should find yourself in front of the complete list of people who have chosen to use the service in turn. If you want to locate a specific person who is not on the list, you can ask the latter to enable the use of the function in question on his mobile phone, following the steps above, or you can invite him yourself, by pressing on the wording Invite which is located at the top right.

Keep in mind that the list of people shown to you is organized by distance: at the top you will find friends nearby, while further down there are those who are in the areas that are gradually farther away.


Also WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app acquired by Facebook, integrates a convenient system for locating people. Using it is really child's play, I'll show you right away.

To find out where a person is through their mobile phone using WhatsApp, the first thing you need to do is obviously to download the famous app on your smartphone. As you already know, it's free and available for Android and iOS (as well as for Windows q0 Mobile). To download it, connect to the relevant section of the default store of your smartphone and press the installation button.

Once the download is complete, open WhatsApp and log into your account via the telephone number (if you don't know how to do it, read my tutorial on how WhatsApp works), then start a new conversation with the person you intend to locate and share the position with the latter, making sure that they follow the same steps I am about to show you, if you want them sharing is reciprocal.

To share your location via WhatsApp, tap on the icon clip (is the symbol [+] on iOS) which is located at the bottom, select the wording Location from the displayed menu and choose whether to press the button Submit your location, to send the position statically, or on the button Share current location, for dynamic sending, that is, lasting over time. In the latter case, it also indicates the maximum sharing time (15 minutes1 hours o 8 hours) and press the icon of arrow which is located at the bottom right, to confirm sending.

In both cases, for the correct functioning of this WhatsApp feature, the location services must already be enabled on the device used.

Find my friends

If both you and the person you intend to locate are in possession of a iPhone, I suggest you turn to instead Find my friends. This is an application made available directly by Apple (and pre-installed on all the devices of the Cupertino giant), thanks to which it is possible to easily share one's geographical position. It is free and, to work, it does not require particularly complex configurations, if not the prior creation of an iCloud account (if you do not have one, follow my tutorial on how to create iCloud account).

You ask me how to use it? I'll explain it to you right away. First of all, start the app by pressing on its icon on the home screen (the one with the two men on a yellow background), then presses the wording Allow, to authorize access to your location (you must therefore have already activated the GPS).

Fatto ciò, first prize Add friends which is located in the center of the screen and enter a friend's email address or name. Now, choose whether to share your location for 1 hoursuntil the end of the day o forever, by pressing one of the options in the menu below.

At this point, the person you selected will be able to view in the app Find my friends your position updated in real time. Do you want the sharing to be reciprocal? Send them a sharing request: Select the name of the person of your interest (or his email address) via the home screen of the app and first presses on the item first Ask to follow and then on the button OK.

Please note: if you or your friends have uninstalled the app Find my friends from your iPhone, you can download it again from the App Store by connecting to the appropriate section and then pressing the symbol of a nuvola.

Other solutions to find out where a person is through the mobile phone

Did the tools I mentioned in the previous lines not satisfy your needs or, much more simply, would you like to know other useful tools for the purpose? Well, then I would say that I can still help you, recommending you to read some of my other tutorials.

First of all, I would like to clarify that even the use of localization systems for theft and loss present "standard" on Android and iOS can be somehow useful for the purpose in question. Of course, these are mostly anti-theft tools, but the fact remains that Find my device for Android and Find my iPhone for iOS may not be useful for the purpose of this guide.

For more details on this and to find out how to use it, read my tutorial on how to locate cellular GPS as well as my articles dedicated to how to track an Android cellphone and how to locate an iPhone. Still on the subject, I also suggest you take a look at my article on mobile phone tracking programs through which I have listed a whole series of third-party applications, programs and services, such as Lookout (Android / iOS), which works similar to Find my device e Find my iPhone.

Another post of mine that I invite you to consult is the one on mobile spy programs in which, as can be deduced from the title itself, I told you about a whole series of ad hoc systems, such as parental control apps Qustodio (Android / iOS) and Mobile Fence (Android), useful for tracking the location of a person via the smartphone. As for the latest solutions mentioned, use them exclusively for lawful purposes: tracking the location of a mobile phone must be consensual, otherwise you could violate the privacy of others and commit a very serious crime.

How to know where a person is through the mobile phone

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