How to get money on Mini World

Preliminary information

Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su like having money on Mini World, I believe it is of fundamental importance to explain the difference between Mini Beans and Mini Coins and explain to you what they are for.

Well, i Mini Beans (green beans with the word 'M' embossed on the front) are the main currency of the game, the one necessary to continue correctly within the world of Mini World Block Art. Mini Beans can be spent to ripen the fruits present in your garden (Garden) instantly, obtaining important rewards in exchange, such as cosmetic items, items to be placed on the playing field, experience points, points to unlock mounts (unicorns, dinosaurs and much more) and characters (characters) or other Mini Beans. In short, as you will have understood, this virtual currency is very important for unlock new items and expand the possibilities offered by Mini World Block Art.

I Mini Coins (gold coins with the letter 'M' embossed on the front), on the other hand, can be used inside the Shop (Shop), where countless items are available to buy, from skins to characters (characters) to objects (items). In short, the Mini Coins are the virtual currency designed to accelerate the continuation within the game and to obtain exclusive items. The Mini Coins are therefore not essential for playing Mini World Block Art, but are intended for the most demanding gamers, who do not mind using microtransactions.

How to make money on Mini World

As you may have already guessed, it is possible to earn two different types of "money" inside Mini World Block Art: Mini Beans and Mini Coins. Below you will find all the necessary information to be able to obtain both virtual currencies.

Mini Beans

I Mini Beans, which are the main currency of Mini World Block Art, can be obtained simply by playing the title of Miniwan Technology or by recommending the game to your friends.

In particular, there are several methods for get the Mini Beans for free. In case you are just starting to play, the simplest one is start Mini World Block Art every day, in order to obtain the reward for new players, which often also contains Mini Beans inside.

To redeem a reward of this type, you just have to go to the main page of the game and press on thegift box icon present at the top right. After that, you need to select the item Bonus and, later, that Get bonus. For new players, Mini Beans are usually given away after 15 days in a row of logins.

Another method of earning Mini Beans is to watch advertisements, pressing on the item Support from sponsors (always present in the menu Bonus): in these cases, just select the item Watch, watch about 30 seconds of advertising and press the icon X, present at the top right. Yes, you can perform this action several times during the same day.

Other than that, every now and then Mini World Block Art gives away Mini Beans to players after many logins daily to the game, so I advise you to keep an eye on thegift box icon present at the top right (in particular the tab Events). There is also the voice Get Mini Beans, which will allow you to receive 20 Mini Beans every time someone clicks on yours link. You can get this reward up to 5 times a day and up to 20 times within a week. To share your link, you have to click on the item Share link.

Alternatively, you can get the same type of bonus by pressing on the item Do it and watching a commercial of about 30 seconds. In both cases, the reward is 20 Mini Beans and the limits I described above apply. Once you have met the requirements, you can get the bonus by clicking on the item Get Bonus.

There is also the possibility of obtaining Mini Beans by doing mature Garden plants (Garden). To do this, you have to press onMini Beans icon present at the top, on the main screen of the game, and then select the item Garden, bottom right.

At this point, you need to press on the item Free and wait for the time that appears on the screen (usually 4 minutes) to get a reward, which can also contain Mini Beans. You can get the same reward too helping your friends with their Garden: just press onfumetto icon on the left of the Garden and select the friend's name to access his Garden.

The possibility of buy Mini Beans through Mini Coins. In this case, you just have to press on theMini Beans icon present at the top left and you will get all the information on active offers. Sometimes you may need to purchase an item to use in game. In short, the possibilities to obtain the Mini Beans are certainly not lacking!

Mini Coins

I Mini Coins, on the other hand, they are the virtual currency of Mini Block Word Art, obtainable only through microtransactions, so you have to spend real money to get it.

To buy the Mini Coins, you have to press on thegold coins icon present at the top, on the main page of the game, and choose the amount of Mini Coins desired: 50 Mini Coins are sold for 0,99 euros, 250 Mini Coins for 4,99 euros, 500 Mini Coins for 9,99 euros, 1.000 Mini Coins for 19,99 euros, 2.500 Mini Coins for 49,99 euros and 5.000 Mini Coins for 99,99 euros.

I would like to clarify that the values ​​shown above may change at the discretion of the game developers and therefore are purely indicative. Also, in some promotional periods, Mini Coins are also offered as a bonus. Don't worry if you see dollar values ​​on the screen, the game is completely in English and therefore the developers have not implemented a conversion to that effect.

Pressing on one of these options, the message will appear on the screen BUY / BUY WITH A TAP and you will only have to proceed with the payment via Google Play o App Store.

For more information, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to buy on Google Play on how to buy on the App Store.

How to get money on Mini World

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