aBeeChat: what it is and how it works


How to download and install aBeeChat on Android

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

aBeeChat is an instant messaging application free and, to start using it, you must obviously first download it on your device. In case you have an Android smartphone, to carry out this procedure you must first tap on PlayStore by Google. Then open the default virtual store of Android mobile devices by tapping on its icon (it is the symbol of a colored triangle).

When it opens, then tap on the icon with the symbol of a magnifying glass and, in the text field that you will see on the screen, type aBeeChat then pressing the key Search from the keyboard of your smartphone to confirm the search term. As soon as you see the results of the search you made, locate and tap the aBeeChat application (it has the symbol of a bee and is developed by the company Netgenetic srl). Alternatively, you can download it via this link which refers directly to the Google PlayStore.

To install the application, tap the button now Install and then on the button Accept. Now wait for the download to finish: the button will appear when it is completed apri: you can start the app by tapping on it or by tapping on the application icon that will have been added to the main screen of your device.

How to download and install aBeeChat on iOS

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

Do you have an iOS device and therefore would like to download and install the aBeeChat application on your iPhone or iPad? I can explain how to do it in the blink of an eye. First, tap on theApp Store iOS device (it is blue and has an icon with a A stylized in the center). Once the digital store of your Apple device is open, tap on the icon at the bottom Search, which presents the symbol of a magnifying glass. Using the search engine, type aBeeChat and press the button Search on the keyboard of your smartphone.

When the search results are displayed, locate the aBeeChat application (I remind you that it has the symbol of a bee and is developed by the company Netgenetic srl) and install it on your device by pressing the button Get and then placing your finger on the Touch ID to confirm the installation. Alternatively, depending on your smartphone options, you will be prompted to install it by pressing the button Install or confirming your identity by typing your iCloud account password. In any case, at the end of the installation, the app will be ready to be launched. Then press the button apri or tap on its icon to start using it. To download the application faster on your iOS device, click on this link which leads directly to the Apple App Store.

How aBeeChat works on Android and iOS

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

As with all messaging applications, registration by phone number is also required to start using aBeeChat. Once the application has started, then first enter your mobile number in the text field Phone Number, taking care to have first selected the nationality of origin of the number itself. You can do this via the appropriate drop-down menu (for example city ​​code) and then continue by pressing on the item Verifica (on iOS) or the button Verify phone number (your Android).

Now wait for a confirmation SMS to be sent to the number you indicated. After typing the code that will be sent to you via text message, on iOS press the button NEXT located at the top right. On Android devices, however, once the message is received, the code will be automatically registered within the application; if it is not, type it in the appropriate text field and press the button Continue.

Now complete the registration by filling in and personalizing your profile: you will then have to type in the text field Username, the username you want to use in the application. Optionally, however, in the fields Email e State, you will have to type the email address to be used as a reference for the recovery of the code dedicated to private chats (functionality of the app which I will tell you about in detail in the following lines) and write a custom status for your profile. Once you have entered all the required data and after you have uploaded a photo for the personalization of your profile (to do this, tap on the symbol of a little man) press the button SUBSCRIBE, located at the bottom.

At this point, you will have completed the registration and the application will ask you for permission to access the multimedia elements in the memory of your device and your contacts, in order to help you find friends and acquaintances to keep in touch with. Confirm this request together with the possibility to receive notifications and you will have finished the initial configuration of the application.

aBeeChat is a messaging application with a minimal user interface which, while focusing on ease of use, stands out for the ability to archive some conversations as secret; the latter will in fact be moved to a hidden section, which will only be accessible through a customizable password.

The application in question is divided into three screens which you can access by tapping on the respective icons in the bar located at the bottom. Specifically, through the icon with the little man symbol you can view the complete list of your contacts and possibly invite them to use aBeeChat, by pressing the button Invite. Instead, by tapping on the icon that presents the symbol of a speech bubbleInstead, you can view the complete list of your conversations within the app and start texting with friends and acquaintances.

To start a conversation with a person with whom you have not had previous contact, just tap the button with the pencil symbol, present at the top right on iOS. Acting as an Android device, however, the aforementioned button for starting a new conversation is located at the bottom right. In this way you will see the list of contacts subscribed to the app and eventually you can search for a particular person by typing his name in the search engine that you will see on the screen.

