Amazon Dash Button: what it is, how it works and price in town

Amazon Dash Button: price in town

Let's start by answering some of the hottest questions about Amazon Dash Button: how much does it cost, who can buy it and how to buy it.

Quanto costa Amazon Dash Button?

The price of each physical Amazon Dash Button is 4,99 €, but for the first purchase made through the latter there is a discount of 4,99 euros, so in practice the first Amazon Dash Button can be obtained at no cost.

Who can buy the Amazon Dash Button?

All customers Amazon Prime. If you have never heard of it, Amazon Prime is an Amazon service that for 36 euros a year or 4,99 a month allows you to have free deliveries in one day on over 1 million products, unlimited storage space for photos on the cloud and other small-big benefits, such as the Amazon Dash Buttons. More info here.

How to buy Amazon Dash Button?

If you want purchase Amazon Dash Button, all you have to do is connect to this Amazon page, locate the Dash Button of the brand you are most interested in and complete the purchase as you would any other product, that is, adding it to your cart and confirming the order. The device will arrive comfortably at your home within one business day.

How Amazon Dash Button Works

Once you have received your Amazon Dash Button, you need to set up the device so it can connect to yours WIFI network (only works under Wi-Fi network, not 3G / 4G) and can store the product to buy when the button is pressed.

Then open the Amazon app on your smartphone (if you have not downloaded it yet, proceed immediately, it is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone), log in with your account (if necessary), press the button collocato in alto a sinistra and selects the voice My Account from the bar that compares di lato.

Now, scroll to the bottom and at the bottom of the screen that has opened, locate the box related to Dash devices and presses on the voice Set up a new device located in the latter to start the setup wizard of your Amazon Dash Button.

The Amazon Dash Button configuration procedure is very short and, above all, very simple to complete. The first step you need to take is to press the button Accetta and inizia, after which you must press and hold the Dash Button for about 6 seconds and wait for the blue light on the latter to start flashing.

At this point, select the WIFI network to connect the Dash Button to and enter its access key in the Amazon app on the smartphone. If you do not want to save the key on Amazon and automatically use it on other Dash devices that you will purchase in the future, remove the check mark from the item Save password on Amazon.

Then press on Continueselect il product to associate with the Dash Button from those available (you can only choose products of the same brand as the Dash Button), go NEXT, verify that the data of shipping and payment are correct (otherwise change them) and "tap" the button Finish the configuration to complete the configuration of your Dash Button.

How to use Amazon Dash Button

Once the setup process is complete, you are ready for use Amazon Dash Button and order your first product with it.

How do I order a product with the Amazon Dash Button? Simple, by pressing the button on the latter! The acceptance of the order is confirmed by notification on Amazon and via the light on the Dash Button, which first flashes white and then turns green. If the light does not turn green but red, it means that the order was not successful because the product is not available or because there are connection problems with the Wi-Fi network.

By default, the Amazon Dash Button allows you to do only one order at a time: this makes accidental key presses harmless and prevents unwanted orders from being sent. In any case, if you want, you can deactivate this protection measure.

To allow the execution of multiple orders with Amazon Dash Button, start the Amazon app on your smartphone, press the button che si trova in alto a sinistra e seleciona la voce My Account from the bar that appears on the side. In the screen that opens, select the option Manage devices from the menu Dash devices, presses on the name of the product that you have associated with your "key" and move up ON the switch related to multiple orders.

Personally, I do not recommend deactivating the protection against multiple orders, also because the Amazon Dash Button is designed to be easily accessible by everyone (it has a hook and an adhesive strip to attach it to walls, shelves, etc.) but obviously you decide which solution best suits your needs.

Know, however, that you can cancel orders placed through the Dash Button before the products are shipped by following the standard procedure for canceling orders on Amazon, then by going to the section My Account> My Orders of the Amazon website or app and clicking on the item to cancel the order.

Change the product associated with the Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Buttons can be associated with various products of a particular brand. If after the initial configuration procedure of the device you change your mind and prefer to associate the "key" with another product, you can do it, there is no problem.

To change the product associated with your Amazon Dash Button, start the Amazon app on your smartphone, press the button che si trova in alto a sinistra e seleciona la voce My Account from the bar that appears on the side. After that go to Dash Devices> Manage Devices, select the name of the product currently associated with the Dash Button twice in a row and choose the new product you want to associate with the device.

From the same menu you can also change the information relating to the payment method, shipping, notifications and, if necessary, you can disable the Dash Button pressing the appropriate button.

It's all very intuitive, there is no need for too many explanations. In any case, if you want to learn more about Amazon Dash Button, consult the official Amazon guide where you can really find everything there is to know about this nice device.

How Virtual Dash Buttons work

Do you find the Amazon Dash Buttons a bit uncomfortable? Then you could try the Virtual Dash Button, which allow you to achieve the same result but without using physical devices: they work, in fact, directly from the Amazon site or from the official app of the famous store founded by Jeff Bezos.

To take advantage of the Virtual Dash Buttons, all you have to do is locate a consumer good on Amazon (e.g. a pack of pasta, razor blades or a pack of detergent) and press the button Add to your Dash Buttons that you find on the purchase page.

Next, access the Virtual Dash Button management page, which can be reached on the Amazon site by hovering the mouse cursor over the button Account e list (top right) and selecting the item I tuoi Dash Button from the menu that opens, while in the Amazon app for Android and iOS you can reach it by tapping the ☰ button located at the top left and first selecting the item Programs and services and then the voice I tuoi Dash Button give the menu to compare.

Now, to buy the goods you have associated with your virtual Dash Buttons (which, just like the physical ones, are divided by brands), all you have to do is locate the button you are interested in, click on the button Buy it now found on it and confirm. Unlike what happens with physical Dash Buttons, with Virtual Dash Buttons you will be notified of the amount you are about to spend using them.

To view the product associated with each Virtual Dash Button, click (or tap) on the brand of the latter. To reorder the Dash Buttons on their management page, instead, use the menu Sort by: you can reorder them based on relevance, brand name, creation date or, if you prefer, you can set a custom order.

If any of the steps are not clear to you and / or you need more information on Amazon's Virtual Dash Buttons, please refer to the official support page.

Amazon Dash Button: what it is, how it works and price in town

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