Best online HTML5 games to play for free

Flash games, until recently, were the rule of browser games; now, however, many web applications, streaming services and games are taking advantage of the new technology HTML5. The result is fluid and light web pages, with multimedia features (see also the article on how to plug-in to watch Youtube videos in html5), complex 3D animations and increasingly engaging interactivity.
For this, today we see a little bit of HTML5 games and amazing websites that use the new HTML5 and can be played or seen without plugins and add-ons. The only requirement to open web pages in HTML5 is a compatible and up-to-date browser: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge. It should also not be underestimated that such games are possible play online from both Windows PC and Mac, Linux and also from iPad or iPhone which do not support Adobe Flash.

The website to start from to find beautiful HTML5 games to play for free on your browser without flash and without downloading anything is HTML5games.
In HTML5games you can browse the games by category, or click on one of the recommended games to get started right away.
None of the games are hosted and produced by the site which instead functions as an index that aggregates the various HTML5 games from around the web providing a single portal where you can find the best. There is also a "mobile" category, perfect for anyone using a mobile phone, Android smartphone or iPhone. Since many smartphones do not have Flash support, you can play from mobile by going to HTML5games, without downloading any application and for free.
Among the nicest games found on HTML5Games there is 2048, a puzzle game or Soccerstatic.

Between the best games in HTML5 we have:

1) Pirates Love Diases, a game similar to Plants Vs Zombies, where you have to defend your position against enemies.
The game is of the kind of strategy, Tower Defense, where you have defenses that fire automatically.

2) JAM With Chrome website to play from the PC in a group (Bass, Guitar, Drums, Piano)

3) The best Atari games online in HTML5

4) For lovers of Tetris, there is Torus, a 5D HTML3 game where the tetris pieces fall on a rotating circle.

5) WebVenture is a reproduction of old historical games, a series of graphic adventures including Deja vu 1 e 2, Shadowgate e Uninvited nel browser.

6) Galactic Plunder is a game of horizontal scrolling spaceships very nice graphically.

7) Onslaught is an arcade game with a top view, with pixelated graphics, where you shoot enemies (only demo unfortunately).

8) Hakin Experiments is a page with HTML5 experiments including a fun game called Coil which is very addictive and fun.

9) Send Trap is a game where you have to rotate a labyrinth box to release the sand contained in it.

10 ) BoredBoredBored is a game where you have to avoid the bullets and destroy the bars below by shooting with the space bar.

11 ) Pac-Man, the hugely popular game from the 80s, is played online with tons of different mazes to choose from. You can play just for fun or by participating in a challenge with the highest scores by logging in with your Facebook account.

12 ) Browser Quest is a full-screen, multiplayer online game from Mozilla, all developed in HTML5.

13 ) is a free virtual version of the age-old card game that has been played from generation to generation; there are more than 30 variations of solitaire.

14 ) Lux ahoy is a very nice puzzle game in which you take on the role of one of the two pirates at war, who fights against the other by shooting the cannon from the boat. The graphics are nice and if there were more than three levels this would be a truly epic game.

15 ) Kaipua is a fun 3D platform game, free and free to play online on your browser.

16 ) X-Type shows what is possible with HTML5, being a game that would have needed hardware power if it were in flash. X-Type is a clone game of R-Type, arguably the best 2D spaceship shooter ever created. It is also one of the most difficult, so X-Type is also a challenging game, requiring players willing to stay focused for long periods of time.

17 ) HexGL is the best game in HTML5, graphically speaking.
This is a Wipeout clone that works in a web browser very smoothly. Unfortunately, HexGL is currently only available as a beta, so the actual gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.

18 ) Smarty bubbles, a very entertaining classic bubble shooter.

19 ) Fruita Crush is a game where you create combinations of fruits to remove them from the board.

20 ) Jewelish is another game where you combine identical elements to eliminate them from the board, this time with jewels.

21 ) Jungle Run is an endless running game with horizontal scrolling where you have to get as far as possible without tripping over obstacles.

22 ) Pool Billiard is a nice HTML5 online pool game.
When you can't get to the pool, play a game of pool in your browser. Aim and shoot to pocket all the colored balloons before sinking the black ball. You can get extra points by hitting the balls in their numbered order, but this is a real challenge. If you are up to a test of your aiming and strategy skills on the pool table, calculate the cue.

23 ) B is a beautiful and very popular game for Android and iPhone, also available online on the browser in HTML5.

24 ) Galaga Special Edition is a very fun old fashioned space shooter with spaceship shooting from bottom to top.

25 ) King of Thieves, a very nice platformer, from the creators of Cut the Rope, with many levels in which with obstacles and enemies where you have to bounce off the walls to reach the treasure chest.

26 ) Acura is a beautiful, very fast paced car racing game of arcade genre, with goals to be reached before time runs out (remember the old Out Run). You can even challenge a friend online.

Finally, I recommend try these links and enjoy some fun and visual relaxation, completely free, on the internet, all in HTML5.
- Arcade Fire is an interactive video made in collaboration with Google where you have to enter a physical address with street and number, that of home or other places in the city or in the world and enjoy the movie that is generated.

- SketchPad is one of the online whiteboards on which to paint and create drawings with brushes and paint.

- Harmony is one of the web applications for freehand drawing and painting online with the mouse.

In another article, some games to play from the browser of the iPhone Android phones and others.

Best online HTML5 games to play for free

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