How to contact Groupon

Contact Groupon for assistance

Do you want to know how to contact Groupon for assistance? Well, all you have to do is focus on reading the next paragraphs, since I will show you in detail how to use the numerous assistance channels made available by the coupon giant.


THEhelpline is one of the support channels made available by Groupon. To contact telephone support, call the number 02 947 54 424 (from mobile network) or to the number 840 800 809 (from landline) and follow the instructions given to you by the voice guide to get in touch with an operator. The call it is not free and the costs vary according to your basic plan (for the fixed network, on the other hand, the call costs 0,075 euros + one-off VAT). The service is active from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 19:00.

To get in touch with an operator, you need to dial a sequence of numbers that varies based on the type of problem you want to bring to the attention of Groupon's support team. At the time of writing, the numerical combination that you need to follow to receive assistance is as follows.

  • 1 to receive assistance with problems related to payments or credit cards.
  • 2 for assistance with problems regarding a specific purchase.
  • 3 to receive assistance with an already redeemed purchase.
  • 4 to ask general questions regarding your Groupon account.
  • 8 for all other requests.

Since Groupon could change the numerical combination indicated above at any time, I advise you to always follow the instructions given to you by the guide voice.

Customer service online

If you want to contact Groupon without spending a penny, you can contact the customer service online which offers free assistance. To do this, go to this page and, if you don't have a Groupon account yet, click on the link For general questions Click here located under the heading I don't have a Groupon account. On the page that opens, indicate the reason why you want to contact Groupon by selecting one of the options available in the drop-down menu located next to the item I need help with ... and, in the second drop-down menu, select the specific problem you are having.

You should now see the solution to your problem. If all is solved, click the button Yes, all solved, otherwise click on the button No, I still need help for chat support. On the new page you see, click on the button Chat, insert in the box that is shown yours name, your email address and question you want to address to the operator and click on the button Start Chat to talk "face to face" with the latter.

If, on the other hand, your problem concerns a coupon, linked to this page, click on the green button About an order, enter your Groupon login credentials and click the button Log in. On the page to which you will have access, you will be shown your latest purchase: click on Continue with the request if your question is about your latest purchase, or click on the link select a different purchase o My question is not about a purchase (below) and follow the instructions that are shown on the screen to request specific assistance via the FAQ or via chat.


Another way to get help from Groupon is to contact the company via its official Facebook page. After connecting to the Groupon Facebook page, then click on the button Send Message (located on the right) and, in the window that opens, type a message stating what your problem is and asking Groupon to help you solve it.

I want to tell you that Groupon's response times may be quite long. In general, however, you should receive the answer to your question within a day. You can write to Groupon at any time of the day, but operators are usually active Monday through Friday from 08am to 00pm and Saturdays from 21am to 00pm.


If you have an account Twitter, you can write to Groupon using this popular microblogging platform. How? Nothing could be easier: log in to your Twitter account, write a new tweet indicating what are the problems you are having on Groupon and direct it to @ Groupon_città. Within a few minutes (or, at worst, a few hours) you should be contacted by an operator who could offer you to start a private conversation in which you can indicate your personal information (do not indicate it in the public tweet, please, or will be viewable by anyone).

You have no idea how to use Twitter, but would you still like to use this medium to contact Groupon? In this case, read the in-depth analysis in which I explain to you in detail the functioning of Twitter and you will see that you too will have no problems using this social network to receive assistance.

Please note: Groupon does not officially offer support via Twitter, however nothing prevents you from trying to contact the portal via this channel.

Contact Groupon to receive offers

Do you want contact Groupon to receive offers and discount codes? Well, in this case you must first register for the service and then use the numerous coupons available to buy video courses, find restaurants, buy sports accessories and so on.

If you have not yet registered with Groupon, connect to this page and fill out the form that you see on the screen indicating your name and surname, your address, your e-mail address and all other requested data. Then put the check mark on the item I have read and accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of the site and click sul bottone Subscribe. From this moment on, you will periodically receive e-mails with lots of offers and coupon codes (by the way, if you seem to receive too many e-mails, read the guide where I explain how to fix this problem).

By logging in with your access credentials, you can select one of the categories on the left sidebar (eg. Events and leisure, Beauty and Spa, Restaurants, Shopping, Travel, etc.) and check which coupons are available based on the products you are interested in. Once you have identified the good or service that interests you most, click on it to view its details and, on the page that opens, click on the button Buy to proceed with the purchase. Now, enter a valid payment method (credit card, PayPal, etc.), enter a promotional code in the appropriate field (if you have one) and confirm the purchase by clicking on the button Confirm order.

Within a few minutes, you should receive an email confirming the purchase of the coupon containing detailed instructions on how to use it. If you have purchased a service (e.g. a dinner or a course at a facility), you will be sent back to the section My Account and you will be guided in printing the purchased coupon that you will have to show at the facility where you will go.

Caution: coupons have an expiration date by which they must be used. Pay attention to the expiration date of your coupon to prevent it from being left unused.

Contact Groupon to post offers

You have a business and would like contact Groupon to post offers and become one of its partners? Also in this case the procedure that must be followed is quite simple.

First, link to this page to access the section Groupon Merchant of the Groupon website and fill out the form you see on the screen by entering, in the appropriate fields, all the required data (eg. business name, business email address membership category, etc.). Then put the check mark next to the item Yes, I want to receive the latest updates on news, events and products for Groupon Partners and click on the button Following to continue with the forwarding of your request.

If you wish, you can also opt for a more "traditional" solution, that is to call the number 800 661 819, which is available Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30 and Saturdays from 9:30 to 12:30.

For more details on becoming a Groupon partner, visit this support page which contains answers to some frequently asked questions and other helpful resources.

In case of problems

Have you encountered some kind of problem contacting Groupon? In this case, I recommend that you visit the FAQ section of the Groupon website which contains answers to the most frequently asked questions by users. In the FAQ section, you can click on one of the Frequent questions or type a specific question in the search bar located next to the item How can we help you? and select, in the menu that appears, an item relevant to your request.

If you have any problems or doubts, do not hesitate to also consult my article in which I will explain in detail how Groupon works. I'm sure you will find this reading very useful too.

How to contact Groupon

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