How to get Deezer Premium free for Android

How to register with Deezer

If your goal is to have a chance to use Deezer Premium for free on your Android device, I must first explain the procedure you will need to register for this service, so that you can consequently take advantage of the 30-day free trial.

This possibility relates to the presence of a non-cumulative, non-binding offer, valid only once and only for 30 days. At the end of the trial period, your subscription will be billed automatically, but you can cancel before the trial expires. Otherwise, the cost of the subscription, called Deezer Premium +, is € 9,99 per month. Alternatively, you can subscribe Deezer Family at a price of € 14,99: the latter is a subscription formula identical to Deezer Premium +, but with the possibility of creating 6 shareable profiles.

Deezer is in fact a streaming music service that can also be used completely free of charge; paying users, however, have some additional features, including the absence of advertising banners and the ability to listen to music even in offline mode. By subscribing to a subscription, there is also the possibility to listen to the music in high quality, instead of standard quality and there are no skip limits, while playing the playlists.

To activate the free trial version of Deezer Premium + you can act directly from the app. To do this, you need to download the application on your Android device, using the Play Store, which is the virtual store through which you download or buy games and applications.

Then tap on its icon, located on the main screen of your device (it is the colorful play symbol). On the screen Home, type the word Deezer e poi pigia sul pulsating Search (symbol of a magnifying glass). Wait for the search results to see the application preview tab - the full name for this streaming music app is Deezer Music and its logo features the symbol of an equalizer.

To install it, press the button Install and then on the button Accept, wait for the download and automatic installation of the app in question and, at the end of the same, press the button apri to start it. To start the application you can also tap on its icon, which will be on the main screen of your device.

After starting the app, carry out the registration procedure by pressing the item first Subscribe and then on the buttons Facebook o Google or by filling in all the appropriate text fields you see on the screen (Email, Password, Username, Age, Gender) and then pressing the button Subscribe.

Now, follow the wizard for customizing and configuring the app, according to your musical preferences: then press the button vai and tap on the boxes on the screen to indicate your favorite musical genres and then continue by pressing the button Continue. It also indicates any appreciation for the songs of the artists presented (these are optional options that are used to better customize the app algorithm and therefore propose songs that interest you), using the button with the heart symbol or the one with the X symbol. Finally, press the button I agree to accept the cookie policy and thus finish configuring the application.

Come have Deezer Premium for free on Android

At the end of the Deezer registration process, you can activate your free trial version of Deezer Premium + acting through the app on your Android device. Then carefully follow the lines that follow: I'll explain how to proceed.

On the main screen of the Deezer, pigia sul pulsating My music (symbol of a little man) and then tap the button with the symbol of a gear; then, presses on the voices Manage my account > Manage subscription. You will then have to wait for the app to load to view and press the button Subscribe.

Now you have to enter the data relating to the billing method you want to use: to take advantage of the free trial, you have the possibility to register your account data PayPal or one credit card.

Then choose the payment method you prefer and fill in all the required text fields. For example, if you choose to use the credit card, you must indicate the Name of the holder, credit card number Expiration date (month e year) and then you have to type the security code (i.e. the CVV).

After filling in all the required data, click on the item Start my free trial period: a message on the screen will confirm the successful execution of the operation. I remind you that, subscribing to the free trial version, there will be no charge until the end of the 30-day trial period. The subscription is without contractual obligations and it is possible to terminate it at any time.

How Deezer Works

The application Deezer allows listening to streaming music in on demand mode and, with an active subscription a Deezer Premium +, you have the ability to listen to any playlist without any kind of limitation.

If you have completed the account registration procedure and the activation of the free trial version, you must now log in to the app, logging in with the previously registered account data. Once logged in, to start listening to music, tap on the preview image of a playlist and then press the button with the symbol ().

Once a song has started playing, you can indicate if it is to your liking or if it does not match your musical tastes, thus helping the built-in algorithm to customize the recommendations for playback. Pigia then with the heart symbol to indicate appreciation for the song and, where it is available, press the button with the symbol X, to indicate that the song you are listening to is not of interest to you. Don't want to rate a song, just change the song? It's very simple: just press the button with the skip symbol (arrow symbol pointing right or left).

With an active subscription a Deezer Premium + you can also download songs or playlists, for offline listening. To do this, tap on the playlist and then move the lever from OFF a ON, in correspondence with the wording Download.

How to cancel your Deezer subscription

If you've decided that Deezer's music streaming service isn't right for you, you can unsubscribe from Deezer Premium + before the 30-day trial expires, in order to cancel the automatic billing.

To perform this specific operation, you can act directly from the Deezer application you downloaded on your device. On the main Deezer screen, press the button My music (The symbol of a little man) and then press the button with the symbol of a gear. From section Settings, now tap on the words Manage my account > Manage subscription.

Now, via the section My subscription, you can view information about the next billing date and, if you want to change the payment method, click on the button Change payment method. If you want to interrupt the subscription, press the button Cancel subscription.

In the first case, you can indicate a payment method other than the one previously set; in order to take advantage of the trial period, however, it is necessary to use, as a billing method, a Credit card, a letter American Express or PayPal account.

If you want to cancel instead Deezer Premium +, and then stop the automatic renewal for subscription, press the button Cancel subscription, indicate the reasons for which you decided to make this decision and conclude the operation by pressing the button Confirmation.

How to get Deezer Premium free for Android

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