How Spotted works

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How Spotted works

Before going into the details of this guide and explaining yourself in detail how Spotted works, you may find it useful to know the procedure to download the application of the service, which is available for free for Android and iOS devices.

If you have a smartphone or tablet equipped with Android, start the Play Store by tapping on its icon (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol) and type "Spotted”In the search field at the top, then tap the button Search and, in the search results, click on the Spotted icon (the green placeholder). Finally, tap the buttons Install e Accept to start downloading and installing Spotted.

If, on the other hand, you have a iPhone or  iPad, apr l 'App Store (l'icona della "A" on a celestial background), tap on the item Search in the bottom menu, type "Spotted" in the search field at the top and press the button Search. In the search results, locate the application in question and tap the relevant button Get to start the download. You may be asked to verify your identity using Face ID, Touch ID, or entering your Apple ID password.

Create an account on Spotted

How Spotted works

create an account on Spotted you need to have an account Facebook. As you can read in the guidelines of the service, this choice allows not only to simplify the registration process, but also to avoid the creation of fake profiles or without a photo.

To register on Spotted, start the service application, press the button Login with Facebook and tap on the item Continue, then choose the option Log in with the Facebook app and press pulsating Continue eat [nome] to log in with the Facebook account currently in use in the app of the famous social network.

Alternatively, choose the option Log in with phone number or email, enter the data of the Facebook account with which you intend to register on Spotted in the fields Mobile number or email address e Password, tap the button Log in and, in the new open screen, tap on the item Continue eat [nome].

If, on the other hand, you don't have a Facebook account yet, you can create one on the spot by clicking on the button Login with Facebook and selecting the voice Create an account. In the new screen that appears, enter your details in the fields Your name e Last name, fai tap sul pulsating NEXT, specify yours date of birth using the appropriate drop-down menus and choose whether to register with your phone number by entering it in the field Phone Number or whether to use an email address by choosing the option Sign up with your email address.

How Spotted works

Finally, specify your gender by placing the check mark next to one of the options available between Man e Donna e fai tap sul pulsating NEXT, then enter the Password to be associated with your Facebook account in the appropriate field and press the button SUBSCRIBE to complete the registration. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to create a Facebook account.

After associating your Facebook account with Spotted, tap the button Consenti semper to allow the app to use GPS (useful for being able to see who you met on the street) and choose whether to activate notifications by pressing on the option Allow.

Now, if you wish, you can complete the profile by entering your personal data in the fields Height, eyes colour, Hair colour e Other and adding new photos by pressing the button +. Also, you can add your own description in the field Tell us something about yourself, present nella sezione On me. Once you have finished customizing your profile, tap the button Done to save the changes made.

How to use Spotted

How Spotted works

Once you have created your account, you are ready to use Spotted. First, tap on the icon three dashes at the top right to set your preferences: then press on the item Filter by genre e scegli una delle opzioni available Women, Men ed Both, then move the sliders under the option Age range to set the minimum and maximum age of the people you would like to meet and press the button OK per salvare I modified it.

On the main Spotted screen, people identified with the wording Just met are those that you met on the street or that are within a few meters of the place where you are: you can interact with them by sending them a private message or by doing thewink, to indicate your appreciation. Also, by pressing on the photo of a particular person, you can access their profile and view their photos, description and personal details, such as height, eye color, etc.

In addition to the people you met on the street, the main Spotted screen also lists the active users in your area (identified with the words In your area): you must know, however, that to interact with the latter, you must first "unlock" their profile by clicking on the relative button Detect. This feature is available for free every 12 hours, otherwise it costs € 0,99 per person.

To send a private message (in the free version of Spotted there is only one message per day), all you have to do is press the icon of the speech bubble related to the person you want to contact (or access their profile and tap on the option Message with [name]), write your message in the field Leave us a message at the bottom and press the button Send.

Going on to the section Chat (l'icona delle two speech bubbles present in the bottom menu), you can view all the messages sent and received. Also, on this screen, the match of the day, an automatic match chosen by Spotted that allows you to contact the person in question for free and without limits within 12 hours of the match.

How Spotted works

As mentioned above, in addition to being able to send a private message to the person of your interest, you can use the feature wink (l'icona del smiling face) to express your appreciation without letting the user know. Only in case of mutual wink, a chat will open that will allow you to start chatting with the person in question without any limit.

By pressing, instead, on the icon of thepaper airplane present in the menu below, you can access the section Notes in which all users can post an anonymous message to find the person of their interest. To reply to a note, press the button Log in, write your message in the appropriate field and tap on the item Send to get in touch privately with the user who posted the note.

If, on the other hand, you want to post a new note, tap the button +, scegli l'opzione di tuo interesse tra New people to post a note to find new people to chat with or I spotted someone if you have met a person on the street that you would like to find now. In both cases, specify who the note is for (Women o Men), enter your message in the field Describe the person you are looking for (avoid entering personal information or your phone number) and tap the button Send to send your note.

As soon as the note is approved by the Spotted staff, it will be visible in the section Notes. You can view the status of your notes by clicking on thelittle man at the bottom right and choosing the option Your notes.

Finally, by tapping on the icon heart present in the menu below you can access the section Visitors where you can see the complete list of people who have looked at your profile on Spotted. However, this feature is only available if you have activated a Spotted Boost subscription.

Activate a Spotted Boost subscription

How Spotted works

Spotted is a free application that can be used without spending a cent. However, by activating a Spotted Boost subscription you can send and reply to messages without limitations, access the list of your visitors and remove advertising banners.

To subscribe to Spotted, tap on thelittle man at the bottom right, choose the option Spotted Boost, award-winning Boost and choose the paid plan of your interest from 1 weeks (7,99 euros), 1 month (9,99 euros), 6 months (69,99 euros) e 12 months (82,99 euro).

In some cases, following the procedure just described and choosing the option No thanks, you can activate one one month free trial of the Spotted Boost subscription. If you have not received such an opportunity, you will be pleased to know that you can get the one week free trial by pressing on thelittle man in the menu below, choosing the option Get a free boost and inviting your friends to subscribe to Spotted by pressing the button Invite friends o Share Spotted.

To deactivate the subscription or automatic renewal in case of activation of the free trial, if you have a device Android, start the Play Store, tap the button  e scegli l'opzione Subscriptions from the menu that appears. In the new screen that appears, locate your subscription Spotted Boost, tap on the item Cancel And that's it.

If, on the other hand, you have a iPhone / iPad, agreed Settings di iOS facendo tap sull'icona della rotella d'ingranaggio, your prize name, scegli l'opzione iTunes and App Store and tap yours Apple ID, then choose the item View Apple ID and, if required, enter the Password. Adesso, premi sull'opzione Subscriptions, tap on the item Spotted Boost e scegli l'opzione Cancel subscription.

How Spotted works

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