How to contact Amazon courier

Find out the reference courier and the shipping code

In order to contact the Amazon courier, it is essential to find out which shipping service the famous e-commerce site has chosen to rely on and which tracking code has been assigned to your package. To do this, follow the appropriate instructions that you find below. The operation can be carried out both from a computer (therefore via web browser, from the Amazon site) and from mobile (using the dedicated smartphone and tablet app), both for orders not yet delivered and for those that have already been delivered. .

From computer

How to contact Amazon courier

To be able to find out the courier and shipping code of your order, the first fundamental step you must take is to connect to the Amazon home page. Then log into your account by pressing on the item Hi, Log in which is in the upper right part of the same and typing your access data (e-mail address and associated password) in the appropriate fields and then click on the button Log in.

Now bring your heart to the wording Account e list always present in the upper right part of the page and select the item from the menu that opens my orders. Therefore, identify the order for which you would like to contact the courier and click on the relevant button Track my package.

In the new web page that will open at this point you will be able to view the details of the shipment, to be precise in correspondence with the section Shipment details which is at the bottom right. You will find the reference courier and the tracking number (together with the position in which the package is currently located, the time and status of delivery), corresponding to the items, respectively, Courier service: e Tracking number:. Then take note of this data as you will need it in the success step.

From mobile

How to contact Amazon courier

If, on the other hand, you want to find out which Amazon courier has chosen to rely on for your shipment and the relative tracking code by acting from a mobile, using the Amazon app available for Android and iOS, the first move you need to make is to grab your smartphone. or your tablet, unlock the device, access the screen where all the applications are grouped and press the icon of that of the famous site for e-commerce (the white one with a cart drawn on it).

In the screen that will subsequently be shown to you, tap the button Menu (the one with the three lines horizontally) which is at the top left and from the menu that opens select the wording Order Process. Now, step on the order for which you intend to get in touch with the courier and on the next screen press on Track my package or press on first View order details and then Shipment tracking.

Once this is done, you will finally be able to know the reference courier and the tracking code that you will find indicated, respectively, in correspondence with the items Courier e Tracking # in the center of the new screen that has opened. Take note of this data as it will be useful to you in the next step.

Contact the courier

How to contact Amazon courier

Once you have taken note of the above data you are finally ready to take the real action, namely to contact the Amazon courier. To do this, go to the page attached to the section dedicated to Amazon assistance relating to couriers and shipments, scroll through the list of couriers that you find in correspondence with the wording Main couriers for city shipments, find the reference in the column Courier, make a note of the number to contact the relevant customer service in the column Contact the courier and initiates a call to that given number.

Once the call has started, follow the instructions provided by the voice guide to receive the support you need and / or get in touch with a "human" who will be able to provide all the necessary explanations and indications. In doing this, please keep the tracking number that you had previously at hand as it may be required for specific information about your order.

If you cannot find yours in the list of couriers or in any case if you need to contact a non-city courier, scroll further the page I have just pointed out and identify the reference logistics service in the list you find in section correspondence Other couriers.

Instead of contacting the courier of your order by phone, do you prefer to adopt other means (eg via chat, email, etc.)? So do this: go up Google, search for the courier's website by typing its name in the appropriate field visible on the screen, select the relevant result from those displayed and look for the section dedicated to assistance or contacts attached to the website that will open. Therefore, follow the instructions that are proposed to you to advance in the procedure.

For example, if the carrier that Amazon has chosen to rely on for your order is SDA, to get in touch with the latter you will have to go to its website, click on the item Online assistance at the top right, choose the contact method you prefer among those attached to the section Need Help? and follow the on-screen instructions.

In any case, if it can help you, below I have provided you with some of my specific guides to track shipments and get in touch with the various couriers.

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  • How to track SDA parcel
  • How to track UPS package

In case of further problems

How to contact Amazon courier

Despite having followed my instructions in detail, have you not yet been able to contact the courier of your Amazon package? The courier chosen for the shipment of your order is Amazon Logistic (Amazon's own shipping service) and therefore for more info you have to contact Amazon itself? Did any other hitch arise during construction and you don't know how to fix it? Well, assuming that the order was placed through the famous Jeff Bezos portal, the suggestion I would like to give you, in this case, is to go to the dedicated section of the Amazon site support and assistency and try to search among the various solutions available the one that seems to be most relevant to your situation.

To do this, all you have to do is click on the reference category at the top of the site and then on the available topics or on the direct links to the most popular questions and difficulties at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can perform a direct search using keywords by typing those of reference in the appropriate field that you find under the heading Search our Help pages which is at the bottom and then clicking on the button vai or on one of the suggestions that, if available, you will see appear automatically.

If by doing so you cannot find a solution to your problem or an answer to your doubts or in any case if you prefer it, you can get in direct contact with the customer care of Amazon in order to obtain “personalized” support. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose to contact Amazon phone, through chat, or through e-mail message and away social networks.

To do this, connected to the page of the site dedicated to contacts, click on the link If you want to speak to a Customer Service representative, please contact us. present at the bottom and log in to the account in use. Then select the tab Prime and more, choose the reference topic from the drop-down menu next to the wording Select a topic and then select the contact option you prefer from the section How do you prefer to contact us below?. Please note that depending on the topic chosen, not all the contact options that I have indicated a few lines above may be available.

Another method of contact you can appeal to is Twitter. If you have an account on the famous microblogging service, you just need to send a tweet to Amazon Help citing @AmazonHelp at the beginning of your message and briefly explaining the reasons why you chose to contact Amazon. Once the message is forwarded, you should receive a response from an operator within a short time. Later, you may be asked to continue the conversation via DM and provide more information about yourself and your account.

If any step is not clear to you or if you still think you need more details on what to do, you can refer to my tutorial focused on how to contact Amazon through which I proceeded to talk to you about the matter in even more depth. I recommend, at least give it a look if you think it is necessary.

How to contact Amazon courier

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