Change the logon background on Windows

Customizing the Windows startup screen is very simple since Windows 7 came out change the logon screen also, the one where the users are listed and any access passwords must be entered, even on XP and Vista with easy-to-use programs.
On Windows 7 then many tools have come out that allow you to apply graphic changes to access to the computer.

So, let's see the best programs here to change the background of Logon, the one that appears during Windows loading and where you need to put the username and password, for Windows 10, Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista.

NOTE: In Windows 10, you can choose the background for the login screen by going to settings from the Start menu.
In Settings, go to the Personalization> Lock Screen menu and choose the image you want to use and also if you want to have a dynamic image selection, which changes automatically every time.

1) To change the Windows startup wallpaper XP you can use it safely BootSkin, a program from Stardock that allows you to easily customize the Windows loading background.

2) For customize the Windows login or logon screen instead, for both XP and Vista and Win7, you can use the software of the Stardock LogonStudio which is used very easily, is immediate and allows you to load the image or photo you want in the background of the login to the operating system.

3) Windows Logon Editor is a portable program, which does not require installation, only for Windows 7 that allows you to customize the login screen.
The editor provides numerous options to change not only the background with your own photo but also the graphics of the logon in Windows, thus changing the style of the text, the access button, the transparencies and other things.
The best part is being able to restore the original login screen if you make any mistakes.

4) Windows Logon Workshop is perhaps the best program on the list because it allows you to change almost everything in the Windows startup wallpaper.
You can change the image, the transparency, the characters, the layout of the box where you can enter the password, change the shutdown buttons and many other things.

5) Logon Changer allows you to change the Windows 10 and Windows 7 and 8.1 logon background image using different photos.

6) Logon Screen allows you to add a button in the right-click menu of Windows 7 and Windows 8 (perhaps even Windows 10) that is used to change the logon screen for accessing Windows.

7) Without using any programs, you can download the graphic package Windows 7 Logon Reworked which you just need to install to have a beautiful background to the Windows 7 login screen.

8) With a different and special program it is also possible change the initial animated image of the boot of Windows 7.

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