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

The third section of the application is visible by tapping the button with the symbol of a gear. This icon relates to Settings by aBeeChat. I advise you to immediately tap on it to be able to view the menu item Set Code, on which you will have to tap.

As I mentioned earlier, aBeeChat is a messaging application that has the ability to move the conversations you want to hide into a special private section. To be able to set conversations within the app as secret, a passcode must be entered. Then tapping on the item Set Code, you can type the code you want in the text field New code; to confirm it, press the button Save (from iOS) or on the button with the symbol V (and Android).

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

Have you started a conversation through this messaging application and would like to know how to make it secret? It's very simple: go to the section relating to your conversations (it's the one with the cartoon symbol, so to speak) and, placing your finger on the conversation to be hidden, swipe to the right. You will then see the words appear Silence (you will need it to turn off the notifications of that conversation), Delete (via this button you will delete the conversation) e Hide (by tapping on this item you will move the conversation to the section dedicated to private chats).

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

Once the conversation has been moved, you will be able to see it at any time but you will have to tap the button with the padlock symbol and then key in the code chosen previously and then press on the item Confirmation. This way the conversations you want to keep secret will stay out of prying eyes.

If you want to make a previously hidden conversation visible again, just place your finger on the hidden conversation and, swiping to the right, tap on the wording Visible. The conversation you want will be visible again on the main screen of the app (the one with the cartoon symbol) which you can access by tapping the button again with the symbol of a padlock.

In case you simply want to chat with a friend or an acquaintance who uses this application, just tap on the icon with the symbol of a speech bubble and then on the conversation with the user (if started previously) or on the icon with the symbol of a pencil (if you are starting a conversation for the first time). If you cannot find the desired contact within the application, I recommend that you close and reopen the application to make the contact list update. Furthermore, if the person you want to contact has started using aBeeChat, their name will also appear in the contact section (symbol of a little man).

Are you about to start messaging with a user you want and would like to know what are the possibilities you have available? Very well, I'll explain it to you right away. First of all, as you can see on the conversation screen with a person, a gray dot will appear under the name in correspondence with the wording Offline. This dot will turn green and the wording will change to Online, when the user in question has opened the application.

Obviously it is not necessary for the user to be online in order to receive the message in the application: aBeeChat, identical to the main instant messaging applications, allows the sending and receiving of messages free among the users of the app, requiring only access to the Internet as a prerogative. Consequently, once you are using this application and you are connected to the Internet, you can send a text message to the user you want by typing it in the text field Leave us a message. To send it, press the button with the arrow symbol. There is no distinctive sign that a message has been received, read, or written, but if the user you sent the message to is online again, you can assume that they have read it and are about to reply.

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

To stay in touch with a person through the aBeeChat application, you can also use the function of sending voice messages: to send a message of this type, just hold down the button with the microphone symbol. Once you remove your finger from the icon, the voice message will be automatically sent. Alternatively, you can use this messaging application to send multimedia items such as photos and videos. To do this, simply press the button with the camera symbol (on iOS) or on paper clip symbol (and Android).

In the first case, acting as an iOS device, you will also have to choose between the menu items Camera o Camera Roll, then sending in the conversation you want a photo (or video) taken on the spot or a multimedia element in the memory of your device.

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

To send multimedia elements in the aBeeChat application on Android, after tapping the button with the paper clip symbol, choose from the menu items Image o Video, depending on what you want to share. In both cases, you will be asked where this multimedia content comes from: then tap your choice among the items Take Photo / Record Video or your voice Choose from the Gallery.

Finally, I would like to inform you of the possibility of using aBeeChat as an instant messaging application to chat in a group. To create a new group, then tap the icon with the pencil symbol from the home screen of the app and then tap on the item New Group. After selecting the participants you want to invite to the group conversation, tap the button NEXT and then, after customizing the group with an image and a name, click on the button Crea.

Group conversations can also be hidden; to do this, just carry out the operation I indicated in the previous lines; the operation is absolutely identical.

Article written in collaboration with aBeeChat

aBeeChat: what it is and how it works

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